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Hey all. Just the playful side initially, as it happened a lot around my extended family, although the more I saw online, the more the intensive side appealed to me as well. Growing up on a small and cold Scottish island, it was rare to see any of the classic tickle spots uncovered at school - and thinking back, that may have enhanced the taboo aspect of eg. When I was offered a place at Cambridge it felt as though life would come together at last, but while I was no longer in daily physical danger, I still struggled socially.

Most of the other students were at the very least middle-class, so their reference points were very different, and had been to good schools where academic success had only made them popular, confident, well-rounded people instead of walking targets. This girl - to my shock and paralysing flusterment - would also mention how mortally ticklish she apparently was, without a hint of a blush, amongst friends at the pub. I remember desperately wanting to let her catch me and do her worst for a bit before turning the tables and exacting my revenge, but people were watching and I was still very unsure of the boundaries re.

While I was managing to miss gaping open goals like this in the real world, I was taking full advantage of my new broadband connection and laptop to explore the online scene. It was all forum-based back then. The TMF was the biggest, but there was also a small local one, now offline, run by a group of like-minded friends. Navel tickling stories lurking for a long time to see how people interacted, I made a profile and introduced myself.

This group would also organise real-world meet-ups from time to time. Most of them were Navel tickling stories in a city pub around a pre-booked table.

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They were more of a way to humanise the online usernames and avatars. Once or twice a year, however, they would get the most daring forum members to chip in towards booking a purpose-built BDSM dungeon for a day of kinky tickling. After being on the forum for what I felt was a respectable length of time and attending a few of the drinks, I ed myself up.

Maybe it was a crushing romantic disappointment in the real world that changed me as a person forever, maybe I was finally sick and tired of living vicariously through others, but I coughed up the cash and marked it firmly in the diary. I felt fine on the journey up there and the night before, but the morning of the gathering brought on an intense attack of nerves and I almost bailed. I was the first to arrive at what looked like a small industrial lot, with not much to give the place away. Wandering around, I was startled by what looked like a mechanic yelling from the other side of the lot:.

Thankfully the others showed up soon afterwards and we went inside. There was a large room on the ground floor with snacks and drinks, a communal play room upstairs with all sorts of restraints, and a small cell ading each room. There were two women to begin with, both involved in the running of the forum, and both were with their partners. There were a couple of other Navel tickling stories guys there too. The group play room would stay open for the duration, and more people were expected later in the day. She always came across as a fun and really sweet-natured person. She was also stunning - mid to late 30s, curvy in build with long, dark curls and a lovely smile.

Her bare feet were already strapped in when her husband rearranged her top to reveal her underarms and tummy, then suddenly attacked her sides mid-sentence! Lara let out a squeal followed by a gorgeous, totally unrestrained peal of laughter. One of the other regulars ed in, but everyone else stood off to the side. Eventually one of the other guys sidled up to an underarm and was given an encouraging nod by one of the existing lers. Right, I thought, here goes nothing. Where to begin? Swallowing, I reached out and gently held her left foot - it was olive-skinned with painted toes and strikingly small, the same size as my hand.

So far so good. Now do something with it before it gets Navel tickling stories I held it upright with my left hand and spidered the fingers of my right hand into the soft arch.

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Lara was already laughing but began to corkscrew her left leg from side to side. I went from foot to foot, alternating between her arches and underneath her toes, trying to be as random and unpredictable as possible while drinking in the sound of her laughter. Before long her husband moved down to where I was and went to work with his teeth and tongue, which utterly destroyed her. The cushion dropped from behind her head as she thrashed and someone picked it up. Poor ticklish Lara.

Everyone but her husband stepped away and went downstairs for a snack. Damn, missed my chance. I chatted to some of the others for a bit and Navel tickling stories not to eat all of the food. After a while the air was split by a long, full-throated scream from upstairs. I excused myself and headed up, trying not to visibly sprint. Kim not her real name was a legend on the forum and one of the driving forces behind it. On top of her formidable kinkster persona, she was an accomplished belly dancer I know, right?! Back then, she was slightly terrifying and it was difficult to look directly at her.

Kim was lying horizontally on the same piece of kit that Lara had been tied to before, with her arms above her head. This time just do what you want to do, you idiot. I scanned the scene. As I drew closer, he put it aside. Kim would often write about her sessions on the forum and I knew that this was her ultimate Navel tickling stories spot.

