Mind control mom stories

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Some peoplemight call me perverse, twisted, or maybe even sick. A twenty-year-old Einstein in my own right.

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You see about two weeks ago, while tinkering with some chemicals,I came across a rather unique formula. It would instantly turn any normal human into a slave in seconds. Whenthat point came their lives would forever be one of servitude. Imagine the power such a potion could have. Now of course Ihad a few options when I first discovered it. I could sell it for a few million dollars, and live rich. On the other hand I could use it to controlthe masses myself. How hard would ithave been to become president or king? In the end though I decided all I really wanted was to get laid. You see my mom is fucking hot!

Not tomention that my father, before he passed on, had paid for her to get a nicehefty set of tits. Yep, I was in lovewith her. Just knowing that they had been rubbing against her hot cunt all day wasenough to get me off in no time.

Mom never thought much of wearing skimpy shirts that showed off her titsaround me. Maybe Iam a pervert. Well to make along story short I slipped the potion into her coffee this morning before sheleft for Mind control mom stories. By the time she getshome it should already be taking effect. The way her short gray skirt clings ever sonicely to her tight ass. How her titspress against the delicate white fabric Mind control mom stories her blouse. Even how her legs shine from the lighthitting her silken panty hose. Boyyou look really hot. Maybe you shouldcome over here and cool off by the fan with me.

Thenshe did it. She walked right on over,and sat down on the couch with me. Slowly she unbuttoned the blouse, and pulled it from her body. My dick almost leapt from my pants as hergorgeous tits bounced out at me, only confined by that damn bra. They were more beautiful than I had everimagined.

More importantly it worked! The responsewas faster this time. I watched in delight as mom stood and removed almost everything. When she was down to her panties she satback down, staring off into space like a zombie. Exceptfrom now on you will feel very comfortable around me. I must have dosed off. I should start supper. She really had no idea about what had happened. Slowly Ireached over to her, and placed my hand on her soft thigh. You could use some rest. Feeling a little braver I slid myfinger under her panties, and began to play with her skin. I haveto go take a shower, we can play later.

She just giggled a little and kept ongoing. She loved this! My own mother was letting me touch her. This potion was great! I gave mom afew minutes in the bathroom, just enough time for her to strip and fill thetub, before I followed after her. Atfirst I opened the door just slightly, so I could have a peak in.

It was just as I had hoped. Momwas already lounged out in the tub washing her long legs. Sucking up my courage I pushed the dooropen, and walked right on in. She didlittle more than give me a quick smile. My order had worked she had no problem with me seeing her this way. I returned her smile, and sat on the edge of the tub to watch. My dick ached at the site of her barebody. Those damn pink nipples werepractically begging for me to taste them.

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It was like torture. I quickly grabbed one, and wentto work. Starting of course at herchest. Even through the heavy cloth herplump tits felt so great. Mom justmoaned a little as I ever so delicately rubbed her erect nipples. Ever so slowly I worked further down. Moving over her washboard stomach, and down to her shaven cunt. Of course she made no Mind control mom stories to stop me.

Her legs movedapart as I pushed my hand between her legs. I was only barely using the cloth at all now, instead just working myfingers into every spot available. Acouple of my fingers had even pressed over her pink clit. After a few seconds I had my entire handworking her, free of the cloth. That feels sogreat honey, but I need to get to bed. Oh well, we could only go so far in one day. I spent all daywaiting rather impatiently for mom to get out of work the next day. Immediately I ran to her from my room.

From the dazed look in her eyes she wasalready under the potions effect. She quickly obeyed. Today she was wearing the sexiest set of redlace panties that were driving me wild. Now I had myanswer. However from this point on you will only find yourself attracted tome. All other men are worthless in youreyes. As with before I raisedmy hand and did a quick snap. Again mom cameout of the trance seeming a little dizzy.

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All of this brain washing must have been pretty disorienting. After all, the brain had to process all ofthese new orders so quickly. My arms slipped aroundher, grabbing those perfect tits, and pulling her onto my lap. Mom giggled like a schoolgirl while Isqueezed her like crazy.

She evenpulled down her bra giving me access to her hard nipples. I could feel my dick hardening, and pressinginto her pantied ass. While one handcontinued to massage her tits, the other slipped down into her panties. This time she was far more willing to allowme to play. Using my index finger, Ipushed into her wet cunt. I could neverput how I felt at that moment into words. To have my own mother allowing me to finger fuck her. Hell this was practically rape, and she hadno objections. I could feelher becoming really wet, and her moans were so damn hot.

Two more of my fingers moved in to inon the fuck. Still, I continued totease her nipples in my other hand. Momwas really getting off, as was I. I hadprobably came in my pants ten times now. The effects of the potion must haveincreased her sexual stimulus. Herpanties were practically dripping from her sweet juices. Finally she let out a long deep moan, andcollapsed back onto me. She had herorgasm. My own mother just got off fromme fingering her! After all ofthat she was pretty tired, so she was off to bed. My hard dick was pokingthrough the front of my boxers.

She just lay there silent andsatisfied. Today was theday. The final dose had been given, andfrom this point on mom would forever be mine. I had been considering all day long if I should go through withthis. Awoman who could never feel any real emotion unless told to. Yes this was wrong, but in another way itwas so damn right. Mom was gettingplenty of sexual satisfaction, and I would be Mind control mom stories. It would have to be. Instead she just planted a sexy kiss upon mylips. Shestripped down, and sat on the couch awaiting my orders.

Wonder how many he that fine ass would turn at her work. However from this point on you will want nothing more in your life thanto keep me happy. Just the sight ofmy dick will cause you to orgasm. Inaddition to this you will obey me at all times. Slowly I raised my hand, and gave the final snap. For the lasttime mom awoke into a dizzy spell.

Before I could move she was on her kneesbefore me, unzipping my fly. As my harddick came free she moaned wildly. Icould see liquid dropping from her cunt. She must have taken me literally when I said to orgasm at the sight ofmy cock. It almost made me laugh. Her warm redlips surrounded the head of my dick. Icould feel her tongue tasting my manhood while the cock was pressed furtherdown her throat. Damn this felt sogood. I could see why dad was so fondof her. Laura worked my cock like apro, letting only so much in at a time so that she could lick every squareinch.

In no time at all she Mind control mom stories myentire eight inches inside of her, happily sucking on my cock like no womanever had.

Mind control mom stories

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Mind Control Mom Stories