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Paragirl's Place is my blog and story sharing site. I am a wheelchair fetishist and pretender who is a happily married lesbian, who happens to be a foot fetishist and also has a blindness fetish. Yeah - we're a couple of crazy girls, let me tell you!

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Anyway, welcome and I hope you enjoy :. Hey, i am looking for an online sexual partner ; Click on my boobs if you are interested. My wife is paraplegic after a riding accident. We are a lesbian couple and my wife is still struggling with intimacy and love making. Ive told her you just have to readjust, learn different ways, learn what your body will and wont let you do.

Will be great to talk to paraplegic lesbians plz me at shannontaylor gmail. Sunday, July 29, Amy and Laurie. Amy and Laurie Laurie met Amy online, as it so often happens. Amy was a playful paraplegic who was into meeting interesting people, and Laurie was, as a rule, very interesting.

She was a wheelchair pretender and a wheelchair and disability devotee, among many other things. Amy didn't really 'get it' at first, but after a few sessions of Internet chat, the pair found themselves hitting it off, chatting about this and that as they learned about each other - Laurie asking many detailed questions about life as a paraplegic and Amy asking just as many questions about what attracted Laurie to women in wheelchairs and why she was so obsessed with being in a wheelchair herself It took six months, and by the end of that time the women were chatting daily and talking on the phone three or four times a week.

It was Amy who Paraplegic devotee stories up with the idea of meeting in person, of the two women spending a week together, enjoying each other's company. Laurie jumped at the chance of spending time together with a real paraplegic woman - and a sexy one at that - and Amy was excited to be with someone who not only wasn't turned off by her limp legs and unfeeling sex, but on the contrary was incredibly turned on by them, was fascinated by her paralysis like a foot fetishist liked Prada sandals and pedicures. Plane tickets were purchased and as soon as vacation came, Laurie was on an airplane - in her wheelchair, travelling as a paraplegic - headed Paraplegic devotee stories to meet Amy and, as they said on the phone with a girlish giggle the night before, 'see what would happen'.

Amy was there at the gate in her lightweight sport chair, wearing a short black adapted dress and fantastic stockings on her atrophied legs, her fingernails painted to match her padded wheeling gloves - Laurie thought this was a cute and sexy touch. As Laurie wheeled off the plane in her old teal rigid Invacare wheelchair, she felt both turned on by the gorgeous paraplegic waiting for her and jealous of both her obviously useless legs and her high-end equipment - that wheelchair was just stunning.

Amy beamed as she saw Laurie wheel off the plane wearing a flattering denim skirt and casual top with soft slipper-like shoes on her feet. Every movement she made was convincing and, had Amy not known better, she would have never guessed that Laurie still had full use of her sexy legs as she pushed her wheelchair along the concourse.

Neither woman made any pretense as they met face to face for Paraplegic devotee stories first time, with Laurie leaning in for a kiss and Amy doing the same. Their lips were hot and moist against one another and Laurie found her hands wandering to the sexy and unfeeling legs that had suddenly presented themselves to her.

Amy giggled and pushed her away playfully. Luggage taken care of and wheelchairs stowed, Amy drove Laurie away from the bustling airport and into a sprawling suburban town not unlike most that dotted the coast. Instead of heading straight home, however, Amy took them to a small out of the way Italian restaurant where they took a quite dimly lit table in the back of the dining room. The hostess removed both chairs from the table, which gave Laurie a secret thrill, and both women ordered food they were far too nervous to eat.

They talked and giggle, with Amy making numerous flirtatious comments just to see Laurie blush and squirm. Laurie confessed she was glad she had worn 'something extra' for the flight, not because she needed it, but because she was so wet she was sure her panties would have been ruined otherwise. Amy smiled at this but felt a flush of excitement as well - she was really there, having dinner with her, a sexy, smart, attractive woman who wanted to make love to her, to kiss her and hold her and so all the things Amy had longed for for so long and not only that Amy blushed as she thought of her plans for later that night and tried not to look Laurie in the eyes.

Amy's house was modest but well appointed and of course fully adapted for wheelchair Paraplegic devotee stories. Laurie was in heaven - there wasn't a single thing in the house she needed to leave her wheelchair to do. Amy had to cath as soon as they got there, but invited Laurie to observe. Laurie started Paraplegic devotee stories her erect nipples as she watched Amy spread her limp legs and slip the small plastic catheter tube into her, saw the hot yellow liquid fill the bag as Amy went over each step with her in near-clinical detail.

