Older sister sex story

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Me and my sister has only two years gap. When I my sister was in class 8 when she had a friend. They used to share everything. One day her friend came to our home to spend a night. Till that time time I didnt have negative thinking about then. My sister and me had same bedroom. Then that day after dinner we went to sleep. I fell asleep and I slept but I got awake when I heard that night. For the first time I saw them wastching porn. I watched them secretly.

My sisters friend told me that they can fuck me but my sisters denied as I was only 12 years boy. But her friend convienced her and she was ready and they came to my bed. I acted as if i was in deep sleep.

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Then they started to masturbate my dick. I haad never masturbated so it felt very new to me. As day passed my sister mastubated daily when I slept and I also noticeed that my dick has increased abit than before.

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So to make my sister work easier I masturbated myself when I was alone. Day passed and when I was 13 my sister friend again came to my home then after dinner I was ready and acted as I was asleep. Then they started watching porn and came to my bed and opened my pant. After that my sisters friend was happy t see my big dick that could satisfy them. And immediately she took in her mouth and started sucking. I was feeling a heaven and after that she opened her pant ans sat on my dick and satrted doing up and down and after some time my sister also cme to me doing same thing.

This happened till I was in Grade 9 then I also wanted to enjoy them so one night when I my sister Older sister sex story I went to her bed started pressing her boobs outside the t-shirt and after some time I pressed it from inside and opened her pant and started to insert my dick. She acted as if she was asleep but she was enjoying I think so after some time I was about to cum so pulled my dick outside and cummed in her mouth.

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The day was passing fucking her then one day siters friend came to our home then she called me in alone said that I was fucking my sister in night. THen she told me to stop and I also told them they did to me. She was shocked and left. And I started to press her boobs and throwed in my bed tore her clothes and pulled her hair and smashed her ass.

Then I asked her to suck my cock. Home Incest stories Elder sister. Spread the love. s: 1 2.

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Older sister sex story

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