Minotaur transformation story

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You can be a mythological creature from Egypt, from America, or even from Greece. Most of the student population here are actually Greek. This is your chance to change yourself! There's a mirror beside you, and you look at your body. You are skinny fat, has no muscle and you wear glasses.

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Plus, your face might not be the most handsome in the world. What mythological creature would change all that? Well let's start from Greece. There's Cerberus: no, you don't want to have three he. No, you prefer to remain male. No, you really want to be half-goat. Maybe, but you want something less human and more Minotaur transformation story. What would be something that would be half human half animal that would make him taller, more muscular, and charming for mythological standards Then, an idea pops into your head.

It was the only monster that went extinct. You see, in the myth, Theseus already killed the beast in the labyrinth, and since Poseidon didn't make Pasiphae do that "thing" again, there have been no more minotaurs since. The headmistress stood up and walked inside a closet behind her. After a few minutes, she went out bringing a small vial. Just a few years ago, some of the authorities of the Department of Myths Some of them went into the year old labyrinth and found that the minotaur's blood that Theseus shed did not dry.

So they took a lot of it, and gave some to me in case someone like you came along.

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Only your looks and urges will change. You ponder on how your life will change forever if you drink the Minotaur's blood. But then you think of all the opportunities you will miss here if you don't.

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So, feeling brave, you say: "Fuck it. Let's do this. You are not logged in. Log in.

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Minotaur transformation story

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