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Share Share with:. Link: Copy link. Switch to Print View - 10 posts. Hey guys my name is John. I've been a mousepad user for a pretty long time now and I figured it was about time to get a username and contribute to this. I have so many stories that I'd love to share with everyone, but I don't wanna rush into it all at once. I'll lead it off with something that took place about two years ago to today As you all should know, I've had a foot fetish for as long as I can remember. I believe it was around age six or seven that I started to notice how beautiful women's feet really are.

I think the exposure to my teachers and sister's feet at a young age really did it for me but who knows for sure. Anywho, my friend lets call her Leanne for My friends feet stories story Leanne was having a graduation party at this restaurant she and her parents picked out. This was about a week or two after we officially graduated from high school. She invited me and a bunch of my friends to attend the lunch at the restaurant with her and the rest of her family. Now let me tell you a little about Leanne.

We became good friends fast in middle school, and things really looked promising from there. Unfortunately for me after all those years of being such a "great friend" it didn't really pay off in the end. On the bright side, I got to see her probably more than anyone else did, so it wasn't all that bad.

Anyway, she is about 5'7''-5'8'' pounds, in amazing shape.

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She's a big gym freak so she likes to stay in shape. She's got a really cute face, an amazing body, she's tan, and her ass is simply perfect. Her legs I still think are her best feature. Always tanned, she's about a size 9. She's got the nicest, smoothest soles you could picture. All of My friends feet stories toes are aligned perfectly from big to small, and she never fails to turn me on whenever I get the chance to see them.

So moving right along We hung out there for awhile, ate obviously, and just talked for what seemed like atleast a couple hours. By now it was around 6pm and we had been there for over 3 hours now. She invited only me and a few of my closer friends because her parents didn't want anything huge and insane. I didn't mind My friends feet stories way as long as it was a good time.

So eventually everybody went home to shower and get ready for the night ahead. I got a ride home from my friend Jim and I rushed into my house to shower and change as well. Leanne calls me when I'm just getting out of the shower and she tells me to come "whenever you want, make sure you bring pong balls for beerpong.

So I get to her house, at this point its around pm and a few of our friends were already there. Once I got settled in I wanted to start getting drunk haha especially as more and more people came. After about an hour and a half or so, I was already about beers and atleast 6 or 7 shots deep. We had a beerpong tournament and me and my friend Mark turned in victory after victory so we just kept staying on the table. Already a successful night, it was about to get even better. All of the girls and all of my friends and myself just started goin all out, taking shots of this and that every few minutes, just really celebrating finally being done with highschool.

Now before we knew it, it was already getting pretty late. It was now after 2am and everybody was starting to slow down. With pretty much every ounce of alcohol downed and everyone being pretty wasted, the whole thing was just starting to die. I failed to mention that Leanne was having some relationship problems with her boyfriend Jay which is also one of my best friends as well.

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She and him often got into ridiculous arguments that I won't even waste your time with. I mean I had both of them on either side of me telling me their problems and hoping that I'd somehow have guidance for them Anyway, so she and him got into a huge argument and he left her house pissed off and drunk off his ass. I tried to convince him not to leave but he didn't wanna be there and I could tell he was just really pissed and didn't wanna talk to anyone.

I told him I'd be at her house for another hour or so to help clean up.

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So he told me to tell her to call him and blah blah blah so that's the end of that issue. Now it was about 3am and I was one of only about 5 people there. I was the only guy It was me, Leanne, our friend Jessica who is also extremely hot by the way with sexy, tan, small feetand Leanne's cousin Danielle and one of her My friends feet stories that I don't even really know that well. It was normal for me to still be there because Jessica agreed to give me a ride home earlier in the night, and after all I'm really close with Leanne and her family.

So while they're all talking about the night and the problems with Jay and all that bs, I was still downing some beers and watching a movie. Jessica, after about a half hour of talking with them, decided to turn in and call it a night. However, she was so drunk that she couldn't drive and she called up her boyfriend to come scoop her up for a ride home.

Now I'm totally screwed because I'm stuck at Leanne's house which is pretty much on the complete opposite side of town away from my house. It's now almost 4am I didnt really have a plan My friends feet stories that point so I just told them that I now didn't have a ride home The perfect plan to make it a perfect night. I devised a plan quickly off the top of my head that I would tell Leanne that I couldn't go home that late being drunk.

I, now spending the night at Leanne's, now have a shot at having some foot action. So when I said this it seemed like her cousin didn't really buy the excuse. She told me that she could give me a ride home and that it wasn't a big problem. As soon as she said this I then realized that I didn't even have my house keys with me so there was really no point in me even attempting to go home. So as soon as I told them, Leanne didn't really seem to mind the idea at all. Her mom came downstairs into the basement her room and started cleaning up a little bit.

Now her mom is definitely a milf. Her mom loves me She's one of those cooler moms that likes to pretend shes younger than she really is, and doesn't really mind anything. But anyway, her mom was like "John are you staying over tonight or what? John wants to spend the night but theres nowhere for him to sleep. I did the honors of preparing my own bed where I'd soon be out cold on. Her cousin and her friend were also spending the night and they both slept on a pullout couch bed a little to the side of Leanne's big bed. As we settled in, they Leanne, her cousin, cousin's friend continued to talk a little bit longer about this and that.

I threw in my own comments every now and then Leanne put on a movie so we'd have some sound while we went to sleep. Plus she said the television helps her fall asleep better and faster. So she put in the movie and we all laid back and watched. Her cousin and her friend were still talking in the background. My bed was positioned on the floor, alongside the pullout bed that they were sleeping on.

I couldn't really see the tv good enough to care so I just rested my eyes a little.

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So me being the idiot that I am, knocked out for about minutes. I woke up in a daze.

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I grabbed my phone and checked out the time: "AM" I was still wasted enough that it was difficult for me to see things straight and move around easily. It was the worst in the beginning because my eyes weren't used to the darkness and it was hard to navigate around. But eventually, after sitting there in silence for what seemed like forever only about minutes lol I then started to hear some light snoring within the room. The light snoring got more and more steady as I just sat there and listened carefully, hoping I don't disturb anyone.

When I felt that it was about time I got to work, my heart began to pound outta my chest. I've never felt such a jolt of excitement at one specific time. It was like that feeling of when your a kid and its your first time being introduced to toys r' us or something My plan was working out so far I kept telling myself I've come this far, I've waited for this for so My friends feet stories, I just need to do what I gotta do haha. Little did I know that it would be a lot easier than I assumed. I finally built up the courage to move after what I said was minutes.

Now, I knew that she was a deep sleeper because she would always tell me how its hard for her to wake up from anything, she always just passes out, etc. So I knew all this going in I also have had a lot of experience when it comes to sleepy feet and all that, so it was nothing new.

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I managed to reach the end of her bed. My knees were absolutely killing me because I was leaning on them both and she has a tiled, hard floor.

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So I was able to slide my sleeping bag over towards the foot of her bed so that I could position myself over it, giving me the necessary comfort and padding that I needed. I opened up my phone for light and saw that half the job was already done for me. It was the sexiest sight my eyes ever focused on for sure. Now, I know alot of people like sleepy feet, and I also know alot of people think its wrong. But honestly guys, I don't really think its such a big deal.

My friends feet stories

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