Ped egg horror stories

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Winter in Chicago is catching up with my diabetic feet. No matter how much I lotion up before bed, the cracks are beginning to show.

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I recall a visit to my endocrinologist where she tested for sensitivity and scoped for cracks, wounds, or anything out of the ordinary. She told me how lucky I was that the skin on my feet was smooth and well maintained.

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She said to keep up with what I was doing. The endocrinologist warned me that a small crack in the skin on the foot of a person with diabetes could let germs in and lead to a very serious infection. She said I should always wear socks, which I try doing.

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Unfortunately, I much prefer being barefoot at home and admittedly, my bare feet often win over any need to be cautious. In my early days after diagnosis over 17 years ago, I wore extremely high heels and dealt with foot pain because of them, practically limping home after a long day of being on my feet at work.

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After I injured an ankle a couple of years ago, I started saving the really high heels for special events. Nowadays, I try to keep my feet healthy.

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My husband hollers for me to stay still while a panicked member of my family races to get my shoes. I was able to get an immediate appointment when I told them I had diabetes and a cut on my foot. Moments earlier, I had attempted to get an appointment for a cough, and they said they had no available appointments, instructing me to call back the next day. I think everyone living with diabetes does. I try not to worry unnecessarily, though I know I have to be careful with my feet. I will continue to do my own foot inspections often, and try to combat the dryness and cracking that a long cold winter inevitably brings.

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Ped egg horror stories

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