My sisters feet story

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This website uses cookies for functionality, analytics and advertising My sisters feet story as described in our Privacy Policy. Or Learn more Continue. The MousePad. My Sister's Feet NF. Share Share with:. Link: Copy link. Switch to Print View - 18 posts. I have been doing this for a while but I thought now is th right time to share it with you guys! Ps: Excuse me because English is not my primary language Unlike my other stories, this one is real with my first encounter with feet IT was my sister's feet!

The characters of my story: From Mother to Slave are taken from my real life mother and two sisters check it out : themousepad. I have had a foot fetish since I was young I don't remember when specifically but now I am 18I consider having a huge foot fetish but never had a real encounter with a woman's feet beforeI have always seen videos and wondered what it felt like to worship a woman's feet in real life, non of my Gfs took My sisters feet story idea seriously so I didn't go for it and just turned it as a joke.

But my sister's feet were always on my mind I couldn't resist themmaybe I should deescribe her, she is almost cm with a great and fit body as she always exercised and she has a size feet not sure exactly but she has the most amazing feet with very soft soles and small but sexy toes that were mad to be sucked! Well she worked as a secretary in some school so she was required to wear pantyhose and heels and other sexy shoes to work, I would always keep an eye on her feet, I also kept an eye on my other sister's feet who was married but always visited us and my mother's but never wass the lust like Abbie's not her real name feet!

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She was beautiful and her feet were gorgeous! I always wanted to suck hour toes especially!

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To the story. Almost 2 months ago I was studying forr my finals in her room because the other rooms were always occupied and she was at work, when she came home she was really tiredshe got a quick shower and quickly got on her bed and in a few seconds she was asleep. I was bored when I looked around to chat a bit and have a look at hour feetI found out that she was sleeeping! With the door closed bcause I was studying I knew no one would disturb me! I hesitatedthe idea of being caught was frightening!

I would always think of licking but the idea of getting caught would not be as those on the internet, it would mean my lif was over and destroyed! My sister was 25 and was not the childish type of slipping away things she was cool but not huge things like this incident, I got up of the bed slowly and the bed made a slight sound that she didn't respond to.

I knew she was a very heavy My sisters feet story which was lucky for me, but that still didn't give me full confidence, as I knelt on my hand and knees and crawled over slowly and without making any noise as I reached the nd of the bed she was sleeping on her stomach which gave me a clear view of her sole and the inside of her toes and her heels!!

When I saw that view a bulge built up in my pants!! Which made me hesitate even more!

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If she woke up I had no explanation and I could get in real trouble, but th lust for all those months and years gave me the courage to move closer and closer crawling to my prize! My heart was now pounding out of my chest!

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I couldn't believe my eyes I was so close to my sister's sexy feet! That's when I touched hour foot with my hand she didn't react! That was th green light for me as dug in my nose closer between her big toe and her second toe and inhaled the most arousing and beautiful aroma I have ever come across to this had me almost cumming!

As I held back I was so cautious that I stood up and got back to studying but my cock was now not helping it urged me for more! I didn't want to risk it but that smell drove me crazy! I had to have moreee! I crawled again and took the same procedure and got to hour feet again and burrried my nose with more courage now, as I took each breath inside hour toes!

I couldn't remove my nose, I couldn't stop, that's when somthing urged me even to go farther! So I got closer and closer and put a kiss on her big toe that caused m to be more aroused as I panicked and d my position I thought this was far too much! But she didn't even react so I had to try it again! I did it a couple of times and finally while I was kissing her heavenly soleI heard my mother calling me out as dinner was ready, it took me somee time to hide my bulge but I managed to do it and went to have dinner after having the most amazing experience in my life!!

Till now I have no pics guys sorry but I promise I'll try reeally hard to get you some as there are many more encounters until this day! Ps: And I tell you this is no fantasy not like those fake stories and I'll prove it soon! Your Opinions? And I'll Keep you guys Updated! My god, he said people who don't like incest, don't read this. But, I like the story. Please continue! So that day went fineat night I slept with fantasies about that incident that was amazing!!

I always fantasized about that moment and I finally did it I wanted even more I was getting gready and I received it in my dreams. When I wokee up I was a bit nervous so I decided that I would lay low for a couple of day just in case I didn't want to risk it and get caught or something and if she was suspicious she would think that she was wrong. The next couple of days were alright nothing weird happened except for me snooping into her room and sniffing some of her shoes when she came back from work which were a bit smelly but never stinky which is something I hated even when I smelled her feet they weree not My sisters feet story because she always switched shoes and was so clean and always took care of her feet and bodybut as I smelled her shoes and pantyhose they had a bit of sweat inside of them that wasn't enough to satisfy me!

