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I looked out across Lake Wilson to the Schofield Barracks and sighed.

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Most days, I liked to watch the Army men march. They looked so good in their uniforms. It really was the highlight of my day. Beyond the beautiful horizons and great weather, Hawaii was also a great place to be because of the men. I will admit, I did have a few military fantasies.

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Well, I had fantasies about military men. I think all women did. All women who watched that movie with Richard Gere had a thing for military men. Me, I did not want the man in white to save me. I just wanted one to rock my world. All I ever dated was military men and I was ready for a new one. I turned around, away from the window. The favorite part of my day was early in the morning when the men did their exercises. The only thing that could make it better would be if they let the men train in less clothing. The men struggled in the heat with their camouflage gear and just once, I would like to see them running around in boxers.

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The lady will be here in about an hour. She said she is looking Mmf books read online free a bronze crackle finish throughout the house. Send her in when she gets here. I will start pulling out some books for her to look at. I had hired the girl a couple of months before and she was so quiet.

Denise would just smile and look down at her lap. She was hard to watch, so painfully awkward. An hour later, Carmen Reynolds stopped by for her appointment. Going off the blueprint, I helped her pick out her new home lighting scheme. She was there about two hours and by the time she left, I was glad to see her leave.

Though they were the type who cared about their lighting fixtures, while everyone else, went to a big box store. The younger woman jumped with my voice. She looked over and nodded her head. I watched her gather up her purse and keys. Walking out with her, I pulled my jacket off. By the time I got to my car, my silk blouse was already sticking to my skin. Denise still wore hers and I watched it smear by the time we got into the hot car.

I handed her a napkin and put my keys in the ignition. We drove down to our favorite lunch spot. Denise ordered the same and we sat in silence while we ate. Finishing off my pineapple juice, I asked the girl if she wanted to get some shopping done. She agreed and we went to a little boutique that was next door. I was looking for something to wear out that night. I wanted something a little more revealing to snag me an Army man.

Denise walked over and admired the small red dress. I know that most women swore by a little black dress, but I have found that men could not turn down a woman in red. The last time we went out together, she wore jeans and a T-shirt.

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If I had a slim body like hers, I would be showing it off more. The girl was just so painfully shy. She looked down and blushed, like she knew my train of thought. I found her a black one, she refused the red one. It fit her body well and I could tell she was feeling good about it. The shy girl could melt the moon with her smile. When I looked back at my watch, I realized we were going to be late back to the office.

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By the time we got back, it was almost two o clock and truthfully, I was ready for the day to be over. I watched the Army men running around the barracks. The rest of the day went by and by five, I was out the door. Denise agreed to meet me at the bar. I took time to get ready that night. While in the shower, I washed my long red hair. I shaved my mons and legs. My fingers stopped momentarily on my slit and pressed my button. My head fell under the water and I closed my eyes. Moving my hand quickly, I brought myself to the verge. Inserting a finger inside of my weeping core, it pushed me over the edge.

I cried out into the pouring hot water and sighed. The shower water was Mmf books read online free cold by the time I got out. My nipples were painfully hard and I covered them up to add some heat. Wiping the condensation off the mirror, I stared at my naked reflection. For a woman in Hawaii, it was hard to be bigger than a size 2, though I had not been that size since I was a pre-teen.

I put lotion on my supple body, rubbing it over my thick thighs. I stopped momentarily on my heat, pressing the sensitive flesh again. Sidetracked by the feeling, I almost went another round, but I knew I was going to be late if I did. I scrunched up my wet hair and sprayed some gel to hold the curls. Makeup consisted of some lip gloss and mascara. I got dressed and checked my reflection one last time before leaving the house. I slid Mmf books read online free black heels on and walked out the door.

I knew she was hiding in her car and sure enough she was. I rapped on her window and she jumped with the noise. She smiled shyly and got out of her vehicle. I was envious of her for a moment, she looked stunning. I knew that she would have no problem catching herself a soldier in that dress.

It hugged her slight curves and the girl looked great. The girl squared her shoulders and I was proud of her. She was young and had not found her nerve yet, but she was trying. She had become somewhat of a pet project. I was bound and determined to get the young woman out of her shell. We were not the only women in there of course. I was not the only woman who had a thing for a man in uniform.

There were many names for people like me, but none were very complimentary. I always told myself I was different though. I did not want to marry a soldier. I just wanted to date a few. At twenty-nine, I was still not ready for forever, but pleasure right now was very appealing. Denise pushed against my side. I could tell she was nervous, so I picked a table in the back. I told her to wait there and I went and got us a couple of drinks from the bar. She wanted a White Russian and I ordered a double vodka with a diet soda chaser.

They were a light blue, so bright they almost glowed. His eyes fell down my body, my curves burned with the attention. I smiled up at him and asked him if he would like to sit with me and my friend.

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He looked over at Denise and agreed. He just got here and is a Mmf books read online free shy. I looked over at the man he was referring to and smiled. He was younger like Denise and he looked just as nervous and shy as she did. Maybe they will hit it off. I picked up my drinks and headed over to the table with the two men following me. I liked the idea of a man who knew more than how to shoot a gun. We settled down into the wooden chairs and the table was quiet for a few moments. I introduced Denise to the shy Mack and they both smiled and then immediately looked down.

I shot a glance to Vince and he rolled his eyes. I meant it too. He was tall and blonde with large muscles. He was not as well built as his friend, but that muscle mass would come with age. His blonde hair was short and his face pleasing. There was something about the man that made me look twice, something in his eyes maybe. I looked over at Vince and laughed.

He looked wounded, but not in a real way. He knew he was good looking and his confidence was palpable. He was larger than the other man and held himself with authority. He was probably a few years older than me. He had experience and I knew that those hands would cause pleasure. Small talk went on for a while.

She did not seem that interested in the young man and I felt bad for Mack. He tried hard in his own awkward way to flirt with the woman, but she seemed more interested in her dwindling drink. I looked up at the tall man and took his pre-offered hand. I stood and followed him out onto the small wooden dance floor. His arm went around my waist and pulled me to his hard body.

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I gasped with the contact and molded myself around him. He pulled my arms to his neck and pressed me closer. I could feel every inch of his body then. His other arm snaked around me as we started to twirl on the floor.

Mmf books read online free

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