Nudist resort sex stories

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for Free! A Day at the Nudist Resort "What starts out a relaxing day in the sun turns into much more! Score 4. Published 6 years ago. My wife, Dany, and I had been relaxing by the pool at our favorite nudist resort when she walked up. She did two things that were very strange. First, she pushed her lounge chair over to where it was touching mine.

Then she sat facing me instead of facing the pool! Okay, she had my attention. This beautiful nude woman with an all over golden tan and honey brown hair was sitting right next to me and facing me. Her knees were pulled up against her chest so I couldn't see her breasts or pussy.

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Was she being coy? She told me that her name was Leilani and we made small talk for a while.

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As she talked, she Nudist resort sex stories lowered her legs. In a few minutes I could see her breasts. They were quite large with large puffy nipples. As her legs came down, she spread them apart. I could now see the sweet shaved lips of her pussy. I could feel my cock slowly growing into an erection, like a snake sliding down my leg. There was nothing I could do to stop it. Leilani's husband Jim then came and did the same thing with his lounge chair next to Dany. Their chairs were so close that his cock was only a couple feet from Dany's pussy.

As he talked to her, he was drinking in the sight of Dany's beautiful nude body. Dany also has a shaved pussy and her legs were spread so that Jim could see everything. She started flirting with Jim, so I knew that she liked him. There are two kinds of nudists.

The naturalists, who are very strongly opposed to public sexual acts, and the swingers, who aren't. Jim and Leilani were obviously swingers. My wife and I started as naturalists, but at nudist clubs there are many opportunities for "spontaneous sexual acts. The first rule of swinging is to always let the women make the first move. Leilani had made her move, now it was up to Dany to follow suit.

I was very happy to see Dany slide her hand along Jim's inner thigh and then start stroking his balls. Now Jim and I both had rock hard erections. This was inappropriate, even for the most liberal nudist club. So Dany took Jim's hand and led him to our room. Leilani and I followed. Leilani lay back on our king sized bed and I lay on top of her kissing her. The kisses were deep and passionate as I pressed against her hot nude body.

Jim and Dany were on the bed next to us doing the same thing. I worked my way down and kissed those big beautiful nipples which were now hard. I went down her belly and then finally got my mouth on that pussy I was so hungry for.

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I love licking the smooth lips of a shaved pussy. It's amazing, and Leilani tasted unbelievable. It wasn't long at all before I could tell that Leilani wanted to cum. So I licked her clit steady and fast and she started writhing with her first orgasm.

Jim was now sitting at the edge of the bed and Dany was giving him one of her amazing blow jobs. I stopped for a minute and watched. I love to see my beautiful wife suck another man's cock. Leilani maneuvered me on to my back and she came on top and slid my cock into her. She felt so incredibly good! It's amazing how different another woman's pussy can feel.

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She thrust hard up and down on my cock until a second wave of orgasm went through her. Then Leilani moved to a sixty-nine position with her on top and I gladly had my tongue on her pussy again.

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Now I was the one who needed to cum. I don't usually want to cum in a woman's mouth, but they way she was sucking felt so incredibly good and I was aching to cum in her mouth. I wanted to warn her though, so I called out that I was cumming, but she kept me in her mouth and as my semen came flooding out she swallowed my entire load.

Dany was now on her back with her hips at the edge of the bed and Jim was standing on the floor fucking her hard. We could hear his wet, meaty balls slapping against her each time he thrust in. Dany really likes to have her nipples stimulated when she cums, so I started sucking on one of her tender pink nipples.

To my surprise, Leilani took the other one in her mouth. Dany was now in ecstasy.

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We could feel the powerful orgasm go through her body. As soon as Dany started to cum, Jim blasted his hot semen into her. After he came, the girls wanted to go right back to the swimming pool again! So with Jim's semen dripping down Dany's thigh and my cock shiny with Leilani's saliva, the four of us left the room and jumped into the cool water of the swimming pool.

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Group Sex nudist resort swinging.

Nudist resort sex stories

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