Pantsed girl stories

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Ellie15 wanna hear my story as well? The only opinion from girls was selected the Most Helpful Opinion, but you can still contribute by sharing an opinion!

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TheCloud2 Explorer. It doesn't matter if happened to you or to someone and you were just around, just tell the story. Share Facebook. Who has a good pantsing story to share? Add Opinion. RJGraveyTrain Master. I was a kid in grade school and there was this girl bully who tried to fuck with me all of the time.

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She followed me out of the bathroom and attempted to yank my pants down. But, the thing was, was that as I was really thin, so my mother always tightly belted my pants, so when she tried to pants me, they didn't go down. She got caught by the janitor who happened to be a family friend and he took her to the office and she was suspended.

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Justice was served that day. Ellie15 57 opinions shared on Other topic. Xper 4. Lucky enough for this to never happen to me. But a guy in my class got pantsed when he stood up to read his work. It was pretty funny, but everyone was on edge for the rest of the day cos nobody wanted to be pantsed too. When it happened to me, the underwear were also pulled down Show All Show Less.

Aww RIP! I feel so sorry, did anyone see? Would you like to pm me for the whole story? Haven't unlocked PM yet. In high school some guy pantsed a girl in the lunchroom. He accidentally took her underwear down too. Kindoflonelyguy Xper 5.

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Nearly lost my swim trunks while tubing. I was falling off the tube and someone tried to save me, but nearly took my trunks.

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Everyone saw it too. Ling-Ling Xper 4. My girlfriend notice my pants saggin and while at her house, infront of her family and friends, Pulled down my pants! Up Now! Sort Girls First Guys First. Related myTakes. Prominent Features: Ugly or Beautiful?

A few things I've changed my mind about.

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Pantsed girl stories

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