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I am so incredibly excited to be able to share this story with all of you! This one is a bit different from my usual writing, both in its style being in first person rather than thirdbut also who it is written for. For a long time I have wanted to do a story involving Kristofer after listening to their podcast episode on wedgies and learning of his own enjoyment with our corner of the kink world.

After reaching out to him and asking if I could write about him he agreed and I got my little tail right to work. I am so honoured to have been able to write this piece, both for all of you but especially for Mr. Kristofer and Pup AMP. I will link all of their social medias down below this story, Male wedgie stories well Male wedgie stories the link to the wedgie podcast episode.

His energy was gentle and warm despite the bold attire that he typically sported. But now my heart was more than ready to burst out of my chest and onto the sidewalk. I placed my hand against my pec, with all of my sensations heightened the soft fabric of my forest green dress shirt felt smooth to the touch. Cotton seemed to turn to silk much like intense pain had a way of morphing into pleasure. I pulled in a deep breath. From the corner of my eye, I caught my reflection in the dark glass. The vibrant California sky had faded to an evening canvas, turning the window into an almost onyx-like mirror.

I took note of the plant life that lined the outside of the restaurant. The cool-toned greens offered a nice contrast. I was tall and lean. My pale skin lightly freckled, a small detail many guys had called endearing. My light brown eyes typically masked by a pair of smoky grey glasses, though today I opted for contacts. My hair had short sides with the top being a mess of loose brunet curls that has a tendency to fall into my face like an untamed fringe.

That night I wanted to look nice but not overdone. I had the sleeves of my dark green button-up dress shirt cuffed at the crook of my elbow showing off the soft contours of my arms. The shirt was tucked into my nicest pair of jeans, a pair of black slim fits.

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The whole ensemble was accented with a nice black leather belt, my favourite gold watch, and a pair of black suede ankle boots. My brunet locks were nicely kept, I knew he was going to want to look me in the face while we were eating. While the thought of that made me nervous it also excited me beyond belief.

As I scanned myself over one last time I noticed how impeccable my ass looked, and then I replayed his text message to me from this morning in my mind. Underneath I was wearing a simple pair of dark grey Calvin Klein briefs. I usually wore coloured trunks from any of deer brands, but seeing how we met it only felt appropriate to dress the part.

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One week prior is the first time I had ever met Kristofer in person. I was seated in the very front row for a panel being given on Influencers in the Kink world where Kristofer was making a guest appearance. I was there on asment for work, but I knew the second I saw his name on the roster very little was going to get done in the way of actual work.

I first came across his content while I was scrolling through my Instagram timeline and Male wedgie stories Amp was in my suggested follows. I spent the next few hours scrolling through both pup Amp and Mr. They had this dynamic to them that was just so easy to take in. Being a semi-closeted kinkster myself, it was nice to have an outlet to turn to that was so easy to listen to. After several days of scrolling through their content, I came across an episode of their Podcast, Watts Your Safeword that made me freeze mid-swipe. They had done an episode on wedgies. The kink that had gotten me into the community had been covered by two of my favorite people.

And boy was I drinking it in… I could hardly sit still through the panel thinking about him. His strong features contrasted by his kind face made my heart melt straight into my light blue Aussie Bum trunks.

I was just praying no one around me could smell the obvious scent of precum as it escaped my cock. As the panel drew to a close I made my way to the edge of the room to steady myself, but as fate would have it before I could even place my back flat to the meeting room wall a familiar voice was looming in my ears. Kristofer offered me a coy smile. The musky scent that came off of his body made Male wedgie stories eyes widen like saucers. If I thought I was overwhelmed before I was ready to collapse now.

My eyes drifted to the arm he had placed against the wall to support himself with, essentially cornering me in the confines of his presence. There was just enough room between us to not be odd for strangers, but not enough to not make it glaringly obvious he had been observing in the audience. I mean M-mister! The moment was too far gone for subtlety and he knew that. We spoke for a bit, his warm charm getting me to laugh, and I eventually calmed myself down.

The moment was so surreal, standing in front of one of my favourite people. I was always acutely aware of just how much the sight of him turned Male wedgie stories on. Male wedgie stories supposed I had picked a bad day to Male wedgie stories light grey skinny jeans. His fingers felt cool compared to my burning flesh.

