Mouth washed out with soap stories

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You described that do well could almost taste the soap, and funny Ivory was my mom's soap of choice as well And I agree, maybe people think it's okay to behave the way they do these days cuz of no discipline The ass whippings can be forgotten but the psychological bullshit is never forgotten. Wow that is so sad that you had to go through this.

Did you leave home as soon as you turned 18? I bet you couldn't wait to get away from there. ArrowheW My mother got married and divorced constantly and honestly step parents don't care about their step kids and if anything the kids are considered luggage.

So We moved around constantly or had our schools switched up on us. I went to five different high schools and was never able to have friends so of coarse the bullying took its toll. When My mother got Her finally divorce and She wanted to move across the country We told Her no thanks You can go by yourself and that was at the age of 17 and I've been supporting Myself ever since. I lived through a very bad child hood and as a father I made sure My child lived in the same house and I made sure She went through the same school district so She would have the same friends up until highschool.

I even tried to make sure that She had Mouth washed out with soap stories same mother and father living under the same roof until She was ready to leave and unlike My parents I would have made sure that She learned a trade before She was released into the world. I tried My best and the EX cheated because She wasn't happy anymore. The thing that pisses Me off is the whole time I put Myself last in every equation because My families wants, desires, and needs came before My very own and to be thrown away kind of sucks.

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The fucked up part is I want to have another family and another child because I at least want to produce one offspring that had a decent childhood and Mouth washed out with soap stories when they left the house were a decent contributing member of society. Wow you've had it rough. So you are saying that you did get married but now you are divorced? How old is your daughter now? ArrowheW Never married because after seeing so many divorces as I just felt marriage was the beginning of the end.

I know that's stupid but that's how I felt. I would like to get married now and I don't know if its societal pressure pushing for it or if I just feel ready now to do so. My daughter is 15 and She will be 16 in two months and yeah I'm still staying with Her and Her mother because there is no way I can support two households and I have to get the house out of the way before I move out and get My own place. So sorry for so you've been through in life But you've shown through it all that you're a good person and a good father I hope you truly get the happiness you deserve.

Life is a learning experience that shapes us all into adults. My friends always considered Me kind of prudish or rigid in certain areas like sex because they never understood the childhood I had. I guess as I child I made a connection between My mothers loose behavior and the fucked up family unit so I grew up into someone whom was very conservative when it came to sex and relationships. It's not that I didn't like sex I just had problems with guilt when there wasn't love involved so I preferred relationships over fun.

I do wish I was different and more free but at 47 I can't change and ultimately I just want to be loved for whom I am and that's all. As far as happiness I realized the only thing that will make Me happy is a family so yeah I hope I get another chance to have a wife and kids but time is running out because I'd like to have another kid before 50 because I'd like to at least see them graduate and get married themselves.

Cuz the Mama Bear came out lol yeah don't ever mess with a mom protecting her. Mom went to jail, the woman got a ride ambulance Shitty part was that she got a year in jail and a police record System is rigged. If you ask me. Yeah that sucks But bet if you asked your mom, if she could go back, she's still do the same thing. As a matter a fact. This topic came up the other day. She says without a doubt. I knew it lololol Mom's might get in your back sometimes Right I never did that and my kids still will apologize if they say a cuss wired around me lol and they 21 and 23 bout to be As long as I do not try eating the soap I think I'm ok.

Not sure why anybody would eat soap though. Asker What method do you used on your child when they behave mischievous or said something bad?

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My kids are grown now, but they either got grounded from watching TV or playing outside or no dessert or snacks or occasionally spanked for more serious offenses Didn't need to do that much tho See even parents are hypocrites sometimes. Oh no!!! Oh my! Yeah same except the dish soap, it wasn't just cuss words, I didn't use cuss words as a kid It was if you were deemed to be being rude or disrespectful. Aww that sucks They used to put hot sauce on my thumb so I wouldn't suck my thumb, that or duct tape. I Didn't either I got the soap for my sister conning, bribing me to tell her what she was getting for her birthday then when I did she told on me, I got distracted.

