Navel play story

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Weight Concerns. Raising Children. Intelligent Child. Peer Pressure. Behavioural Problems:My view on my Son's interest on my Navel. Name: Udari Warnakulasooriya. Subscribe to this conversation Reply Anonymously. To tell the story let me tell aboit Navel play story family.

I married when I was 21 and gave birth to my little baby sachi when I was 23 and now he is 12 yrs old which makes me 35 yrs old. I carry out yoga and fitness exercises to maintain my figure as it affects my career. So personally at a certain point of my life I considered exposing my navel as irrational behaviour.

Maybe I thought like that because my husband was not interested of my navel. Actually we are at the verge of breaking but I keep ahold our relationship because my. So as I told you I never considered exposing belly in any attire,actually I hated it. So lets jump onto the story about how all started One morning I woke up late,my husband had gone to work and my son is at home.

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So I woke up, cleaned my self and started making some breakfast. I went to my sons room to check whether he had any breakfast. When I went he was still asleep and his room was a total mess. I started to arrange few things In order. Under the piles of books I found a book that almost made me fell down. I slowly took the book and went to my room to chech it out. The book is filled with cut out pics of actresses,models and dancers who exposes navel. He had cutted newspapers and pasted them in the book. Their were pics of my fellow dancers also.

So I hid the book and started having my breakfast thinking about what just happened. After about 30 mins he woke up and went to the washroom and then started studying. I never wanted to scold my son cause I thought his condition is a psychological condition. So I went to his room with the Navel play story and he was searching for something really hard. As I showed the book his expression changed dramatically. Then I consolled him and made him sit down for a talk. What he said to me sounded totally weird but all of that was true.

He said how boya of their age love to play with womens navel and how his friends also keep this kind of books. He told me that he read in internet that mena attraction toward womens navel is quite normal.

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I had to believe him cause he showed me the internet article. So at last he convinced me that its normal. After having this conversation he asked me something that I felt so awkward. He said that most of his friends moms let them touch and kiss navel.

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And then he begged me to let him kiss and play with my navel. After so much pleadings I finally agreed to it. So he made me sleep and started poking,kissing,licking and fingering my whole belly. Actually at that moment I understood that its quite enjoyable for me too.

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He did that for about 30 mins and I as laughing and moaning the whole time. After this fateful day we always did this in free times and even when cooking he will lift my blouse and start to kiss my navel kneeling down,I enjoyed that a lot. Now at this point of my life I tottaly became open to the topic of navel and I found that its quite attractive. So after sometime there was a parents meeting at my sons school and we werebrequired to where sarees. As always I was wearing mg saree way above my navel when my baby came to my room and saw me.

He came and made me wear my saree really low waist exposing my whole stomach.

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He said that his friends will get jealous. We went to this meeting and eyes were on me totally. After we came home my son started kiss my navel soo much that my belly was really wet So at last he convinced me to wear my dancing attire below my navel and yes it was attractive.

I got invitations for some photoshoots of sarees which u have to expose a lot of navel. I was quite happy at that. We would read stories about navel plays and we would do it ourselves. So what i want to state is that this experiences I am having is quite enjoyable and my son or me never take those to a sexual level. So what i want to say is if your son have this kind of fascinations dont scold him.

Please cooperate with him and let him use your navel if he wants beacuse then he wont try to use another women and get labelled as a pervert. And dont let him get sexual, always make it feel like a funny and a enjoyable thing. This tightened the bond between me and my son because he understood that he assure my assistance in any of his problems.

He became open with his problems and never hid anything. Rahul replied. What u had done is right keep going and update more stories. All tips on Parents of Schoolgoers You ever wanted in one place. No need to go anywhere else. Enter ID:. Subscribe to this conversation! Thanks for subscribing. You are already a member, please to subscribe. Enter Password:. Forgot Password. Expecting Parents. Routine Tests. Health Concerns. Diet and Exercise. Miscarriage and Child Loss. Last 7 Navel play story of this Board.

RE:My view on my Son's interest on my Navel. I also have many stories What u had done is right keep going and update more stories Navel play story Wish I choose not to disclose my identity as it does not matter and also what I am trying to convey is something faced by a lot of children from different walks of life and different generations too. As a parentYou are always thinking of a good and affordable lifestyle for your kids and you are caught up in the dilemma of what is best from My view on my Son's interest on my Navel.

So personally at a certain point of my life RE:Best school in Faridabad. I'm also interested in this, thanks for the information! RE:strange behaviour. Interactive Tools Ovulation Calculator.

Navel play story

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