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My name is Stacey, I am 15 years old and go to secondary school. I have never experienced anything sexual except once when I experimented with myself. I am tall, 5 ft 9, toned curves, 34D brown hair and blue eyes. I am quiet most of the time, and not known very well. People call me fitty on the street but I am to shy to approach them. Apparently he was here to see what teaching is like. Anyway all the girls in my class fancied him. He was good looking, but why would he ever look at someone like me?

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My friend really fancied him. She was loud confident and so beautiful. One day when Mr smith was standing at the back of the classroom, our teacher left. My friend went to the toilet. She came back and her skirt was just covering her tight little ass and her DD breasts were bulging out of her shirt. She Naughty schoolgirl stories walked over with her long tanned legs on show and bent over giving him a full view of her pink lacy frenchies.

Well school went on and I was in my art lesson. I made my way into the corridor, no one seemed to be around. I went to slot the key in the whole when I noticed it was open. I opened the door, but no noise was made, I decided it would be a good idea to turn the light on so I could see, so I did. I went to lean up to a shelf when suddenly I saw Jenny, my friend leaning over Mr smiths huge rock cock. I told her it was illegal, she was only She said she just wanted to bounce up and down on that solid cock so bad. I was worried for her, especially in school.

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Touch it? He started breathing heavily and asked me if I wanted to put it in my mouth. I was scared, nothing that big had ever been in my mouth before. So I went for it. I started by licking the end and touching the shaft, I then decided to push it into my throat, before I knew it he pushed my head down the whole way of his 8 inch cock and I was choking on his hard slong.

He kept pushing me harder and faster, at first I hated it and then I started enjoying it, It was such a nice thing to have Naughty schoolgirl stories my mouth, and I loved being dominated by him. I turned around to see what Jen was doing, she had her hands down her pants moaning with pleasure.

Suddenly I felt so sexy in this room, it was like heavan. Mr smith came behind me and began to unbutton my shirt, Jen already had her huge beautiful breasts out.

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I was in my underwear, in fact we all were. I couldnt believe what I was doing, but I couldn't stop myself. I walked over to her and she pushed me on the wall and grabbed the back of my hair and put her tounge in my mouth, this felt so much nicer than kissing a boy, I was so amazed.

She was curresing my ass and my pussy was getting really wet. We stopped kissing and looked at Mr smith who was wanking himself at us. He said "Carry on girls, or Mr smith will give you detention". Go further go on Stacey Suck her nipples, so thats just what I did.

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I went from her lips and roughly licked her neck and down to her breasts. I sucked on them hard and shook them in my mouth, she was moaning so much.

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I was dripping. Suddenly she sat down, she asked me to take her nickers off. I pulled her pink lacy frenchies down and threw them at Mr smith. She got my head and placed it inbetween her legs, I couldnt believe what me or her was doing but I couldnt wait to lick her vagina. I started off by giving her little licks around the clitoris until placing my mouth around it and making my head and her shake. Her sexual moans were getting louder and louder until suddenly her whole body shot up and she shouted at me, stick your fingers in me, so I did just that.

She screamed so much and Mr smith looked like he was in heavan. We turned to him and Jen winked at him. He said "ok girls, now its my turn again, who's ready to have my cock in them" I looked at Jen, She had done it before. But this was a whole new experience for me, but I couldnt care I just wanted to jump aboard of that cock. He told me to come towards him. He pulled my panties down and started licking my vagina, I was dripping wet.

He picked me up and lifted me on top of him in his chair and kissed my body all over. I just wanted to do it and now. I slipped my hole over it and felt it getting a little deeper and deeper, it hurt so bad having this 10 inch monster in my 8 stone body. He suddenly pushed it in the whole way, it was so painful but I just wanted him to keep pushing it in.

He thrusted in and out of me and picked me up and moved Naughty schoolgirl stories on his cock. It was getting nicer and I startedto feel a little tickly feeling around my vagina. He lifted me off and got me to suck his balls why Jenny came over. He asked Naughty schoolgirl stories "So hows that tight little ass hole of yours" He told me to lie down and split my legs so I did just that. He then pushed Jenny on me and told her to lick my pussy, this felt so fucking good her warm sexual breath over my clitiros.

I saw him coming over and Jenny turned round and asked him if it was her time to get riden now. He said "You'll see babe, dont worry, you will like". So she got back to sucking my pussy. He was pumping in and out of her tight pussy whilst she lick my clit. I could see she was begenning to like it, she was moaning and it was vibrating my clit it felt so fucking hot.

This warm tingly feeling was hitting my pussy harder and harder, I had never had and orgasm before. Suddenly sheer extasy hit me at once and she sucked harder and harder until I came over her face and she licked it all up. He pulled it out of her ass and told us to face him. He shot his hot jizz over mine and Jens breasts and face. Share Story. Little school girl goes naughty.

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You must to do that! No ? now! Story Details. Little miss perfect goes bad: My name is Stacey, I am 15 years old and go to secondary school. He said "You'll see babe, dont worry, you will like" So she got back to sucking my pussy. Share Story Little school girl goes naughty. Permalink Reply. Wanna casual sex? My pussy is at your disposal! Already wet from dirty thoughts bout you. Click the link and get my phone. Wanna see? Looking for serious relations? Only here real single girls are ready to mingle!

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Naughty schoolgirl stories

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