Permanent high heels story

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High Heels. No Notifications. Only logged in members can reply and interact with the post. Similar Worlds today ยป. I Love Corsets and High Heels. I love the restriction of corsets and the feel of being perched up on my toes, restricted in a different way. Share Link. Post Comment Receive notifications. Top Newest First Oldest First. Thanks for looking, Rocky. I've had backache for years - one reason I've been wearing heels more, as it's an instant cure. It can be miserable standing for more than a few minutes or walking around, particularly things like shopping, but heels over about 3 inches are miraculous.

I prefer at least 4 inches with no platform, but it's very difficult getting anything in less overtly feminine styles. Add to that, my wife is OK with me in boots but doesn't like most styles of shoes or sandals on me.

As the weather is now warming up here, I need something lighter. Most women haven't a clue how to walk in heels, and think that about anything over about 3 inches is high. They walk with bent knees and with all the grace of drunken ducks. I can walk in 4 inch heels as easily as in flats, and I think most male heel wearers are the same. I'd have to make a very convincing case for medical reasons! I'm slowly 'coming out' to various people, and I go to most business events in heels.

No one has ever commented, although they're plainly visible when I sit down. They sure do exist. I am married to one and the other three are my offspring!! The permanent corset is needed because they each have three pairs of ribs removed and consequently their back muscles are more exposed to stress. Also their internal stomach organs are moved around by the tiny waists being formed.

These need holding in place somewhat. A few minutes such as showering is ok, although even then it is best someone holds their large breasts so they do not stress their backs. The pay off apart from being satisfied with looking erotic, they feel sexy etc. I guess much of this is pure vanity, although my women are such that they often get sexually aroused as they look as their reshaped forms in a mirror etc. Yes there IS a direct sexual element. They also have other sexual changes such as piercings. But perhaps they are for another time. Rocky, what you say turns me on so much!

Any ideas why men's tendons adjust permanently more quickly? I'm spending most days in heels over 4 inches but have to wear flats for social things, but wish I didn't as I get backache in flats. I'm not a CD really - quite happy most of the time in man gear although choosing to wear women's socks all the time much more comfortanle and thongs.

I hate boxers! Horrible restrictive things. I've been wearing heels more since the end of last year when our son left home, and now Permanent high heels story find myself tiptoing when not in heels. It doesn't hurt to put my heels down - yet! Now how I'd love to see pictures Three rows of ribs? Who is available to do such an operation? I can recall reading about that being done to help people who wanted to wear a pipe stem corset, but Permanent high heels story that of ribs!

It must be really erotic to know you have to have that support, and to know you turn people on by it. It's the sheer helplessness I like - unable to live without extreme heels and extreme corsets.

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One of my fantasies is to become permanently heeled but that's likely to remain a fantasy, although I wear heels most days, most of the day. Yes indeed. My wife and three daughters are all into the most extreme body modifications possible. There is even talk of some amputations.

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Wife and girls wear nothing less than five inch heels always. They would ,love me to be able to wear Ballet heels only and I really get very aroused at the idea. I will be doing so before long. If I or they attain almost permanent ballet heel status, what would you think about us having toes amputated so we teeter on the ends of our feet proper???!!

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Michaelhh: As a male your legs and ankles will change and confirm much quicker than do those of females to be held so you walk on your toes. If done for just a few weeks non-stop you will never walk flat footed ever again without medical treatment. Being a full time cross dresser I have done this and it only took me a month to be hurting too much putting my feet down flat. After three months I just could not do it - felt I was about to break bones in my feet if I kept trying. So now I amvery happily permanently high heeled! I am no medical person at all. Just read this several times and re myself found it true.

So I would not p to answer re yourself. However I would wonder if your backache when wearing flats is the first part of this change in you. I does seem from my limited reading and understanding that male bones, ts and tendons are more rigid than those of females. I think you can almost see it when you look at a man a woman. Sorry I cannot help further. True about wooden floors.

Yes the whole family wears extreme heels and corsets. Wife and girls need them more than I do: I wear them because I feel so sexy in them. But and girls all have ribs removed and large heavy breast implants. So need corsets for support, to create tiny waist, and hold the breasts. With ribs removed bodies are somewhat fragile e. A few plastic surgeons do indeed do these extreme operations. We are lucky that our doctor knows one such. I have also seen on the internet at least one girl in the UK who has three sets of ribs removed.

Cannot recall her name but easily found under extreme corsets". Love it also. I am a cross dresser to the ultimate these days with my wife's blessings and encouragement. It is wonderful to her and my daughters being very tightly corsetted and teetering on fiver inch heels no wider than a needle. I have finally mastered walking and balancing on them. I read one such there. Just say one difference between wife and I and the story is that Permanent high heels story wants to be high heeled, aka ballet heeled. Will read others there later - more resposnse here now to answer. Rocky, you are SOOO fortunate!

I expect you know that, though. Would she want you in ballet heels too? Out of interest, what reaction do you all get? Ladies in narrow corsets and extreme heels and the man not far behind them! Talk about extreme! I can imagine they HAVE to wear a corset all the time for support. The sort of thing you read in corset fiction and fantasise about but not realise that actually such people do exist Spent the last few minutes looking this up on Google and there seems to be4 conflicting information.

However sites do point out that women have smaller bones and skeleton than males. Perhaps search Google yourself. You're very lucky Permanent high heels story not just an accepting wife but daughters too. Do you all wear such heels and corsets or just you? I bet you need to be careful walking on wooden floors etc so as not to leave holes in them!

I expect you know about these ladies. Be warned.

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Male ankles, legs etc. If you wear them daily, you may tend that way. Ah, definitely need to wear them all the time, then! Oh god I love that so so much mmmmmm.

Permanent high heels story

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permanent high heels story