Mother turns son into daughter story

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Real people. This is Lauren Lake's Paternity Court. Though Ms. Miss Kirby is positive her son was conceived during her relationship with Mr. Johnson, and because of her son's struggle with health issues, she needs Mr. Johnson to step up and be a father.

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Miss Swinton says her son, Mr. Cook, foolishly ed a birth certificate for Miss. With their marriage fractured, Mrs. McClung must prove to her now-husband that he fathered her daughter.

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Tania Currington v. Kim Larson — An year-old woman claims her year-old ex-lover begged her to have his baby, but he and his daughter have paternity doubts due to her admitted infidelity.

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View Website. Real stories. Latta v. Though Mr. Davis is now denying paternity, Miss Grimes believes that he is the father, which is shown in his love and care for her son. Real Problems. Ward state that Ms. Norville is the only person to blame for cheating with her ex, and they are confident Mr.

Ward is not the father. Miss Mullins says her ex-husband is an "oversexed man-child" whose sexual fantasies have landed her in a paternity conundrum, but Mr. Lamb believes Miss Mullins was a serial cheater who took advantage of his trust.

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Profile :- Season 4, Episode 13 — Thompson v. He has always believed that he is not the father and hopes the court will approve the test so he can prove his case. He worries that she is only saying he is the father for financial security. Second, both parents can file a Declaration of Paternity with the court. Although she admits to making some mistakes, Ms. Fedders claims her husband is an "irresponsible crybaby" who "can't keep a job, stay faithful, or please a woman," and she has no doubt he is the father of her son.

This will be her first time meeting him, and the first time her mother has seen him since they broke up over 30 years ago. A man wants his name taken off the birth certificate if he is not the father. Raynes says there is no way he is the father of Ms. Owens' child as they were separated and he was living in another county when she conceived. Hoyer v. Ramey believes there is no way he fathered either one of the twins - and Mr. Stacey agrees, insisting he fathered both twins. Coe v. Lewis insists that he has always known Mr.

McAlister was his father, and his denial of paternity is merely an excuse for why he has been absent from his life. Offers a look at the causes and effects of poverty and inequality, as well as the possible solutions.

Turner's 5-month-old, but his suspicions were confirmed after receiving a text message 3 weeks ago. Fields v. She says she is tired of his denial and hopes to prove her case.

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Canterbury claims the conception dates points to Mr. Cooper and hopes to confirm he is the father. Allen claims the defendant got her pregnant and now refuses to do anything for her 2-year-old daughter who has been diagnosed with severe allergies leaving her in financial and emotional distress. She comes to court to finally have the truth revealed. Jackson states that he knows his wife cheated on him around the time of conception and is not the father.

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Now she claims that he fathered her child even though Ms. Robinson knows she has been sleeping with many people. Now she has dragged the defendant to court to prove that he is her father and believes today's will prove her case. These cases present multiple-choice questions for the potential father as a result of infidelity, cheating, and one-night stands. Season 5, Episode 80 — Washup v. Peoples says that she was the one fooled by his lies and empty promises. Rolon - that he is her son's father, and hopes today's answers will repair the breakdown in their family.

Hunter admits distancing himself from Ms. Tucker because he has serious doubts he is her father. Miss Hardin is certain that Mr. Nelson is her father's daughter and wants his help raising her, but Mr. Nelson refuses to lift a finger for he does not believe is his. Examines the economy and it's impact of slavery on the coast land slave states pre-Civil War. Allen says that after a brief affair with Mr.

Childs, she discovered she was pregnant with her daughter, Ms. Porter-Atkins claims that Mr. Fisher has done nothing to contribute to his care, but hopes he will step up once the prove paternity. Burch claims that Ms. Crochran and him never had a relationship and were only friends with benefits. Jackson v. McKinley admits that Ms.

Thompson was an affair gone wrong and she needs to leave him and his wife alone and find who the real daddy is. In doing so, she has summoned her husband to court to prove that he is the father of both of her children.

Haggerty wants to repair his relationship with his daughter, Miss Wandick. He has stood firmly behind being her dad and thinks there is no need for a test. Laughing and Joking with him, it crosses your mind. Brewton v. Martin: A Reidsville, GA woman admits to sleeping with Mother turns son into daughter story her boyfriend and another man.

Dean says he has turned his back on his daughter and his denial is hurting bother her and her daughter. Phillips Season 6 — Episode 24Paternity Court Hoagland Jr. Robinson Season 2 Episode Season 5, Episode — Garrett v. Brown v. Washington Part 1 — A mess hits the courtroom when three men are implicated in the paternity of one. Hawthorne says her high school sweetheart, Mr.

Mother turns son into daughter story

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