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Was wondering about how all you guys felt about peeing outside? Do it often? Where do you do it? Do you prefer it rather than doing it inside? I pee outside twice in my life. One I was at a bar mens room filled and I had to Peeing outside stories bad. The other food stores and bars closed for the night.

So pee in the dark in the parking lot. The other time was when I was on the boat drinking water and beers had to pee bad. Captain of the boat pull over the boat and in the sand area. Me and others that were on the boat jump out and we pee. I was very scared both times peeing outside of someone seeing me so I did it quick as I can. I dont like to pee outside because of getting caught and I cant always go right away. I know its easier for a guy to pee outside then women but still get caught. I pee outside all the time.

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Love it. I used to do it more often after going out drinking - not going to the bathroom before leaving the pub but finding an alley or somewhere to piss on the ground. I, for one, am someone who generally pees outside unless it's not an option.

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I hate to see it wasted in a toilet. It's not very eco-friendly and, besides, other choices are much more fun.

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It might not be a dealbreaker for me if a women requires proper facilities, but she's likely going to be a big disappointment. I love peeing outside. I grew up in a rural area and grew up enjoying it. Now I live in a city and I still enjoy it, but it is riskier in terms of getting caught. I go camping a few times a year and really enjoy pissing outside as much as possible. We both love pissing outside there. Sometimes we will stand in the doorway and just piss Peeing outside stories onto his deck. We also piss on each other outside, and have an old outdoor chaise cushion that we will piss on together.

Last summer I pissed him while we were floating side by side in his pool My fav thing to piss on is carpet. That said, the freedom to just piss Peeing outside stories much as you want outside without fear of consequences is really hot too. Having spent many years on the road, I really enjoy a pee somewhere on a journey away from toilets. I often video the end and share on xtube. I love peeing outside, always have done because it is something we are conditioned not to do.

Hm, I guess it depends where you grew up. It isn't so much family - certainly when I was a boy I had to pee in public a fair amount! I mean as an adult however, it's generally not encouraged or talked about and certainly not in built up places. The countryside; particularly if out walking is different. I piss outside as often as possible lol. I enjoy peeing outside. I have done it in many places over the years. In woods,fields,against trees,walls,buildings.

In alleys at night after drinking in town. I've also done it at the side of the road during long car journeys. In order for me to date a woman it is a requirement that she has pee outside or other places experience. I always do enjoy pissing outside a lot. But as living in a city, there are always people around.

Experience shows, however, that other men don't care if you stand somewhere on a tree pissing. Whereas women too often feel called to be interested in it, only in a negative way. Thats just great.

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Peeing outdoors is eco-friendly, convenient and fun. Other than complaints from people who shouldn't be watching anyway, I see lots of pluses to alfresco urination. I am very much for peeing outside.

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I don't live in a place where I can do it, so I've only done it while out somewhere and even then I've only been able to do it a couple of times. It's something I would love to do again one day and if I lived somewhere where I could do it all the time I would. I need to change that when things get back to normal, force myself to do it somewhere more open. You can post now and register later.

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Peeing outside stories

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