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Note: You can change font size, font face, and turn on dark mode by clicking the "A" icon tab in the Story Info Box. Please consider leaving feedback on issues you experience or suggest improvements. My wife and I recently took a trip to French St. Martin, for about a week.

While we had a fantastic time, the second day there I had the misfortune of dislocating my right shoulder. I had quite an adventure in the Marigot hospital there for the better part of a day as my shoulder was put back in place. Though painful, I didn't want to let this stop the plans we had already set in place. One of our days there, my wife, Susan and I traveled over to Orient Beach. We rented an umbrella Orient beach stories chairs for the afternoon.

I was personally disappointed that most women on the beach were not topless. While I was thankful to see several sets of tits on display, I was expected Orient beach stories much more. Susan and I spent a few hours lounging in the chairs and having a drink or two.

We walked up and down the beach a little as well. Susan is not the type who is brave enough to go topless amidst a group of strangers that are wearing bathing suits. Orient beach stories had read that further up the beach was the "clothing optional" part of the beach, and with some encouragement, Susan agreed to go check it out with me. Although we had our suits on, it made more sense to walk up around by the shack and make our way over to the Club Orient beach that way.

We immediately were met with the that references further lies the nude beach and that cameras were not allowed. It kind of hit us what lied ahead, and we could see several people on the beach, though a little too far to know if they were clothed or not. We took heart and stepped over the fence and onto the Club Orient property and walked over to the beach. As we made our way up the beach, there were several nude men either walking or lounging. Most were tan with pretty sparse body hair.

We continued until we reached a main area there — the bar. There were several nude men and a few nude women there as well, standing in line talking and getting their drinks. Again, all seemed pretty tan, and mostly shaved in various places.

I was just happy to be able to take a glimpse of several nude women with large tits and shaved or trimmed pussies. Susan was pretty quiet and had her hat over her eyes most of the time we were walking. We passed through the bar and sat down in lounge chairs about 15 feet from the bar, facing other lounge chairs ours were facing the ocean and the sun. She responded, "Uh, no, I don't think so. This is all a little overwhelming. I don't know that getting naked in front of a bunch of strangers is something I'm ready to do. I said, "That's OK baby, whatever works best for you.

I think I'm going to take a stab at it though. Can you help me with my suit? Given the fact that my right arm was pretty useless, I had to have Susan help untie and pull down my board shorts. Thankful I wasn't really that hard, so my fears of popping a woodie in front of these nudists wasn't realized. I asked Susan to cover me with some sunscreen in my newly revealed areas.

She worked some SPF 50 along my butt, and then when I turned, she rubbed it into my pubic hair, then grabbed my penis and balls and rubbed it into them as well. Now just so you don't think I'm dead, having my beautiful wife yank on my cock and rub my balls definitely put me at half mast! I don't think this attention went unnoticed either, as I looked at the bar and a few of the Orient beach stories were watching the display.

I'm sure they envied Susan's attentions. After I was well protected, I kissed Susan goodbye, told her to relax and have a good time and started further up the beach. I have to say that walking on the beach feeling the sun and the wind on your cock is a fantastic feeling. I was loving letting it all hang out being dressed only in my hat, my sunglasses and my sling I would have been happier without that. I was looking all over checking out all the women, assessing their breasts, nipples, and if I could see them, their pussies.

Most women had their legs closed together, but every once and a while I'd get a glimpse of their gusset, or at least a small patch of hair or landing strip. Some women did wear their bottom suit, and then a few had both tops and bottoms on, especially if they were walking along the beach. Because of the fact my arm and chest were wrapped, I stood out and am sure that every woman there was at least surveying my body, and hopefully checking me out. I was certainly in heaven! After walking about 5 minutes, three young women were approaching me on the beach. They all had bikinis on and were walking back towards the non-nudist area.

As I got close, one of them said. I responded that I had dislocated my shoulder body surfing while here on vacation. All three ladies had stopped and were looking at me while we were chatting. I believe they were probably all sisters, maybe aged 22, 20 and 18 years old at most if I had to guess.

The oldest did most of the talking with me, but I responded back to all three of them.

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They asked the events of the accident, and what happened next. As I was giving them the details of my time at the Marigot hospital, I was also giving them eye contact or trying to through my sunglasses. I noticed that the youngest of the three kept looking down at my cock instead of my eyes. It seemed pretty surprising and almost blatant.

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Surely even at this nude beach she's seen several cocks before, but maybe not this close? I thought I'd have some fun and see what happened. As I was talking with the older girl, I decided I'd flex my cock a few times and bounce it a bit to see what the younger girl would do. She was definitely staring at my cock because when I did that and my cock was "bobbing" a little, her eyes got pretty huge and she got nervous and started shifting her weight onto her other leg. At this point my cock was almost sticking straight out, though by no means erect. I chatted with these ladies for about minutes total and then the oldest said that they had to leave.

The second oldest reached out her hand to shake mine, but it's my right hand that's in the sling, so I said to her. Since we're in French territory, this may be better. I did the same to the youngest, and then followed suit to the oldest. As I moved in to kiss her cheeks, I felt her right hand palm my cock and my balls. I don't know if this was intentional or not, as she didn't react Orient beach stories in any way. But I certainly wasn't complaining.

I continued up the beach, noticing that now my cock is pointing straight out with a slight curve to it thanks to those ladies. I hoped it wouldn't be an issue or make me seen as some pervert. After a few minutes I hit the end of the beach, turned around and started my way back. My semi-erection had dissipated a bit and I was still gawking at any nude woman I could see through my sunglasses.

I traveled the whole beach back to where we were sitting, and as I came closer I couldn't believe what I saw. Susan was reclining with no top or bottom on at all. Apparently she had gotten enough courage to remove her suit completely and was soaking up the rays across her lotioned body.

Additionally, there were two men nude of course who were talking to her. I'm not surprised she attracted their attention probably from the baras Susan is really beautiful, with mid-length light auburn hair, about 36C boobs, and she was sporting a full, dark auburn red bush. Given that most of the women I had seen shaved most or all of their pussy hair, perhaps Susan got some extra attention from having a very healthy bush.

Either one of the guys had brought Susan a drink or she got one herself, but she was having a drink with these two guys. One was sitting in the lounge chair across from Susan and the other was on her left, standing close to her lounge chair.

She seemed to be in pretty chatty conversation with them so I just sat down on a lounger away from the scene, observing. Susan was reclining, with her legs on the lounger, together, one arm above her head she had just shaved her armpits to my dismay before the tripand the other holding her fruity drink. She would speak to one of the two guys Orient beach stories then the other.

Of course with the guy standing next to her, his cock was pretty much right at eye level for her when she would talk to him. She had on her sunglasses too, so who really knows what she was looking at? The guy standing on her left was a little on the short side, but had a pretty long flaccid cock. I couldn't make out the other guy across from her. Susan is a bit Orient beach stories a light weight when it comes to alcohol, so when the standing guy went away and came back with a second drink for her, I was a little surprised she took it.

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I couldn't make out their conversation, but she seemed pretty comfortable and even a bit flirty with them. She then reapplied her sunscreen to her front, making sure she spent some time lathering up her tits right in front of them.

She must have been feeling the effects of the alcohol which makes her horny because her nipples were probably standing out about a half inch long — no lie! After another minutes of chatting, she got up and headed down to the ocean with the smaller of the two guys, who had been standing up.

The other guy left and headed over to the bar area. She and the smaller guy were still talking and walking into the ocean about waist deep.

Orient beach stories

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Orient Beach Adventure