No nut november stories

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Last year I decided to do No Nut November. It was going to take a lot of willpower, but I was sure I could do it, so on October 31st I started to prepare. I stockpiled graham crackers, blocked porn sites, and got ready for a month of hands-free celibacy. Since my roommate was out at a Halloween party I was alone in my dorm room and decided that the best way to end October and launch myself into November was to have the fap of the century. One of my top fetishes is watching myself fap, so I usually just stand in front of a mirror.

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I was getting ready to do just that, when I had a better idea. I got my camera, set it up on a tripod, and recorded myself as I fapped my heart out in front of the mirror. Next, I watched this video and fapped to that while recording myself.

I then repeated the process with this video, and on and on, etc. Each video was more arousing than the last, but I had less to give each time, so it evened out to a magnificently long fap session that was enjoyable to the end. Somewhere around midnight, and approximately 20 layers deep into my fapception, I passed out in a pool of sweat, caffeine, and jizz, and when I woke up November had started.

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The next month was a tough one, but between my willpower, support from Reddit, and privacy-free Thanksgiving break with my traditional conservative family, I managed to stay fap-free for the entire month. Then came December 1st.

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On the night of November 30th, No nut november stories roommate was out at a Christmas party, and I was in my dorm alone. I was sitting around doing nothing, when I looked at my phone and realized that it was midnight, and technically December. My pants were instantly unzipped, and just as I was about to start my celebratory success fap, I remembered the video. I'd been slowly descending into a fap-coma when I filmed the last few layers so I wasn't quite sure what to expect, but when I turned it on, it was the most intensely erotic thing I had ever seen, and I came on the first stroke.

An incredible jizz blast of incomprehensible velocity impacted directly into the middle of my screen and left collateral splatters all over my desk. It was the most awe-inspiring thing I have ever experienced. Just as that wave of ecstasy finally broke, my screen flickered and went dark.

I tried to turn it on, to no avail; the jizz had seeped through the keyboard and shorted out the electronics. Now I face a dilemma. I can either ship my computer off to a discrete repair facility to have it fixed for hundreds of dollars, or I can take it to the student-run free computer repair service where I will have to exhibit both the of my mishap, and the incriminating video that will show up as soon as the screen is turned back on.

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I have no idea what to do. It's been sitting on my desk for over a month now.

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I don't know how long I can keep going to the library to work. Found the internet! No Nut November story. Posted by 3 years ago.

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No nut november stories

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