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Luffy did not know what to think when he saw what was on the bed, he was shocked, confused and afraid all at the same time. There she was, sitting on the bed with her lega crossed, his new master only in her laced panty with her glorious DD cups that seemed, Luffy did not pay any attention to her looks the entire time but he had to admit she was beautiful, with her long silver hair and her mischievous red eyes and that devilish smile. As Luffy approached he saw that her legs seemed to go on and on, her waist was so slim he could probably circle his fingers in it, Luffy had never seen a sight more beautiful, but he kept his calm, afterall this maybe a trap.

Luffy was only thirteen years old but he was well developed, he was also tall for his age, and he already has a defined body, she thought he would have been malnourished under his rags but clearly he was fed to be a battle slave, even his cock was that of a man, with it being six inches while flaccid.

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Of course that only apply to men, but who says it can't apply to us women as well? Her lips was so soft, and she tasted sweet, Luffy could not exactly put how it tasted but he was sure it was a fruit. The kiss only lasted only for ten seconds before Irisviel pulled out, with a big pout on her. Am I not pretty enough for you? The kiss lasted for a few minutes until they both had to take a One piece sex stories, Luffy also finally got to full mast at 9 inches with his girth in 2 inches, earning a gasp from Irisviel.

This awoke something primal in Luffy, he remembered how the slave traders took him and the others around his cell, its his only referrence so it was what he did. He picked up Irisviel and threw her on the bed, he then climbed and proceeded to spread her legs wide earning a gasp from Irisviel, she never would have thought that Luffy would be so rough. Then without any warning he inserted his member to her snatch, making Irisviel scream, in both pain and pleasure as she thanked her snatch for being a bit wet when they kissed.

Luffy then proceeded to pound the heck out of his master, whilst also being careful not to break her hips like so many of his fellow slaves in the brig. All night long Luffy pounded Irisviel in every position he knew from first hand experience and from what he saw the slavers did, he even forced his member down Irisviel's throat at one point, and when he was getting tired and his master was noticeably getting weaker he then forced his way on to her ass, which promptly woke up Irisviel's desires again.

Luffy came eight times that night as he filled all of Irisviel's holes, he was so out of his mind that he released all his rage on to her. Luffy woke up even before sunrise, it was a habit for him, even when he was stuck in the brig of a ship, it always felt like he knew when sunrise was approaching.

To his surprised he actually felt well rested, it was the first time he had a goodnights sleep, he tried to get out of the bed but he felt something weighing down on him, then he looked down and she was his new master snuggling him. He started to get nervous, had he fallen in to a trap? He just fucked her owner, this has to be a trap, and judging by the blood stains on the bed it was either she was on her period or she was a virgin, Luffy's heart started tl beat rapidly, he did not know what to do, he wanted to get out of One piece sex stories but his master actually woke up.

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He was afraid, really afraid, not for him but for the girls, Luffy mounted Irisviel like how he saw the slave traders mounted him and the sex slaves aboard the ship he was in, he mounted her fast and hard. Luffy knew from experience that it was not pleasant to be mounted like that, he heard stories from older sex slaves that sex was supposed to be amazing if done right, and he knew that what he did with Irisviel was not how it was supposed to be, he knew that Irisviel had One piece sex stories loud last night, but he just kept going and just focused on his own pleasure.

He just laid there like a board as his master slept for hours, he tried his best to control his nervousness and fear, this was the most scarred he had been since he became a slave, not for his own but for the girls. When Luffy got to the corridor he noticed that it was already mid day, he looked out side and he saw guards drilling and maids running about, then he noticed that his friends were outside with the woman that brought him to Irisviel last night.

When he approached Erma immediately had a cautious look in her eyes, it was clear she did not trust him around their master. When the girls left Luffy and Erma stared at each other, it lasted only a few seconds but it conveyed everything to the both of them. Erma led Luffy to what seemed to be a small arena where dozens of men were gathered, Luffy then saw an incredibly tall man shouting orders to the guards he looked really fearsome with all the scars on his face.