Aww lucky you Back in the day, it was parents using that as form of punishment. I think kids started getting sick here so they cut that out quick and made em stand in the corner instead. Yeah soap don't taste so well, but don't hurt like getting spanked with belt, we'd get that too. Lol i was over working on my moms car few weeks back and my brother istoped by we were talking and out of the blue we here fuck fuck fuck is that the only word you both know ,, my brother looked at me I look at him and I said. I now more that that word she said yah right I said I do lol I know go fuck yourvself ain't fucking her.

You fuck here you brought her. And your. Fucken kidding me she said that's it , in to the house she goes COMES back out with a bar of soap and said who's first. I said fuck that I'm. You never said hell or damn in front of Grandma or your Great Aunt. The sister ganged up on you. Yes I've heard it's really bad I did get a frying pan over my ass a few times I wasn't spanked or whacked like that much but enough to not do it when I had kids :. I got the belt but no wooden spoon I'd prefer the frying pan over the belt It would be fascinating to do a study if kids who got the soap treatment, did they grow up saying fewer swear words then kids who didn't No cuz funny didn' event swear then to get the soap What did you say to get the soap?

And too funny if the soap incident turned you into a sailor-like-cussing fool lol. You didn't even have to swear Once when I was shot Mouth washed out with soap stories don't knowmy sister bribed me with candy to tell her what she was getting for her birthday, and when I did, she told on me and didn't say she bribed me, she just acted like I tried to ruin her surprise so my mom washed my mouth with soap Lololol but no it's real That's good.

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My house didn't have to be just swear words, if was considered rude, or if got caught lying, or tattling. Glad i haven't spoken to her in 21 years. Didn't get the stand in the corner. But spankings with belt or wooden spoon. Haha, standing in the corner is good discipline teaches people how to be still. A few people have said that That's one thing my mom didn't do She had an endless supply of Ivory soap apparently lol.

Brainsbeforebeauty Thank you, yeah it was rough thanks for the hugs. Parents did that back in the day as a form of punishment for swearing or talking rude to people Not too clean your teeth Why do all your replies come off like you're trying to insult me? See, there you go again Wasn't just swear words, it was any talking back or if you got caught in a lie But usually we think dogs have rabies so yeah kinda lol But Susi sucked my mom used Ivory soap.

Never got the brown soap lol but Ivory soap a treat lololol rather ice cream treat lololol. In my house Wasn't just bad words, it was for talking back, tattling, lying, pretty much anything lolol.

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You trying to get me arrested? Anyway, if it was a common form of punishment, I can see that it never helped because of the amount of words we see around us. Fels Naptha is laundry soap which comes in a bar. It's used for removing stubborn grease and oil stains like motor oil and cooking oil. I think my mom was soap happy, cuz way more than once But it wasn't just swear words, it was anything considered rude to say.

Well it did clean up my language at least until I was old enough to pay my own bills.

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Wasn't always just for swear words in my house If got caught in a lie, or fighting with sibling or tattling, If it was just tattling over nothing just to try to get someone else in trouble yeah. Oh never heard of that and I haven't seen it either and I highly doubt it was effective.

Well that's nice it doesn't apply to you doesn't mean other white folks don't do it. Got the soap too But what does white have to do with it. But saying "it's a white thing isn't" And plenty of black people that used time out as punishment It's more snot the times and less bout race Aww man, liquid soap? That sucks Oh god nasty. Have you ever got that punishment which we had to stay on knees on a bunch of raw corn? It was horrible and it was very common at my father's childhood. No but I have heard others and users on here say that, but with rice instead of corn.

Rob yeah or incompleted homework, or if got in trouble at school. Rob okay all that's too much, so sorry you went through that. Brainsbeforebeauty Master.

Mouth washed out with soap stories

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Washing out the mouth with soap