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Something that Peyton and her twin brother Spencer had been waiting for. The twins had strategically taken the furthest bench of the extra large van that her family had rented for their annual cross-country family trip that they did every July. While most would have opted for something like oversized comfy track pants or the such for a long drive or flight, Peyton had selected a loose-fitting short skirt. After giving her bald pussy a circular rub, Spencer went to push a finger in, but there was a problem. After another minute or two of rubbing and the tip-fucking of her pussy, Peyton reached for her cell phone and drafted a text to her twin.

Finger me already. With his fingers already well lubed up from the petting of her pink slit, the twin moved his hand back into a more comfortable position.

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Satisfied that she was ready, Spencer placed his middle finger against her anal entrance before pushing inside. Despite being only 22 years old, Peyton List had a lengthy amount of anal sex. That had been there deal when they started all those years ago. They started with fingering and handjobs, which quickly graduated to blowjobs, pussy eating and rimjobs.

After 6 months of only fingers and mouth stuff, the twins needed to fuck each other, but they refused to do it vaginally. After all, you had to have a line.

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Therefore, anal sex. After getting up to a smooth, even speed, Spencer pulled back so only his tip was holding open her sphincter before pressing his ring finger inside as well. If Peyton List had any discomfort of having two relatively dry fingers shoved up her ass to finger-bang her, then you would never have known. As her asshole was being fucked by a pair of digits, Peyton reached down under the blanket to get a hand under her skirt as well.

With her brother fingering her asshole, the Cobra Kai actress moved her own finger onto her pink slit where she could start rubbing. And by they, Spencer meant his beautiful sister who was losing her mind in pleasure. Though he had half a mind to pull Peyton list sex stories hand from under her skirt, the boy saw the of the gas station warning them it was less than a mile away. Despite the fact that the digits had come directly from her asshole where they had been fucking her for the last little while, Peyton List showed no disgust or hesitation as she immediately gave her brother a deep suck, her tongue licking up and down the digits all the while.

It tasted clearly of her asshole, but that was something Peyton was well familiar with at this point in her life. Honey, can you walk the dog? After all, she had a favor to repay him for. The five List members all set off to accomplish their tasks. The three siblings headed for the main building, but while their youngest sister headed in for the food line, Peyton and Spencer peeled away and headed for the small bathroom that was attached to the gas station side of the building, instead of the more comfortable and clean but busy washroom stalls inside the service station.

Luckily, there was no one inside nor anyone watching, so Peyton was able to slip inside and drag her brother with her. Peyton didn't give him much time at all to get his bearings however, as she moved swiftly and threw her lips against his. He barely had time to return the sloppy kiss before she was on him, smacking her lips wildly against him. As her nimble fingers hooked inside the waistband, she lowered herself to her knees, bringing his pants and underwear with him.

She wasn't expecting her twin brother to be hard already so she was unprepared as his erect cock slapped her in the face, barely managing to close her eye in time before the contact. Looking down, Spencer observed as Peyton stroked his long shaft a few times before parting her lips and engulfing the first several inches inside her warm orifice. The gorgeous blonde wasted no time with pleasantries as she immediately got down to business. After taking a few long sucks at only the tip of his cock, using her tongue to lick his sensitive pee slit, Peyton pushed over half of his length into her mouth until his head was pressed against the back of her throat.

Satisfied with his response, Peyton removed him from her palate so that she could get in some much needed air before repeating the procedure over and over again. Though that technique Peyton list sex stories to get Spencer, as well as other hook-ups, all hot and bothered, Peyton found that any one style could get boring after a while. It was a key lesson to have learnt, made more impressive considering Peyton was only 22 year old, though her and Spencer had been hooking up since she was only a freshman in high school.

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She had spent long hours practicing and perfecting her technique with him in their family house, so that now she was a blowjob queen. Peyton continued to swallow over half his healthy cock, taking him to the back of her throat a dozen times until thick strands of spit decorated and lubed his cock. With the spit acting to aid her hands smooth passage up and down his pole, Peyton was able to multitask. The kneeling blonde wasn't happy in only pleasing him through his cock however, as she was now opening her mouth to take both of his testicles into her mouth to suck on them as well.

Suck those balls as you jerk me off sis," Spencer ordered. I want to see those tits again. Peyton looked up at her twin brother, his nuts still in her mouth and hollowing her cheeks from the pleasurable suction. The glint in those blue eyes told Spencer he was about to continue getting blown for his sister with her wonderful boobs out.

Sure enough, while Peyton continued to take turns with one of his nuts in her mouth at a time, she used the hand that wasn't stroking his dick to push the straps of her tank top. As the shirt fell away, Peyton deftly unhooked her bra and pulled it from her chest, all without breaking contact between her eager mouth and his spit-covered nuts. Seeing his arms starting to reach down for her, Peyton made it easier by getting out of such a low crouch position. This meant that she had to stop her awesome job on his sack, so she gave each ball one last suck before moving her face upward so that she could wrap her lips around his pole once again.

Spending so much time together, Spencer was able to watch in awe at how well his twin sister developed during puberty, and boy did she age extremely well. Not only did her ass get a lot plumper, but her tits grew nearly a full size in that time. Once her twin brother had his fill of feeling up her great boobs, Spencer settled back by reclining so his back was resting against the stained mirror above the sink where he was perched.

However, they were both prone to jealousy, moreso Peyton. Knowing that there were skanks out there who may realize how great her twin was and try taking him away from her meant Peyton always felt like she had to prove herself worth to him. She was still employing her technique of no hands, instead only using her lips to rocket along half the length of his pole while her tongue licked the underbelly. In a tried and true move developed from hundreds of trials and practices, Peyton pulled her mouth from his fleshy tool and leaned forward so her cheek could rest against the patch of short pubes, even feeling a little tickle on the inside of her nostril.