When they arrived infront of the man Luffy also noticed that he had a limp from his right leg, he was wearing black leather jeans and spiky boots with his upper body exposed revealing all his scars. Very well Erma, leave him here I'll whip him up to shape" Tallan said as he walked towards his underlings.

Pretty soon Luffy saw the men gathering around him forming a circle, with a few calling him names and other derogatory things. Let him have it boys, anything is fine just don't kill each other" he said as he stared down Luffy, which he returned in kind. Within moments Luffy was surrounded by five men all carrying different weapons, spear, sword, mace, lance and a hammer, they began circling him as if testing if he would attack first. And they were right, Luffy did attack first, he aimed at the guy weilding the hammer, thinking that he was the slowest.

Luffy kicked and clawed the guy but he actually matched him albeit he was struglling to, Luffy with wild his wildness was surprising to the others, never had they seen someone have so much raw fighting ability. When the hammer guy was about to fall the spear and mace came to his rescue, Luffy to his credit recovered and faced the spear guy, Luffy never changed his form, always on the offensive while evading all the blows he can evade.

This continued for half an hour, Luffy was still doing everything he can wildly fighting but he was wheezing and gasping for air, and when he dropped down Tallan finally called for a stop, and ordered Luffy to One piece sex stories carried to the infirmary. He was full of cuts and bruises when he was inspected but none was serious, this impressed all the guards and even made Tallan nod in approval, he started formulating a plan on how he would train Luffy, he may even teach him armament and observation haki depending on how he improved.

Its also worth noting that Tallan was a former champion in the Arena for three straight years before he got injured permanently, and he saw a lot of potential on the young Luffy. The same as Luffy, Tallan is also a battle slave, owned by Irisviel's father and has been training guards for their family ever since. Unlike most of the celestial dragons Irisviel's family treated their slaves somewhat nicely, but you have to be careful because once you outlive your use you could be discarded like some used tissue.

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Tallan had old comrades who outlived their use and was put to the stake, some were even sold back to the auction house or worse for sex slaves instead of being made to please Irisviel's father they were made to please the guards. Luffy stood infront of the weapons rack starring at the weapons for a good 5 minutes before picking up a pair of brass knuckles, it was a bit too big for him but he figured he'd grow on to it. So you want to be a brawler, I can respect that, but you might want to learn something else you are already proficient with your fist" Tallan insisted, Luffy thought for a while before returning to One piece sex stories rack and picked up a katana, but not before pocketing the knuckles.

His form was bad, he's practically using the sword as a club with the way he was attacking, but Tallon was patient, he knew Luffy was a diamond on the rough. After his training Luffy immediately dashed towards his room with the girls, he was actually pretty pleased with how things turned our, he could protect the girls and he could get stronger.

When he entered the room a bright smile actually went to his face, the girls were just about to go to sleep and were wearing new pyjamas. You guys have seen me naked everyday for One piece sex stories and now you get shy? Anyway how was your day? They did this last night and the girls felt safe when they held Luffy so when he was asked by Irisviel they actually felt empty, Luffy and the girls spent months together in the brig and yet it was actually the first time they touched each other.

Just when the girls fell asleep, and Luffy was about to the door to their room once again openned, thankfully the girls did not wake up this time, what Luffy saw was Erma still as cold as ever. FanFiction unleash your imagination.

Story Story Writer Forum Community. A bored God decided to completely change One Piece's story, and he did not hold back in exposing all the horrors of the world our protagonist live in. See how a new Luffy fight for his family's freedom in a world of horrors.

Blood and gore and all the other stuff in between. Irisviel reached out to his dick and started to stroke it, making Luffy's eyes widen. This continued for half an hour, Luffy was still doing everything he can wildly fighting but he was wheezing and gasping for air, and when he dropped down Tallan finally called for a stop, and ordered Luffy to be carried to the infirmary He was full of cuts and bruises when he was inspected but none was serious, this impressed all the guards and even made Tallan nod in approval, he started formulating a plan on how he would train Luffy, he may even teach him armament and observation haki depending on how he improved.

They kept at it for an hour before Luffy was once again panting, Tallon was not even sweating. Borred 2. Control 3. The author would like to thank you for your continued support. Your review has been posted.

One piece sex stories

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