My favorite chaperone story

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This story talks about how a foreign family migrated to Chicago from Kazakhstan. The parents were unfamiliar with the customs in the US since they have been in Kazakhstan for a long time. The siblings, Maya and Nurzhan became familiar with these customs and adjusted to them quickly.

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Maya was in class when she got a sudden phone call, it was to the office. When she got there Ms. Johnson told her that her brother had gotten into a fight with Ossie. When she heard this she was shocked. Johnson said. Maya knew her dad would be furious, so she developed a plan. Maya called and she told Papa that Nurzhan was involved in a fight. Everything was mild until something really bad happened.

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The next event in My favorite chaperone story story was thatMaya waiting for the activity bus when Daniel picked her up and started playing with her. Maya was scared for her life, she came to the car. The car was filled with an awkward silence.

What has happened Aibek? Is this what you teach her? Lessons to be a toy for American boys! Mama was quickly concerned with what Maya did. Maya told her what happened and then she got in big trouble. She knew she could never go to the dance now. Maya talked about how she imagined running away like the wind, behind the mini-mart, sailing past the E-Z Dry Cleaner, past the bus stop in an easy gallop through the crosswalk. You know nothing of these things! Mama yelled. On Wednesday afternoon of the following week, Mama was sitting on the couch waiting to talk to Maya.

Mama said she fell at work. Also, Maya had to cook dinner which was a struggle. Nurzhan was watching her and told her that she was bleeding and that the potatoes were covered in blood. The next evening, Maya sat with Nurzhan to help him with his spelling words. Maya laughed and went to talk to Papa. You can go! Maya was able to go to the dance, but with Nurzhan as a chaperone. Mama came into the kitchen the morning of the dance and gave Maya a small gold bracelet.

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Mama told Maya that she gave a lot of work for Maya to do, for she is only a young girl. Maya and her friend Shannon met in the bathroom after school, while Nurzhan was waiting for them. Shannon said hi to him and he followed them into the gym. Shannon and Maya were laughing until Daniel and David came up to them. Maya started to dance with Daniel and talk to him. Nurzhan was watching but all Maya could see was an empty chair.

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My favorite chaperone story

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“My Favorite Chaperone” Summary Essay Example