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The acrid smoke from the forest fires hung in the air just above the treetops.

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The dark haze blocked the sun and dipped down into the roadway as I drove to the cottage. The fires were still distant but I needed to check my place and prepare in the even Tell Sir to fuck him good, Miss. Time to hit the dancefloor, hit the dancefloor. Hotel suite—clean, well-appointed. Two days after my mother's funeral, I got a call from a local that wasn't in my contacts.

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Helen Lenoir? Who's asking?

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Clearing his voic She was getting ready to leave somewhere, gracefully sliding down her long driveway. From over the fence, I had watched her lock the front door behind her, and fumble in her handbag. She'd found the orgies a disappointment. Not at first, of course, at first, she'd been overwhelmed by the debauchery on display before her heet-clad eyes.

Certainly, they were everything that the message boards and pop-up adverts had promised. A pit I was born somewhere in Europe around a hundred years before Jesus Christ. I was told my mother died in chi Not to a business event. A slinky black slip dress with a plunging neckline and side boob? Her 34Cs just hanging out there on display?

A Vegas club? The frat date party it was pur Believe me, there was much more than that. The latest Brooke's hook-up with English businessman Gavin McClain has led to a harsh but thrilling seduction back in his hotel suite. Now two swats into a 21st birthday spanking, with the promise of hard penetration on the other side, her celebration is abou Birthday-girl Brooke accepts a dare to hit on the suave English businessman she and her friends encounter at a New York club.

But when Gavin - the gentleman in question - invites her back to his suite at the New York Plaza hotel, Older guy erotic stories wonders if she It's so good! He had her hands pinned against the wall of the tennis club changing rooms. Her short tennis skirt hitched up above her waist as he thrust into her from behind.

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Smita's Smitten Boy-Bitch Ben becomes the boy-bitch he was born to be. The Nun Marie is a young nun who has a one in her lifetime experience. Woulda, Shoulda, Coulda A young intern makes bad choices. Pretty as a Picture An ageing rock star tries to recapture the past.

Twenty-One - Part 3 of 3 Brooke grows up on her 21st birthday - with help from her bastard lover Gavin.

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Twenty-One - Part 2 of 3 Birthday-girl Brooke discovers what kind of man she's been tangling with. Amy's Tennis Coach Amy's teasing finally gets the better of her tennis coach.

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