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It was a big party night and I was running late, got to a friends bash around 11pm. All the guys were taking turns with this girl they had in a bedroom upstairs. She was really drunk and half passed out. She was letting any guy do anything to her they wanted. They said she'd gotten so out of it around 10 and had been getting fucked ever since. They pushed me up the stairs, I figure I was probably going to be the 8th guy and who knows how many times the other 8 had fucked her. She was passed out when I got into the dark room, by the light of my phone I saw the messy pussy but wanted some sex anyway.

I plunged into her and Passed out wife stories roused a little, but just grunts really, all the guys came in the room and turned on the light as I was cumming. I just shot a load up my own sisters cunt. She is a year older than me and I just fucked her. Sick, victim blaming rapists No one deserves a monster like you for a brother. Let me know what gang rape in prison is like, and if it feels the same as gang raping your own family.

I'm 16 and young for 3rd year in college. I'm attending summer sessions to advance further.

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There was a wild party, and this very pretty girl of 21 passed out drunk. Some girls asked me to lift her and take her into the bedroom and lay her down. I did, she was totally out of it. While in there I pulled her blouse and bra up played with and sucked her tits. Then I lifted her skirt to see her pantie-less pussy and ass.

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She had brown pussy hair trimmed so it was about 2 inches wide and went straight up from the start of her pussy lips about 3 inches or more. She had light and soft hair on her pussy lips. I softly licked on her pussy, she moaned, I panicked, but she was out, just having a reaction. I licked some more, fingered her with two fingers, and walked over and quietly locked the door. I raped her pussy. I then pulled her clothes back, covered her up and went to the party.

It all sounds like I was gone a while, but it was my first time. That was Saturday, today; Monday I just finished a 2 hour class with her sitting next to me. I'd really like to date her but I'm so much younger and she knows it. It's that way with almost all the girls.

I guess I'll have to wait for another party. Several months ago I met this guy online. We are both males, both married and in our late 40's. He put feelers out there as a feminine guy, wanted someone to meet while crossdressed and he wanted to be sub to a dom man. I'd not had any strange pussy or ass in over 20 years but was interested. Passed out wife stories talked exchanged pictures and he started showing me pictures of his fat wife with huge titties and ass. He would even write my name on her while she was nude and take pictures to send me.

I had some old pics of my wife and showed them to him. He wouldn't suck cock though. I finally made him do it and he got mad and I finally got him back to meeting me. He had been fucked by 4 guys before me, I'd parade him around and call him slut, cunt, and other names. They didn't know I was fucking a guys ass. I always started the session by making him stand up and stick my finger up his butt and make him walk around the suite, opening drapes, windows anything I wanted. He got really sub and I even more dom and I would make him do things to his wife, and take pictures to send me.

She Passed out wife stories him in real life not sex life Passed out wife stories making him wear cotton panties all the time usually in pink, pastels, and white. So he wouldn't mess them up she made him wear a panty liner or a full pad, just as she did everyday. Sometimes she would make him wear a bra as he had cubby manboobs. Even when they first started fucking she refused to let him stick his cock in her mouth, or in her ass.

So I told him he should take his wife and force the bitch to take cum up her ass or mouth. His cock had gotten to where he could barely get it up usually with injections so I wrote a story about her being passed out and my fucking her. He started experimenting with her drinking and slipping in a sleeping pill. She would pass out and he took pics of him dildoing her cunt and sticking his limp cock on her lips. At his suggestion I waited till I got word from him that she was passed out and went to his house.

I played with her for a while, ate her pussy out, let him play with my nipples, then I laid on top of her and she automatically spread her legs. Instead of fucking her then I just put my cock into her sopping pussy and got it really wet, then laid him down in his girly clothes next to his wife and fucked him right next to her, in the bed the two of them shared.

After that I made him do some kinky shit, and got my cock hard again, then fucked his wife while he placed my cock at her entrance. I shot a load up her slit all the while sucking, mashing and bruising her tits. I kissed hickies on her neck, and stuck the business end of a wine bottle up her loose cunt after I was done. I made him make me dinner, while dressed in his nightie with stockings and heels.

Then told him it was time her virgin asshole got fucked by a real man. We went up to the bedroom and rolled her fat ass over, I made him grease her up with some lube she had and I got on top of her while she was lying face down on the bed. I put my cock into her, and reminded him that this was the position in which I first fucked him. After having shot two lo already, it took me about 45 minutes to cum up her virgin ass. It was certainly tight, I think she was indeed a virgin, but after a 45 minute reaming with a pretty thick 7 inch cock, and her being passed out, it was gaping open bigger than a quarter.

He started to panic wondering how he was going to explain the cum in her cunt and ass. I didn't give a shit and instead jacked him off all over her face and tits. I then told him that her cunt was way too loose for her to only be fucked by his scrawny little cock. She was having an affair. I then told him the best way for him to not be accused of fucking her while she was asleep would be to suck all my cum from her cunt and her ass, and lick his off her face and tits.

Then I left. I don't know what he did, but it worked out. I fucked her about 12 times that way, and finally he told her that he liked being fucked and dressing up and she liked the idea of him being a "woman" too. So he had permission to get dressed and fucked in front of her. I went and fucked him several times, then going off with her to the store, or out to eat using his credit card each time then I'd go back and get off again. She made him start sucking my cock to orgasm many times, and eventually she let me fuck her in front of him.

She took my cock up her cunt, her mouth, her ass, she even did ass2mouth in front of her husband.

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I even made him clean my shitty cock with his mouth after it was in his wifes ass. It's a very rewarding relationship, but we still like to get her drunk and passed out so I can abuse her cunt and ass and bruise those big tits of hers. She just laughs about it now. My wife got really drunk on holiday, passed out in a secluded booth in a club and I flashed her pussy to a guy I had met that night talking about boxing! It made me so hard!!! But I treated it as a joke and we carrie on drinking. When I went to the toilet about half an hour Passed out wife stories this and came back to him just sitting down, I noticed he was messing with his trousers and I figured he had taken another look and had a play with himself, but at the end of the night I got her home and he had long gone I found her pants and pussy full of cum.

I betrayed my wife and pretty much allowed her to get raped. I felt so awful. It made me horny though so I had her too. You need a Premium to access that feature! We provide many cool features for confessions exclusively for premium users Go Premium. Passed-out Confessions Passed-out confession stories and sins. Confession Stories Confessions Current: passed-out.

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Passed out wife stories

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