Older sister incest stories

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Jenny and I have been best friends for as long as I remember. As kids, we were forced to be as we lived too far from any neighbours out in the country. You see, mom and dad seemed to be two loners who stayed away from people for some reason.

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We had a house out in the country with plenty of land to surround it. Jenny was a year older than me, but since she had no one to play with, we became playmates from the day that I was born. Whenever we went in town shopping with mom people though we were twins as I was generally larger than Jenny for my age and that made me her almost exact size until she hit puberty and had a major growth spurt.

It took me a couple of years to catch up to her height and surpass her after my own puberty. While we were young we were home schooled, which increased our dependence on each other and closeness. Like every other human, during puberty Jenny changed quite a bit. Her cuteness turned into a womanly beauty. The baby fat disappeared, and magically moved into different places to give her very soft female curves. A lot of that fat seemed to move to her tits specifically. By fifteen she had way more than handfuls. Guys started asking Jenny out, but unfortunately for her, mom restricted her dating.

Read story. Jessica tried not to look her age, though her friends assured her nobody would be suspicious. Her ID showed nineteen, but she was three years younger. Everybody else in their group was really at least eighteen.

She was determined to see Monica Raven in concert and nothing was going to stop her. Cindy said it was usually a college crowd. Lexie passed Older sister incest stories a drink and Jessica looked at it hesitantly. She looked around in wonder at this forbidden world. The atmosphere was like a sexual war zone. Read Story.

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I guess I would consider myself to be a normal, average guy. You know, standard stuff. It was due to seeing Laney around me all the time while my hormones kicked into high gear after I turned thirteen. I mean really, put a confused-by-hormones teen in the same house as a hot fifteen-year-old sex bomb and you have a pervert in the making on your hands. See Laney was hot. As hot as they get. The long black hair, the large and oh so perky teen tits, the round bubble butt with amazingly wide hips.

You name it, and Laney had it in spades. Chris was beside himself with fear when he found out his little sister was pregnant with her boyfriend's baby. That is, at first he was. He then grew quite angry when he realized that meant Laura, just fifteen and one year younger, had been having sex before he did. Laura was well into her second trimester and her petite little frame was obviously showing the baby she carried inside, something she wanted to keep from their parents.

Baggy sweaters simply wouldn't do anymore to hide her swelling belly, she now had to avoid Mom and Dad altogether, so she went to her brother for help. After screaming at one another, and quite loudly too with their parents out, Laura crying and begging, Chris threatening to tell over his anger, he finally agreed to keep her secret, but for a price.

And that price was a dear one. First problem I knew that her computer, which was mine before I bought Older sister incest stories new one last year, didn't have a spare USB port. It took awhile to sort it all out but as I was making the finial connections I had a brain wave.

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If I plugged an extension cable into one of those and drilled a small hole to my room next door I could plug her Cam into my computer. The very thought of seeing into her room gave me a hard on. Now my sister isn't the prettiest girl about, no that Clare Wriggly down the road with her pretty face and big tits; but saying that she isn't that bad either. True her tits are small and her legs are skinny but I'm sure, give her a few years and she be fine. I booted up the software and used a dial up connection to get things running.

I left her waving and talking to her friend from school. Next door in my room, I booted up my more powerful computer and there on my monitor was the output from her Web Cam. Ok at the moment she was just talking garbage to her school friend but later, oh yes later we would see something. Incest Stories Site Incest Stories for everybody.

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Joseph and Jessica by Taffy Jourden Jessica tried not to look her age, though her friends assured her nobody would be suspicious. Indeed, it was blue, and had two olives in it. Laura's Secret by Robert Chris was beside himself with fear when he found out his little sister was pregnant with her boyfriend's baby.

Older sister incest stories

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