Mini giantess story

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Main. List All Users. User Details. Apr 10, by kevinklc. Howdy guys and gals, I've been working on this story for quite some time now. I feel like it has developed quite nicely so far. Enough to post it on here, at least.

Let me know what you think! Comments, and Suggestions are all welcome! So without further adieu, I present to you: The Dream-- Part 1! Feb 11, by edeplue. Ch 1 If Cheryl had been told that she'd end up reliving her childhood three months ago, she would have thought whoever told her was totally off their rocker. And although that wasn't how the 2 ft.

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Cheryl h Jan 26, by Duuude. If you find the story interesting please comment. So if I wanted to do more th Apr 3, by djubre Greetings friends. After long last I've finished the next two chapters. If you need a refresher, the first five chapters can be found on the forum here albiet formatted rather poorly or at the miniGTS wiki. I've really gotten back into this story, Mini giantess story hopefully the next bits won't take as long to emer Mar 19, by rodgerm Sometimes I get these great ideas.

Usually it's just a single scene - a growth scene, or a shrinking scene, or an interaction between two characters. I can play them out in my head very vividly, and then I feel like writing them down. But what usually happens is that I come with the brilliant idea to write Dec 18, by runujhkj2. This is a story I'm developing for personal amusement. I will appreciate any and all feedback on it.

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It is past on a scenario I intend to use in the future for many other stories. Hope you all enjoy! Nov 1, by shenglu. If you are not an adult or easily offended, then dont read this story. This story is primarily a slow shrink SM story, but it has many other weird elements to it as well.

BE, fema Aug 7, by merritstone. Name: Age: 35 Height: feet Weight: 12 tons. Chapter 1. She has arrived. Beverly was walking through the large redwood forest, she towered over the trees and in t Dec 31, by Giantess-Servent. This Mini giantess story the tale of the mild mannered business woman Kimberly who even though she is quite accomplished in her professional life is still very shy and soft spoken.

Please her as she learns to be more confident and to enjoy the world she has around her. This story has many different processes includ Apr 11, by liveordie The towering blonde amazon giggled looking down at me amusedly. I looked like a little child embracing her vast succulent gam with my ar Jun 3, by ramvo. Name: Kimberly Sherring.

Age: 25 Height feet Weight: tons. Kimberly is seen. Joan and her friend Carley were driving down the highway, they had left the city and were driving to a small town Jan 22, by Giantess-Servent. This is my first completed story.

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As always, feedback is appreciated. I have ideas of where this is going, hopefully i will make time to write more chapters. More than beauty By flies When I first met my wife, she was the most gorgeous woman I had ever seen. She didnt exactly look like a vogue cover-girl, May 24, by Tobx. Sarah drove down a deserted highway on her way home to stay with her Aunt Carol for a few weeks during the summer. Upon her parent's death when she was two, Sarah Hatcher had been placed with her aunt until she entered college. Thus, it was Mini giantess story aunt that had taught the 4 ft.

Aug 10, by Beetlebomb. Superchick gave permission for me to post these so I thought since things were a little slow I would. Her black hair shines as she comes down the Oct 19, by boobmonkey. I could still hear Bianca arguing with the vendor, her voice loud and irritating against the background of the small carnival and its midway noises. She thought the guy had ripped her Oct 6, by gtmike. The Long Weekend by Rapscalion The drive to Jeff's property was a little over two hours, and I spent most of that time explaining to my wife Lori just who'd be attending.

She'd met Jeff a couple of times leading up to our wedding a year ago, but though Jeff and I were best friends in college, we hadn't se I hope you all enjoy it. It's not very long, but I wanted to complete it so that I could continue writing other stories I have in store for you all in coming weeks. I now prese Jun 10, by Beetlebomb. It's a small upst Mar 7, by daynar. Some explained its unique properties came from the Indian mystics who once protected this land.

Some insist the lake was contaminated by chemicals that seeped into it Mini giantess story the film processing plant a half-mile away. Jarret awoke to the sound of the appartment door opening. He had almost forgot all that had happened to him before Kim walked through the door automatically imposing herself as the largest person here. He stood up which didn't help much because his head didn't even come up over her bush. Kim looked dow Jan 3, by zettayotta. John and Brenda had been communicating back and forth via internet messenger for nearly 6 months now. So neither had any idea how physically different they were.

John was a mere 4 ft.

Mini giantess story

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