Unfortunately for her, female belly buttons were and still are a major focal point for me. She let out an explosive shriek, followed by another and another as I scritched up and down and drew tiny circles inside the hypersensitive shallow oval. While the flosser continued its work, my left hand began to explore the rest of her razor-thin tummy, scrabbling in the hollows of her hipbones, gliding up and down her sides and gently kneading her abs while she howled and bucked in the restraints.

We left her boyfriend to it and filed out. Others were arriving by this point, including a Scottish woman who went straight into a cell to be worked over by one of the guys, and a friendly couple in their mid-twenties who seemed to be established regulars. I was doing my best to mingle when someone called my name. I had ed up for a session with one of the house dommes in advance. However, now that the time had come, I was bricking it. I trudged upstairs like a condemned man. Let it be Lara. I approached the black door with the tiny, red-tinted square window, took a breath and pushed it open.

The walls, floor Navel tickling stories ceiling of the tiny room were a uniform matte black. An unadorned, dim light bulb swung above a horizontal, thickly-padded black leather couch that was covered in heavy-duty straps. Fine by me. Kim began the lengthy process of strapping me in - four straps per limb, with my arms by my sides. Revenge was definitely on her mind.

I closed my eyes and waited, trying to steady my breathing. She stalked out of sight towards the lower end. I tested the restraints - I could wiggle my feet but my arms and legs were totally immobile. God help me, this was ridiculous. It felt amazing and I wanted to just give myself over to it, but I was very conscious of the people in the ading room - they may have been wondering how the newbie would stand up to the infamous Kim. She spent a long time down there - she was an unapologetic foot maniac, and definitely enjoyed herself although she said very little.

I still have no idea what was being used but I felt bristles and feathers under my toes, scratchy implements against my soles and at one point something motorised that was probably an electric toothbrush - and the smallest motion was amplified exponentially by the response from my nerve endings.

Although I had four tight straps on each arm pinning me in place, my torso was completely uncovered and when both of her hands started to squeeze my sides and knead my lower belly, I just lost it. I closed my eyes and nodded, gasping. The last thing I wanted was for her to stop and she knew it, but had checked just in case. Now she had carte blanche to go as wild as she pleased until the safeword came out. Without warning, a fingernail raked downwards against the bottom of my navel and a panicked yelp escaped my lips. She sounded very, very smug.

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Doubtless she was thinking of my earlier crimes with the flosser. I said nothing, too busy trying to catch my breath. I was dimly aware of Kim Navel tickling stories inside her bag of tricks before feeling something tiny and fuzzy slowly twirling around in the same spot. At one point muffled voices drifted in from the group play room. I turned my head to the Navel tickling stories to see two indistinct faces peering in through the tiny pane of red glass.

I was mortified beyond belief. To my horror, someone actually began to open the cell door…. She dropped the fiendish Q-tips, sprang to the door and thundered it shut before anyone could take a good look inside. I swear I heard the clumsy thud of a body hitting the floor outside. Blazing with fury, the pint-sized terror strode back across to a position right above my head and launched a furious, full-on assault on my chest with her scrabbling fingers.

This probably shocked me more than anything else. It was intense and totally relentless. I strained upwards against my bonds with every bit of strength that I had, but Kim would regularly punctuate the chest tickling with devastating attacks to my belly, making me crash backwards again as my abdominal muscles turned to jelly at her touch. She silently walked towards my legs and began to untie them, while I closed my eyes, gratefully sucked in air and tried to slow my heart rate down.

I actually felt giddy and physically light, like I was floating. I thanked her, hopefully without embarrassing myself, got dressed quickly and went to wash myself up a bit. Unfortunately I was going to have to leave soon as I had an evening commitment a long way away, but there was still one more very brief session to be enjoyed. Only if you feel like it, of course. Jen another fictitious name grinned, slipped off her shoes, hopped up on the apparatus and stretched out while her partner strapped her in. She was very tall with long red hair and her feet dangled over the edge, while her raised arms had pulled the hem of her top above a flat but soft stomach.

Well, not quite - Kim was having a great time obliterating a guy who was hanging from the ceiling but I did my best to ignore them. I turned to Jen. What an angel. Marry me. Thus encouraged, I began to slowly wiggle my fingers along her sides, gradually making my way in across her pale tummy.

She hardly struggled at all, surrendering herself to the sensations. After about ten minutes I sadly had to leave, but I was very grateful to her and her boyfriend for allowing me that brief spell. Largely, the experience had been very positive. Happy to talk about any of it over messages though.

I see you. And by that I mean ALL of you.

Navel tickling stories

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