Panty girdle story

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I am a year-old male and I became addicted to girdles, corselettes and corsets after encountering them in my home, and in homes of my aunts, as a little boy in Ireland. Our maid, Mary, wasn't too pleased Panty girdle story occasionally reprimanded me - but still did not tell Mummy. Due to my addictive persistence, she astonishingly chose to accept it as long as I limited my girdle dressing to only one or two garments from her corsetry wardrobe.

This is the word she used to describe her girdles. I was brash and brazen enough to tough it out and made no reply. I was a bit chubby. I wanted to continue on this line of conversation and see if I could get her to buy me one - with my money - but someone else came into the conversation.

I found at the time this statement to be extremely erotic and I still recall it in that manner to this very day. I replay it over and over in my mind at least once every day. I think her statement was born out of the fact that one night I saw this girl who was about 14 at the time come out of our bathroom and pass me by in the corridor in a gorgeous diamond laced LLpanty-girdle, pantyhose and bra.

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She just smiled at me and I was all agog and trembling. I still have very fond memories of this vivid girdle incident. Soon after this she said again that I needed to be wearing a girdle because I was too fat. I couldn't believe my ears and asked her what do you mean, and she reiterated in all seriousness that I needed to wear a girdle. Then we were interrupted. I have always wondered if this was really because I saw this Mary in her fine expensive gloriously decorated panty-girdle.

I remember another special girdle episode from this time. One of our waitresses took a very bad tumble in the kitchen and her skirt and work smock rolled up her body. I had a full-on view of her lovely long-leg panty-girdle as far up as her tummy. This girl would have been about 18 and she wasn't badly hurt. I also p that her friend, our in-house maid, told her that I frequently borrowed from her corsetry drawer.

Mummy had girdles, but as a large lady she mostly went for very firm corselettes. Besides they were way too big for me. My Granny and two maternal aunts were definitely traditional corset wearers and I could easily gauge this from getting those lovely hugs. I do not know if they were encased in Spirellas or Spencers or just off-the-shelf type corsets like Symingtons, Twilfit or Liberty. They were like wearing armour-plating or something very like that.

This aunt did not give out hugs as she generally did not like children and she was very haughty, poised, polished, snobbish, domineering and cold. She wasn't a very big woman, but she had a very bad back and this and her rigid Spencers, always gave her the appearance of been extremely stiff, slow-moving and totally ramrod-straight.

By this stage I was extremely interested in corsetry and was wearing girdles when I could, however, I soon craved the greater restriction and complexity of traditional laced corsets. I remember passing the corset display windows in the local high street and trying to get a glimpse of those wonderful control garments, without attracting undue notice.

I remember my heart beating like it would burst and hyperventilating. Simultaneously, I was all a tremble and blushing profusely. The agonizing part as a boy was that I could never enter these sanctuaries. There were various strategies and methods of course to obscure male surveillance. However, sometimes the numerous styles of corsetry on the mannequins could be discerned Panty girdle story this distance, but not in great detail.

It was impossible to hear the earnest and protracted conversations that occurred between the clients and the exquisitely groomed sales ladies and professionally trained corsetieres who were still fairly prevalent at that time. At this age of about 11, Panty girdle story most fascinating thing to watch was a Mum bringing in a young adolescent daughter or daughters.

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It used to Panty girdle story me into a frenzy speculating what kind of girdles these young teen ladies were to be fitted into. I was so green with envy and rankling with frustration. Then there was the mail order catalogues like Oxendales I think that fueled more ferment and when discarded made their way into my scrap books.

Sadly, these were all discovered or captured by our live-in maid, Mary, or else Mum and I never saw them again I was never sure. In contrast, the porn pictures that occasionally passed around the boys school yard at my boarding school, held zero appeal for me. These images and my home encounters so much fired my imagination I so deeply envied girls and ladies that they had sole access to such intricately beautiful intimate and comforting garments.

Encounters Well anyway, one occasion I well recall is when my austere, Panty girdle story aunty came in visiting. She had a teenage daughter, Joanne, who was about nine years older than me. They were coming from shopping in town and aunty declared that Joanne had purchased new foundation garments. It so happened that Mummy had a visitor with her in the sitting room.

This lady, a Mrs. Bennet, was another type of prim and proper local school mistress and would have been aged about 40 at the time. Well, by some means it was established that Joanne was wearing one of her new girdles. Well lo and behold and completely oblivious to my presence, Mrs. Bennet summoned Joanne to check out her new foundation garment. I was and still am incredulous about what happened next.

With Joanne standing abreast of her, Mrs. Bennet reached under her pleated knee-length skirt and felt the legs bands and back panels of the girdle and then announced her supreme approval and satisfaction with the chosen garment. I was absolutely agog. I was fascinated and intrigued that a young teenage girl could be the recipient of such a personalized inspection. One day, aboutI emerged from the bathroom, and Mummy was helping Mary to load clothes into the dryer. This was the time that tights were really taking over and I heard Mummy ask our maid if she wore her tights over or under her panty-girdle.

As you might expect she replied that she wore them under. On another occasion, when our-live in maid Mary was getting ready to go out on a date, I heard the other Mary ask her if she was wearing her new panty-girdle. The answer was affirmative. This is the same Mary who in all seriousness suggested that I needed to be in a girdle. Then a day circa arrived when I am consumed with an overwhelming desire to check out what Mary, our resident domestic maidservant, wore as undies. I rounded the corridors and entered her bedroom and my heart felt like it was about to implode.

It was all boom-bang —a — bang — boom. I was full of trepidation and simultaneously tried to keep an ear out for footsteps on the corridor. I was also probably blushing to the roots. Our home was an old period style house and expansive with ading restaurants and other businesses in a small busy scenic tourist area. Correspondingly, the furniture and dressers were antique and massive. I commenced pulling out the wide and deep chest of drawers on the dresser — starting from the top. On the very bottom drawer I struck gold. I was bent over pulling out the bottom drawer and I fell over when its contents were revealed.

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I was much more than I could hopefully imagined. Mary, a big boned religiously-minded country girl, had a veritable arsenal of formidable very high quality expensive girdles. Mary was obviously a committed girdle lover. There must have been in excess of 20 girdles in her drawer. They were size 30 waists — a size that fitted me perfectly. I would have thought then and even more so now, that Mary was wearing a size too small as she was more to my mind a inch waist and she had very pronounced hips. The girdles felt very weighty to my probing hands.

They were made up as follows: most were very high-waisted versions with long legs. Many had the smooth and sleek satin backs. Almost all of these had two to four bones in the back — two long and two short ones Panty girdle story most often smaller bones in front and maybe on the sides. These seemed to have been her older Panty girdle story due to s of use and wear on them. All of them came with garter tabs, but the suspenders had been removed and there was no of suspender buttons anywhere. A couple of her girdles even had delicate leaf and floral embroidery on the lace tummy panels.

There were no light panties anywhere in sight. At this time, it should also be known — almost by mandate - that all ladies and girls in Ireland still wore skirts and dresses — never trousers. These were the girdles that I promptly commandeered from Mary as I discovered them the most comfortable for me at that time.

With the benefit of hindsight this was probable a good choice as a starter girdle for a young boy. On occasion she used to flirt with me about wearing her girdle — other times she would pat my backside to see if I was girdled and on a couple of occasions when she was vexed with me she tried to embarrass me about my girdle habit in front of other staff members.

Finally, there was one open style Aertex type back boned regular girdle, that I would deem to be more a girdle-ette, because it was only about inches in depth and showed little of wear. It was hook-sided and a type of garment that would appeal or was more favoured by retired old Grannies.

Panty girdle story

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