Amy knew what she was doing to Laurie, of course, and for added measure she slipped a bulky protective pad into her panties when she was done - 'just in case'. Laurie froze in her chair. You can't take your eyes off my poor, crippled legs - " Amy stroked her atrophied thighs at this " - and I want to see your face between them, so let's head into the bedroom and, what was it we said?

Once Amy was laying in bed calling to Laurie seductively, her legs flopped open limply, Laurie slipped out of her shirt and scooted out of her now-unzipped denim skirt. She wore a large adult diaper, as Amy had expected - she knew all about Laurie's various fetishes and felt a thrill at seeing Laurie able to be so open with her.

Amy dragged herself up the bed to lean against the headboard and pushed her limp legs apart with her hands, winking at Laurie. Laurie didn't even reply, she just transferred clumsily onto the queen sized bed and pulled herself up to Amys soft, curled feet and began to kiss and caress them like a long lost lover.

Amy lost track of time, watching Laurie making love to her feet and legs so sensually, so erotically. Laurie started slowly, touching them, caressing them up and down, first with the stockings, then eventually without. She was lost in the beauty and feel of Amy's paralyzed legs, her limp, useless, perfect legs.

She kissed them, sucked Amy's unfeeling toes, then moved higher up Amy's legs until, at Amy's frantic urging, Laurie slipped her panties and poise pad off and began kissing and licking Amy's sex, long, passionate, sensual kisses, Laurie's tongue working Amy's clit, her hood, her muff as Amy's soft atrophied legs were shifted and caressed by Laurie's ever probing hands. Amy found herself incredibly aroused, more aroused then she had been in years, and began playing with her hot breasts and extra sensitive nipples. As soon as Laurie raised her attentions a bit higher, to that line across Amy's midsection where sensation and paralysis met, the injury line seemed to have become a replacement erogenous zone.

Amy arched her back as much as her condition would allow and cried out in a deep moan, her fingers tangled in Laurie's hair and tugging at it sensually. Laurie stopped and looked up at her with a smile and, for the first time in a long time, Amy felt satisfied and didn't feel she even had to say anything, she just stroked Laurie's hair and face and panted, catching her breath. Laurie stopped and turned slowly to look at her. My useless, paralyzed legs are right there, my feet floppy and limp.

They're all yours. She kissed it and sucked her toes, caressed her breasts with it. Laurie came immediately with a back-arching moan and shrieked as she was hit with another orgasm a moment later.

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Amy was incredibly turned on as she watched Laurie masturbating with her paralyzed foot and cumming with deep, sexy orgasms one after another. Laurie only lasted fifteen minutes or so before she collapsed backwards, Amy's foot still lying limp and motionless across Laurie's thighs.

Amy took her leg in both hands and made her soft limp foot flop across Laurie's wet pussy, causing another orgasmic moan. Laurie crawled on all fours up to the head of the bed, her paraplegic pretending long forgotten during their prolonged passion, and kissed Amy so deeply and sensually Amy felt another orgasm bubbling to Paraplegic devotee stories surface. Amy kissed her Paraplegic devotee stories just as passionately and the pair lay on the bed, entwined in one another's arms.

Amy awoke to Laurie's rhythmic breathing. She clicked on the small bedside light and opened the night table drawer silently. The two syringes were there, as she had left them. She pulled out the first, tapped it to remove any bubbles, and slipped the slender mosquito-like needle into the flesh of Laurie's right thigh, depressing the plunger and flooding Laurie's system with a strong sedative and muscle relaxer.

Laurie's breathing went from rhythmic to completely relaxed in a matter of five minutes, and Amy gave her another five before she pulled out the second syringe. This one was larger, much larger, and looked like something from a mad scientists' lab, not a hospital. It was full of a small amount of a pink-tinged liquid. Amy touched her thighs lightly, finally making the decision to move ahead, and rolled Laurie over onto her stomach. She withdrew the syringe, put them both back in the nightstand drawer, and put a band-aid on the puncture mark on Laurie's back.

She transferred out of bed and wheeled to the spare bedroom to sleep for a few hours. The sedative was a strong one, she didn't expect Laurie to wake much before late afternoon, but Amy would check on her every few hours just to be safe.

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Laurie awoke feeling like she had two hangovers going at once. She had a strong metallic taste in her mouth and her head was full of cotton balls, there was a dull drumbeat of pain at her temples. She opened her eyes and winced - even through the shades the sun was bright and sent sharp stabs of pain into her head. Yeah - hangover, and a bad one. She began to sit up in Paraplegic devotee stories when Amy lifted Laurie's right leg - the foot hung sideways, limp, the toes somewhat curled.