My eyes shot directly up to meet his gaze. It was very rare that I ever made direct eye contact with others, let alone men who made me so ravenous. My eyes darted quickly at the 10 digits scribbled in blue ink. What exactly was it that had you so worked up? He had me so completely in his hands, never before had I felt the level of submissive. I stood outside my apartment door, keys in one hand and my phone in the other, and somehow I was frozen in place. I was nervous to tell him what my kink was. As if typing it out would solidify that I would let him do any of awful things to my underwear.

The man had made a living off of directing porn, made his way across all sorts of fronts in the kink and BDSM scenes, and yet I was anxious to tell him that I wanted him to pull my underwear straight up my ass and laugh at me while he did it. I snapped back to where I stood in the current moment and looked around.

The golden light from the open restaurant door contrasted the evening darkness so well. His black button-up was just barely visible under his dark leather jacket. My mind wandered to the thought of how buttery smooth the material would feel under my fingertips if I went up and caressed his chest. I wondered if I slipped myself into his arms if he would still smell like that deep masculine musk from the last time we met. The idea of that drove me wild, making me unconsciously shift my weight from foot to foot, my mind taking note of the uneven concrete sidewalk that barely kept me upright.

He walked up to me with that lovely smile and greeted me. I felt like the evening had been built just for me and this was just the start of it. Never before had I felt like a kinky lime light had shown for me, but there I was beaming from under it. All manner of selacious thought ran across my mind, I wanted so badly for him to make me feel like he owned my ass. What if he wedgied me in the restaurant? All of those people seeing me completely hindered at the hands of a gorgeous older man. Their laughter filling the room as he hoisted me into the air, crushing my relentlessly hard cock.

My body unsure if it needed more pain and degradation or to have his strong hands slip over it. He placed his hand on my lower back and guided me inside. As we passed through the door I felt him curl his fingers into the back of my jeans and grip onto my waistband only giving it a gentle tug but I felt as if I could just burst into flames. Dinner flew by in an instant. What had to of been almost two drawn out hours seemed like seconds.

He did most of the talking which made me feel a bit more at ease. I could almost picture the charcoal coloured fabric rubbing against my sensitive ass hole. He watched on as I shifted in my chair not daring to pick my briefs from my ass.

I followed closely behind him, hanging on to every word he said, somehow completely focused and yet 10k miles away. We ended up in a secluded sitting area not too far from our dinner spot. It was a large space where the sidewalk widened into a circle lined with metal benches and trees. It was still connected to the plaza where the shops were, but it felt far enough away to feel safe. The evening darkness was stamped with ember coloured string lights that hung between the trees that lined the spot. I turned to him to comment on how perfect it was when we caught my attention.

He stood in front of me with a look on his face that said he meant business. I took in a deep swallow of air and stood in a submissive stance. He approached me, gripped the small of my waist, spinning me around on my feet, steadying me with my feet shoulder width apart.

I felt like a fragile piece of porcelain in his strong hands. I had always wondered what it would be like to be manhandled by someone like this, what the dynamic would do to my brain.

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I was fucking in love with it. Slowly he wrapped each one of his knuckles around the waistband of my briefs. His movement was slow and deliberate. I was fully aware that this time was different than it had been at dinner. His actions had intention behind them. Without even speaking he was telling me in incredible detail that he was going to make me feel tiny in his hands.

He was going to humiliate me and show me that when I was in his grip I had no place to run. My knees started to shake as my body totally betrayed me. My cock was fully erect in my briefs just begging to be touched. The fighting tension between my jeans and fully mast erection was unbearable.

In reality I wanted to beg. I wanted to plead and whine like a little bitch in Male wedgie stories. I needed to beg for him to humiliate me in from of strangers, getting them to laugh at the tall skinny guy wrapped in his big strong arms. I wanted to grobble at his knees for him to leave me strung up by my underwear in a tree from a rope in some forest until he decided to come back and cut me down only to rip my briefs to shreds.

The moment had me so completely worked up and worked over I was sure I was going to drop dead.

Male wedgie stories

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