Paperboy sex stories

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Carl who was sixteen years of age and well hated because he was a sex pest was delivering the morning papers to the houses in the town where he lived, it was six thirty in the morning and Carl was on the look out for any windows where the curtains were not drawn properly, he was hoping to be able to see somebody in the nude, he had on times when he had been delivering papers seen some people nude or semi nude, the weather was very warm so Carl was hoping there would be people sleeping naked and as a bi-sexual boy he did not care if it was male or female.

Twenty minutes later Carl was sat in his bedroom Paperboy sex stories what a day. Next day Carl walked up to the door of the cottage which was opened by a naked Tracy who said come in you fucking pervert Carl followed Tracy in and saw Sara sitting naked on the sofa her legs apart Carl was soon standing naked looking at the two naked girls thinking heaven sure exists.

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Paperboy sex stories

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