Panty play stories

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I gasped, a deep groan of lust left my mouth as my hands dipped into our 38 year old female lodgers underwear drawer. I had been searching for her panties since she moved in, but there never seemed to be any.

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I was finally rewarded with a tiny pair of underwear similar to what girls my age wear, and my cock instantly became hard just feeling how soft they were. I took them back into my room and removed my boxers, my growing cock springing out. I wrapped the soft fabric of her panties around my member and stroked a few times, moaning to myself.

I had been waiting for this moment for months now. I Panty play stories my cock once, then put them on, sighing with pleasure at the feeling of the underwear sliding up my legs. They were so tight! My cock was forced out under them and I stroked the head with a single finger. Leaving my room I admired my ass in the mirror and rewarded myself with a few spanks, enjoying my small bum strecthing her underwear. I could almost feel myself cumming. I went back into my room and sat down on my chair, my cock now at full attention, my balls tightly poking out.

I began to stroke myself, looking at myself with lust imagining I was being watched by her. I scratched my thighs with one hand and used the other to pump my cock fast making myself moan like a little pussy slut.

I was in heaven! I slapped my dick about some more then let go, allowing it to throb and twitch. I forced it into the panties and stroked my huge bulge, nearly bursting the fabric.

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It was then I started cumming. My legs were shaking and I moaned loudly, cursing and shouting all manner of things as my cock exploded inside the underwear. It started to leak through and run out down my legs and I was turned on more by the view of my own cock pulsating than anything else.

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I breathed heavily as my orgasm finished, and kept the underwear on until I felt dry. I took them off and shoved them back into her drawer, not even bothering to clean them up. This content appeared first on new sex story. The thought of that made me hard again.

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I went back into her room, opened up the drawer which was full of bras and socks, and stroked myself into it, a single rope of white cum spread out over everything. I looked down with a smile and closed the drawer then left to have a shower where I masturbated once more. This story Playing and wearing girls panties appeared first on newsexstory.

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Panty play stories

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