I wanted moree!! Well after a week or so my parents and I were watching TV news and stuff I was bored sitting in the living room and I was on my phone when I realized its low battery so I went to get my chargerI remembered it was in my sister's room so I sneaked in and searched for it when my eyes landed on the sole of my sister's feet that was dangling from the end of the bed and it wasn't covered unlike her other foot, just by its view I was already aroused as I slowly got on my knees but again was worried of her waking upit was almost 1 Am I had no excuse or back-up plan as the light was off I used my phone to see her beautiful footI had to test her sleep so I touched hour foot a couple of times and pressed a little bit she didn't move!

I was sure she was deep in her sleep! So I d my position on my knees and I was still worried it wasn't easy but I took a risk and again buried my nose beetween her toes! I was in heaven! The smell turned me on so much! I had to hold on for a bit to see her reactionsshe My sisters feet story move so I went again and again inhaling in between each of her toes one by one!

At the end I was so turned on and excited that I spread her big toe My sisters feet story her second toe and put my nose in between them and took deep and deep breaths! It was great! They didn't stink but had a great smell! I could stay there all night! But soon I finished my sniffs and sneaked out of her room and hid my bulge and went to my room.

After an hour or so I wanted more I couldn't sleep! All I could think of was licking her feet and sucking her toes! Was it ok to try it?! Or is too risky?! And whether or not she was awake and ignored or was waiting till I finished?

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Or maybe she was enjoying it?! I was so confused, my mind was messed up I couldn't think straight!

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All I could think of is that I needed more that smelling My sisters feet story feet, it didn't satisfy me! I wanted to lick her perfectly soft soles with there wrinkles and suck on her heel and to suck each of her wonderful toes! It was too risky I thought as I left the bathroom, her room was close to the bathroomher door was closed because of the Air ConditionerI managed to open it with a little bit of sound and I watched her she was still sleeping My sisters feet story almost the same position, the important thing was that her left foot was now dangling from under the cover as I closed the door and crawled again without making noise to her feet, the idea of being on my knees close to her feet was enough to turn me on!

As I took a sniff again and was now rubbing my cock! It was too much for me to handle, so I risked it again and started planting kisses on her toes which I realized were the parts that were less sensitive to her as I planted some kisses on her soles and arches she gave a bit of movement but stayed still! My heart was pounding so fast! I had to try it now! I stuck my tongue out and hit her big toe! It tasted great and she didn't move!

I was so excited! I gave it another short and small lick then went back to kissing as I suddenly cummed inside my shorts! I rushed out of the room and hid inside th bathroom! I couldn't believe it! I finally tasted her feet! It tasted great and felt even better and I wasn't caught yet again! I went into my bed and drifted into dream land! Hope you enjoyed it! More to come as today I almost got caught!

Questions,Comments,Suggestions are welcomed! As for th pics as I said I tried today but she was sleeping lightly so I had to retreat I'll tell you about in the right time. I managed to get some Pics! Wow, you are lucky, those feet are sexy. Her feet are hot What size are they? Thank you guys for the comments Sinaps: I'm not sure but I think between So picking up from where we left. The next day I woke upstill worried and had some doubt about keep on doing this. Whenever I thought about the experience flashbacks came back to me and I would quickly be turned on, I would wait all day for her to come back so I can just look at her feet!

I was becoming so obsessed with her feet. When she arrived from work, I greeted her and she seemed so tired, she barely was able to loose some clothes and collapsed on the couch on the stomach, just by thinking about what a chance I got turned me on, hell it was the first time she didn't take a shower after work and after being stuck in her heels and pantyhose I was sure her feet had to smell for sure!

But mom was still in the next room so I couldn't risk that much, when my mom went to get some groceries, it was like aI was hard by now, when I heard the door shut, I looked at her she was still sleepingAt that moment I got to my hands and knees and crawled all the way to her beautiful feet, I was so had and nervous it was so exciting!

I lowered my nose to reach in between her toes and took a deep breath! It was awesome! Her feet smelled so good and sweaty! I was willing forr more I couldn't stop myself from sniffing really hard! Its not everyday her feet stink like this, the odor was a bit strong and smelled great! I kept on going for some time, until I wanted to taste them in this condition I wanted it so badso I stuck my tongue out and again just like yesterday I licked a bit of her big toe and waited for her reaction, she didn't move! This gave me the green light so I attacked with a bit more aggressiveness, I was in heaven, lapping her toes carefully with my tongue and planted a few kisses they tasted so good!

With a bit of saltiness and sweat they tasted even better!

My sisters feet story

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My Sister’s Feet, The First Gift