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Do you write sex stories or sex-related texts? Register here to post. Motorcycle Ride by graylover Fantasy. Posted Thu 7th of February Report. Are you sure I'm not going to fall off the back? I had convinced Tonya to go out for a ride on my motorcycle. She'd thought about it for awhile, but had never tried riding. Being out there on the bike, with nothing more to protect her than her jeans, my spare jacket, and my spare helmet was rather intimidating.

I've been riding these for almost forty years and haven't had an accident since I was fifteen. If you want, you can hold onto the bar behind you. If I'm holding you so tight that you can't breathe, you'll have to slow down," Tonya said. I simply chuckled and helped Tonya get on the bike behind me with a big grin on my face. My ex-wives had refused to ride with him for years, saying it was too scary being on the road with me.

I had forgotten how good it felt to have a beautiful woman wrap her legs and arms around me from behind. I liked how the raised back seat made up for their six inch height difference, so that they were head to head as they set out.

Tonya was clutching on to me as we went down my driveway and on to the streets. Motorcycle sex stories familiar ro of my neighborhood seemed completely new. The cars driving by felt too close — she could feel the drafts as cars passed. Tonya felt her heart racing as she pushed her body hard against mine.

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She kept instinctively trying to snuggle against my head, but instead would bump helmets, shaking her up a bit. At first, I took it easy, keeping the bike just above the flow of traffic and only doing a little lane sharing. I placed my gloved hand over Tonya's clutched ones from time to time to try and comfort her a bit.

Tonya melted each time my hand covered hers. There was something just so warm and sweet about the gesture. She slowly relaxed, holding on to me a bit less tightly and snuggling against me in a more comfortable position. She began to concentrate on the ride and realized that she loved the feeling.

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The wind brushing past her body, the feeling of my strong back against her chest, my warm thighs pushed against the bike by hers Gradually we left the city behind and started climbing into the canyons. The ro began to twist and I aled that Tonya should follow my lead on the curves, leaning from side to side into them.

Tonya felt the flow of the curves naturally and enjoyed feeling the swaying weight of me and the bike between her legs. The vibrations of the bike, strong against her pelvis, were beginning to get to her. She felt sweat trickling down her back, but also a rising wetness between her legs.

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After about half an hour, Tonya and I had left the world behind. We were deep in the canyons. I turned onto a smaller road that hadn't been paved Motorcycle sex stories awhile. I would slow down for the larger potholes, which caused them to bounce hard against the steel frame of the motorcycle. The smaller ones I would just speed over, creating a gentle bump that ground Tonya's pelvis into both me and the bike. Tonya couldn't believe what a turn-on this was! I eventually pulled over in what appeared to be a small turnout and got off the bike.

I pulled a couple water bottles from Motorcycle sex stories pack on top of gas tank and handed one to her. She felt a bit like a sailor as she climbed off the bike. Her legs were slightly bowed and her inner thighs trembling. However, the pain was pushed aside by her rising need to kiss me. She fumbled, trying to figure out how to get off the helmet and extricate herself from the bulky jacket. I saw her predicament and quickly came to her aid, my hands along her neck and chest as I helped her out of my borrowed gear.

I had already taken off my own helmet and gloves and fastened them to the bike. Once freed, Tonya helped me unzip my jacket, trailing her fingernails down my chest and the sweaty, hot tank top I wore. I placed both jackets under my arm.

Tonya looked up at me and kissed me, deeply. Riding gets me turned on, too. I've got an idea," I said, gently grabbing her arm and pulling her into what looked like scrub brush. She let me lead her into the woods and down into what appeared to be a small crevice in the canyon. After less than five minutes, it opened up into a clearing that seemed out of a fairy tale. It was cooler here, shaded by the canyon walls and a couple small trees, and covered in thick grass.

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Tonya turned to me, her mouth agape. The sexual desire I have had all day and every time I looked at her. Both of us kneeled down onto the blanket I had spread out on the grass, I looked over at Tonya she had one of her hands down inside her shorts. I could see her hand making a circular motion pussy. Instantly and out of nowhere, my one week unfucked and unsucked cock lurched to life. I tried to get my mind off of the mental Motorcycle sex stories that had just materialized in my head but my cock was having none of it. It started swelling and filling the front of my pants.

Totally in character my body answered for me by sending a lot more blood into the long thick shaft of my ten and a half inch cock. In my mind, I could already feel Tonya's tight pussy swallowing and stroking its length.

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I handed a bottle of lotion to her, she said thanks, and started putting it on Motorcycle sex stories shoulders and arms while we chatted, About a young woman accepting a date with a older man. Here, " I said holding out my hand for the bottle," why don't you let me get your back for you? As I started to rub lotion onto her shoulders, she was surprised how firm and strong my hands felt. It was such a nice feeling to have them massaging and rubbing the lotion into my skin. As I moved down I slid my hands under the back of her sports bra, covering every inch of her back, stopping right at the top of her shorts and panties, she thought for a second that I was done, and was surprised that I actually felt disappointed about it, but the next thing she knew I had knelt down on the grass beside her feet, lifting the right one up slightly and started to apply more lotion.