Ignoring that, the gorgeous blonde open-mouthed kissed the base of his cock with steady pressure before lifting her head so her tongue could broadly lick the top of his shaft from root to tip and back again. With her lips wrapped back around his cock, Peyton once more pushed her head down towards his lap.

However, this time she used her hand to stroke the bottom half of his manhood while her mouth sucked the upper half. Faster and faster Peyton went until she found a rhythm that was both sustainable for her for several minutes while delivering a great deal of pleasure to her twin brother.

Spencer could start to feel his cock throbbing more, feeling every tendril of pleasure that Peyton was dishing out. He could see the Peyton list sex stories look of concentration, the little wrinkle in the middle of her forehead that denoted intense focus on her part. That, and Peyton stopped making eye contact with him, which she did when she was having fun and drawing out his pleasure. All this meant Peyton decided that it was endgame and she wanted his cum.

That was the last warning Peyton had before she felt his cock throb irregularly. Though it had taken her some time to get used to the taste of cum, she was no longer that 15 year old high schooler who actually would spit out the load of jizz after a blowjob. Which is exactly what she did for Spencer as he sat on the sink in this filthy gas station toilet after a half-dozen squirts of warm baby batter splattered against the roof of her mouth, dripped onto her tongue before swallowing it like a good girl. The other room has two Queen beds. The moment they entered their own hotel room, Spencer locked the door before the twins were kissing deeply.

Somewhere between large B cups and small Cs, his sister was stacked in the tits department, even if her ass was the real showstopper of her body. I can still feel the filth of kneeling in that disgusting bathroom. He gave her a few minutes to actually clean up before sneaking soundlessly inside.

Since he was there and she was still in a playful mood, Peyton continued showering but really played it up for his benefit. She focused on rinsing off her tits at first, using her hands to work the mounds of flesh to get them soapy. The Cobra Kai actress grinned as she saw how enticed her twin brother was before she went to his favorite area to wash. Turning her back to him, Peyton pushed back her ass, arched her back and bent her knees, all to make her insanely phat ass look even more appetizing.

With soapy Peyton list sex stories she 'rinsed' herself off, letting her fingers slide along her crack, down to her pussy and even pulling apart her firm cheeks to give Spencer a good view of her sex. Peyton List kept Peyton list sex stories cheeks pulled apart with one hand and with the other she stuck her middle finger out and ran it from her pussy up to her asshole.

Instead of moving away quickly, she lingered over the puckered entrance, first with little circles and then finally by actually dipping the suds-covered digit into her rectum. Knuckle by knuckle her middle finger disappeared as her rectum was now filled entirely by her lengthy digit.

The pair had decided only a few years ago that they would no longer have pussy sex. When their twin-cest started, they were like any other teenage couple, graduating from oral sex to actual sex, but with condoms. This went well for a good 6 months until Peyton had a pregnancy scare, being late on her period for a nerve-racking week. Luckily, it turned out to be false, but the mental trauma was enough to scare them away from vaginal sex.

They tried condoms again but it was too hard to go backwards so they started anal sex.

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That was 4 years ago. Listening to her body language and the comment she made before he started thumbing her backsde, Spencer started to push more in, doing a sawing motion which allowed his entire digit to make its way into her brown eye. Initially thinking she would use the arm to drag him somewhere, instead Peyton lifted his hand, isolated his thumb then proceeded to place the thick digit, which had just been fucking her asshole, into her mouth.

If she was grossed out by the filthy thumb now on her tongue as she sucked her anal juices from it then Spencer had no indication as nothing flashed on her face or in her eyes throughout the next 30 seconds. After spinning her around so Peyton was facing away from him, Spencer reached over and grabbed some body wash to lather his dick up with and by the time he looked at his twin sister she was bent over, and ass back towards him.

Her hands were also reaching back and pulling her phat butt cheeks apart, giving him sightlines on his crinkled target. Unable to help himself, he aimed his bulbous head lower and sank half his length into her pussy. Despite both knowing they were playing with fire and breaking their own rules, neither cared at that particular moment. Spencer was able to stroke his entire length into her pink snatch by the second pump. Three thrusts in and she was already loose enough for his ripped abs to be tapping against her firm and thick ass at a brisk pace, making a dull slapping noise heard even over the rushing water.

Spencer was Peyton list sex stories planning on delivering an orgasm to Peyton first, as he not only wanted to get their hotel sex-fest off to a grand start, but an orgasm would relax her asshole. However, his curvy twin clearly had her own thoughts on the matter and who was he to disappoint her by withholding his cock from her asshole any longer? Pulling out of her pussy, Spencer completed a few motions all in the space of seconds. His hands worked as a blur, reaching for the body wash before working the suds onto his shaft again to work as a makeshift lube.

With lube and Peyton list sex stories distraction in place, all Spencer had left to do was use his hand to grab his cock and aim it.

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Remembering to use her fingers on her clit, Peyton did so at that moment. When his cock suddenly popped past the tight ring of her sphincter, Peyton groaned and paused to enjoy the penetration. Knowing his sister as well as he did, Spencer conducted the proper protocol for their anal sex as he took things slow but steady.

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Though he was only currently using the first 3 inches of his manhood, he felt Peyton relaxing by the passing second, finding it easier to go a little deeper. She felt confident of taking his entire 8 inches into her rectum for the hundredth? With Peyton clearly able to handle an anal fucking and Spencer more than happy to provide it, he took hold of her hips and used them to push and pull her, all while Peyton used the wall at her disposal to heave her curvy frame back and forwards as well.

Peyton list sex stories

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