Nylon slip stories

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This is a little embarrassing. No, it's a LOT embarrassing. I have this fetish for ladies slips. For as long as I can remember, I absolutely loved seeing my mom in her slip before she pulled on her dress. Somehow, it seemed the nicest thing she could wear. I got to see that a lot when I was very young. Mom had a job that required her to wear dresses to work and I loved to be in her room as she got dressed for work.

I loved to touch her through her slip, too. The silky fabric felt wonderful on my face and my hands. I'd just move my hands over her pretty slip for as long as she'd let me and then she would finish getting dressed and go to her job, leaving me in the care of our babysitter. When she got home, she would take her work clothes off and I'd always pick up her pretty slip, warm from her body heat and hold it to my face to feel how silky it was.

I also enjoyed the smell Nylon slip stories my mom in the fabric. It was very comforting at the time. Later, in my early teens, mom got a different job where she could wear jeans and tee shirts and, besides, I was getting too old to be in her room as she got dressed anyway.

When she and dad got dressed up to go out, I might get a little thrill out of seeing her in her bra, slip and hosiery before they rushed Nylon slip stories for their date, but the idea of running my hand over that lovely thing was way out the window by then and I knew enough not to try it.

It's just that as I passed through puberty, I found out how to masturbate.

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One of my friends mentioned smelling dirty panties which I thought was pretty gross. As it happened, though, I was in mom's bedroom looking for something else one night when she and dad were gone and I saw her laundry basket with a pair of her panties on top. I got curious and just picked them up.

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They were nylon and silky like the slips I'd loved and, remembering what my friend told me, I took a little sniff. I had an instant hardon and I needed to take care of it right then. It wasn't a problem as my sister was out with some of her friends, but I took mom's panties into my bedroom, locked the door, and I laid them on my pillow and took my clothes off. I laid down and caught a whiff of mom's panties, making my hard cock throb. I felt them on my cheeks and loved the silky sensation.

I also tried rubbing my hard cock with them and almost shot off right there. The sensation of those silky panties over my cock was spectacular. I'd never felt anything so nice. I knew I'd be doing this again.

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I tried to make the sensations last as long as I could, but in pretty short order, I shot a nice big load of semen up to my face, on my chest and abdomen and into mom's panties. It was one of the best orgasms I'd ever had, but as I came down from the high I felt, I began to panic. I was sure I'd be discovered and I ran around for almost an hour before I decided what to do. In short, I collected everybody's clothing from around the house and did the washing.

Especially mom's panties. Of course, I did take a moment to have another sniff or three of them before I threw them in the washing machine. I'd finished up folding and hanging the clean clothing when mom and dad got home. I just explained I was bored and had to do something or go crazy. Mom thanked me after making sure I washed whites and colors separately. She looked at dad's shirts and smiled, saying she'd have to teach me how to iron, too.

In time, I dared to try on mom's dirty panties after I sniffed them and they felt so nice on my hard penis. I'm not sure what prompted the next thing, but I found not only her panties in the laundry basket, but a pretty half slip, too. I'd already pulled her panties on and had a very nice erection going. After I picked up her slip, I got the idea of rubbing it over my erection in her panties. I was amazed at how slippery it felt. It didn't take me long to decide to try on her slip over her panties and that was amazing. I was a virgin still, but I was sure it was how Nylon slip stories must feel to have my penis inside a girl's vagina.

I laid down on top of my bed, just humping back and forth, loving the new sensation until I exploded in mom's lingerie. I kept up with doing the laundry until a day when I just had to masturbate but was running very late. I got off, soaking the front of mom's panties and slip but I just didn't have time to clean up after myself. I hid them in my room and just didn't have the privacy to wash them until the weekend, four days later.

Looking in Nylon slip stories hiding place, I panicked. I couldn't find the lingerie and I was so scared about being found out. I'm sure mom noticed my agitation. My sister sure did, asking what the hell was wrong with me. Naturally, I couldn't quite confess to my family what I'd been doing with mom's underwear.

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Later that evening, mom called me into her room for a moment. The slip and panties were laid out on her bed next to her and they looked pretty crusty. Mom was much more understanding about it than I'd ever thought she'd be. After we talked about it for a while Nylon slip stories I cried my eyes out, she had me sit next to her and cuddled me for a while, drying my eyes with her hanky. She'd had some chats with our family doctor about it and he reassured her it wasn't likely I was gay I'm notjust a kind of fetish and pretty harmless, really. She decided the best thing was to indulge it and keep me safe.

She didn't share this with my dad who wouldn't have understood at all, but she made me promise to launder and fold and put away anything I borrowed from her. She made a special drawer to hold the things she didn't want me to wear, but said I could try on anything else I liked as long as I kept it private. With her blessings and understanding I wore almost everything she had one time or another.

I stopped wearing mom's things when I moved away for college, but she made sure I had a "special" locked suitcase to take with me in addition to my regular things. It was the best stress reliever ever. Oh, she sent me care packages at times and always had at least one or two "private" gifts for me at my birthday or Christmas. She still finds things for me and I'm in my 30's now. You must be logged in to post wall comments or like a story.

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Nylon slip stories

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