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She hadn't realised it, but she'd been squeezing her legs tightly together, not for any real reason, but just because that's the sort of thing girls do when there's a guy around and you happen to be in short shorts. As I moved up her leg, appling sunscreen as he went, she did notice that I was gently moving the right leg away from the left a small amount, meaning that by the time I got to her upper leg, they were just slightly spread.

As I moved slowly, deliberately, to the Motorcycle sex stories of her leg she felt the Motorcycle sex stories of my finger slip gently under the leg of her shorts and up to the bottom of her ass. She was in heaven. Here she was getting massaged by a very attractive older man, but was surprised to find herself thinking that she wished I'd go further. I didn't though, and moved back down to the left foot. I moved up to the top of her left leg she again felt the tips of my fingers slip under the leg of her shorts, but this time I moved just a bit further up, brushing the lower part of her ass, before sliding down and running my strong fingers over her inner thigh.

She heard the elastic snap back as my hands came out. Are you ok? Well I'm already covered in lotion up to my elbows, so I might as well finish the job," I said with a grin She gave me a nervous smile, and rolled over onto her back, squeezing her legs back together and crossing her arms over her breasts. Just relax," I said as I Motorcycle sex stories down beside her, "I won't hurt you". Now something I wouldn't find out till later good thing because she would have been so embarrassed was that there was a very obvious wet spot on her panties from getting so aroused.

Grey tight fitting cotton is not a good thing to wear if you tend to get overly moist like she does. She would have died if she'd known I could see that, but she was sure I must have seen it. I slowly lifted each of her arms off her chest, rubbing lotion onto each of them, and making her squirm when I got to her armpits causing her to get ticklish. Let's just pull the shoulder straps down," I said quietly as I tugged first the left, then the right side of her sports bra over her shoulders. Her breasts were still covered, but as I gently rubbed the lotion onto my upper chest, I brushed Motorcycle sex stories bra lower, and lower as my fingers inched down the top of her chest.

Moving to the sides, my hands slipped under her bra on both sides of her chest, rubbing upwards and definitely massaging the sides of her breasts. Standing back up I moved back down to her feet, picking up her left leg and bending it at the knee to 90 degrees. With her leg propped up I massaged the entire leg, making her tingle with excitement as I manoeuvred my knee outward.

As I moved up her leg she found herself wishing I'd touch her, but apart from brushing my finger against her crotch I didn't. The same thing was repeated on her other leg, leaving her with both legs bent and spread open. Pushing her knees back down I stood up again, moving back up towards her torso, bringing my magical hands back down onto her tummy.

Starting just below her breasts where I'd ly left off, I slowly worked my way down until I came to the top of her shorts. Taking the sides of her shorts, I slowly rolled the top of them down just a tiny bit, returning to massage the skin I'd uncovered, and repeating this several times. She was a bit lost in the moment, but suddenly realized that she could feel my fingers tracing the top of her pubic hair, and became aware of just how far her shorts had been rolled down.

As my fingers slipped down either side of her mound she suspected I would have been able to see just about everything if she hadn't moved her legs back together. This was only the fourth guy to ever touch that much of me, and the first one to ever do it in the light of day. Feelings of excitement were bouncing around in her head, mixed with fear, awkwardness, and not knowing what she should be doing or saying. All of a sudden she was yanked back to reality by a very surprising, unexpected feeling. She looked at me with wide eyes as I lighly kissed the lower part of her belly, right above her pubic hair.

She so nervous. She just didn't know what to do. Luckily she didn't have to. She felt a tug on her shorts and quickly realized that her panties was being removed. As she lifted her hips slightly I expertly slid them down, and she felt a cool breeze blow gently across her very wet, very exposed pussy. She was hoping I wouldn't be grossed out by how wet she got, but before she could give it too much thought She felt my lips return to gently kiss my way down to the top of her mound. A firm, strong hand deftly manuvered her legs apart, and she felt the most amazing feeling as I gently kissed all around her pussy before gently, delicately running my tongue over her very, very wet labia.

She'd had a guy lick her before, and it was ok, but it was just an inexperienced, awkward fumble. This was totally different. She don't know how I did it, but the feeling was something she'd never thought possible. Without even realizing it she had been moaning quite loudly, "OMG!

She looked down at my face, amazed by the sight of a man's face between her legs. I looked up, making eye contact with her and making her blush. She quickly looked away and was quickly lost again as my tongue swirled around her clit. As I took her clit between my lips, and gently sucked on it, she felt one of my strong, masculine fingers gently probe the outside of her vagina.

I have large fingers, but I gently slipped into her as far as it would go. She wanted me to like her and, because she was terribly afraid that I wouldn't if she didn't go along, she let me proceed. I laid almost Motorcycle sex stories top of her and began to kiss her, thrusting my tongue deep inside of her mouth. She felt my hands roving over her body, cupping and lightly squeezing her breasts, running across her stomach and laying gently between her legs. Slowly she felt my head leaving her face and, gingerly licking and kissing her neck, moving down and again taking a nipple into my mouth.

But, this time, I did not stop there. Pausing only for a few moments, I asked her if she wanted me to stop? Tonya replied "NO! I continued downward, letting my tongue flow easily across her stomach again. She felt every muscle in her body tense as my tongue caressed her skin. As I reached her naval, Again sliding slowly down, She felt my warm breath now against her inner thighs.

Closing her eyes she focused on the man between her legs and my soft kissing of her skin.

Motorcycle sex stories

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