It doesn't feel at all?!? She was slowly realizing that there was more to this than just her right foot. Her heart was beating faster, a mixture of excitement and fear. Amy transferred smoothly to the bed and lifted Laurie's other foot, doing a similar routine.

Laurie shook her head. Laurie squinted with effort but there was no perceptible movement from her limp, slightly curled toes. Laurie watched Amy move further up the bed and continue to test and move her legs for her. Amy squeezed, rubbed, and even pinched parts of Laurie's legs and there was no sensation at all, not a bit of feeling. As Amy got to Laurie's upper thighs, Laurie found herself nearly panting with excitement, silently urging Amy forward, wanting to see, wanting to know Amy pulled open the adult diaper and said 'Here, can you feel this honey?

Laurie moaned aloud as she watched it, not feeling a thing and finding herself much more fascinated and turned on then afraid. She shook her head 'No' and watched as Amy slid her fingers out and licked them sensually, continuing her exploration of Laurie's now-paralyzed lower half. She watched intensely as Amy's hand slowly slipped between her hot, sensitive upper belly and her completely numb and unfeeling lower. It was as if a line had be drawn straight across her stomach and everything on one side Paraplegic devotee stories it was still her, everything on the other side now belonged to someone else.

She was paralyzed - really and truly paralyzed. Her legs were numb, limp, useless, as was her sex. Yes, completely. You've been pretending to be in a wheelchair full time for, what, three years? So now it's real. Now you get to experience what you've always dreamed about.

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Laurie suddenly looked around and realized what was missing. I got rid of it. It's in the living room - come on in and get it. Laurie assessed her situation. There was no doubt she was now a paraplegic, her body useless from just above her navel down, and it didn't seem like that was going to change. This excited her greatly, but also posed a of obvious and immediate problems, the first of which was how to get her new wheelchair, which was three rooms away.

Laurie slowly pushed her now limp, unfeeling legs off the edge of the bed. The sensation Paraplegic devotee stories bizarre - they were just dead weight, soft and heavy, but she couldn't feel a thing as she wrestled with her floppy thighs and feet. She got one leg to drop off the edge of the side of the bed with a thump, then shoved her other leg until it fell limply by it's twin. Unfortunately, between the change in her balance and the lack of muscle control in her lower half, as soon as both legs were flopped off Paraplegic devotee stories edge of the bed they pulled her, much like an anchor chain, off the bed and onto the thinly carpeted bedroom floor.

The fall wasn't severe and nothing hurt - obviously - but Laurie took a few minutes to catch her breath and get her bearings before attempting to move on. She had crawled around the house many times during her pretender days, but this felt so completely different she wasn't sure what she'd be able to manage. Her whole lower half was totally non-responsive and it took an amazing amount of upper body strength and coordination just to get into a position that would allow her to start crawling to the living room. Laurie was sitting as carefully as she could, her arms to her sides helping her keep balance, her legs out straight, and she was struggling to push herself backwards across the floor.

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It took her what seemed like twenty minutes just to make it out to the hallway, but once on the hardwood floor there was less friction and she was able to scoot more easily, her limp legs flopping and jiggling as she pushed herself a few inches at a time towards Amy and what would hopefully be her new wheelchair. By the time Paraplegic devotee stories had crawled and scooted to the living room Laurie was drenched in sweat and her bulky diaper had long since torn off, leaving her naked and paralyzed on the soft living room rug. She looked up at Amy, sitting in her sporty wheelchair, her thin crippled legs crossed.

She was smiling. Laurie struggled across the living room floor, her legs dragging like so much dead weight. Her abdomen gave her no support and, tired from her extensive crawl from the bedroom, she fell on her back. She wheeled closer. I'm pretty certain I can't get into my chair without a crane. Amy moaned and manipulated her soft leg with her hands, allowing Laurie some time to enjoy as well as rest before she finally wheeled back, pulling her paralyzed leg out of Laurie's reach. Amy moved Laurie's sporty new wheelchair close and locked the wheels.

I know you prided yourself on doing everything without your legs - try now. She finally got her balance adjusted and was able to clumsily pull herself up and slowly, laboriously turn herself around so her legs flopped heavily, then sat back in the perfectly adjusted seat and, using her hands, lifted the dead weight of her legs and feet and placed them together in the foot rest. Her upper half was sweating from the exertion.

Paraplegic devotee stories

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