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He likes your pussy, Big Sis, but not enough. He squeezed her tits and kissed the side of her face. The growing whirr of helicopter blades created a faint flicker of hope as Amy and Jen exchanged looks. Had someone come to save them? No one was coming to save them. No one. Meanwhile, Amy and Jennifer watched the awful scene progress.

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Neka was a beautiful black girl with big, lovely tits. You best enjoy it. They deserve a fond farewell. Now she moved to his left testicle, sucking even harder. She tried to lunge at them, to save her husband, but Afua yanked her back hard and locked one arm around her neck. She felt his hard cock pressed against her lower back. Somehow this put Amy over the edge into full-blown despair. Amy felt like a hole had been torn through her chest. His face scrunched up as he prepared to shoot the most desperate load of sperm in his entire life.

Neka raked her nails down his chest, pinching his pierced nipples as she felt his cock swelling inside her wet, horny fuck-hole. Oh fuck! Our bad boy failed to CUM on time. Can I cut off his balls now? Finally, licking up the last of the sexual fluids, the alluring younger sister looked up at her big sis, Neka. Scott was just sobbing, limp as his face tipped forward, downcast.

He had 15 minutes to CUM, and our man-slave failed to follow orders. He Pirate sex stories what he deserves. Just as Kunto positioned the knife, a door slammed open. His soldier meekly bowed before speaking.

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General Azik has just arrived. He demands to see you. Neka looked back with a disappointed, pouty expression. Just when we are about to have our fun, your boss-man has to choose NOW to show up? General Khari frowned. When I get back, then I want to watch you finish him. Both sisters answered in unison, disappointment clearly evident in their tones. Now he rose swiftly, dragging Amy to her feet by her hair. Then he smacked his open palm across her cunt, which was still so sensitive from being pierced. She watched as Neka stepped off his lap and let Kunto straddle him now.

She began to suck hard on the tip.

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Amy and Jennifer exchanged looks now. At least the two sisters had been able to face this nightmarish ordeal together. That had been the one saving grace since this horrific event had all began, since the pirates had taken over the ship. Now, as General Khari and Afua walked out onto the main deck, they saw a man that exuded raw power no one could deny.

If General Khari was a big fish in a small lake, then this newcomer was like a great white shark. Whereas General Khari was big, squat, fat-faced with some notable muscle despite his overweight frame, General Azik was the pinnacle of a lean, mean predator. He was tall, his physique toned and potent with muscle, a panther in human form.

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He had tattoos along both arms and along his brow. They were skull-and-crossbones motifs. His blazing eyes shone with a dark intensity that automatically made the recipient of that stare either want to look away or be enthralled by it. He was chewing on the end of a cigar. He took it from his mouth and blew a perfect ring of smoke into the night air before snuffing out the cigar and leaving it discarded in the ashtray beside him.

General Azik was the more powerful of the two. Khari shook hands with Azik and sat down on the couch which had been placed across the way. What can I do for you? Pirate sex stories blonde cunt has a dreamy body, as you can see. She can suck my cock as we discuss business. As soon as Azik was ready, the soldier withdrew, knowing that the Generals would want some space.

The man was a freak of nature. That was all there was to it. Worse than that though was the sheer thickness of it. The thing was massive.

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It lolled like a giant, deranged lollipop of flesh. With a shudder and an inward prayer for this nightmare to end, the cute blonde prepared to try to take at least the tip of it into her mouth. She knew she could do that much. Let me see if she is good with her hands. Amy sighed with relief as the chafing of the ropes vanished. She stared at that tall spear of impossibly rigid flesh. She groaned, vacuuming just the bulbous head of his prick between her lips.

Sucking as hard as she possibly could, the sexy young blonde stroked the length of his thick shaft with both hands at the same time. It was like sucking the dick of an elephant. Her blue eyes watered as she tried to take in as much of him as she conceivably could. Her breasts jiggled as she bobbed up and down madly with her efforts. Her pretty face contorted with the bulging cock rippling in her mouth. She moaned, fighting the gag reflex and trying to relax her throat to take more of him in. Soon she was drooling down the length of his cock, slurping wildly, desperately, as her hands lovingly stroked the base of his fully engorged penis, her tits flying up and down in time to her frantic slurps.

Khari, this young bitch is a real treasure. Would she just be passed off to this new madman like a piece of property? His favorite slave captive had just been taken from him. Grumpy about giving up his prized blonde cunt, Khari did not immediately reply. He had been letting Jennifer lounge on his lap on the couch, but now he thrust the naked girl onto her hands and knees between the two couches. I want to rape your tight pussy again.

The piercing in her clitoral hood brushed against her clit with each slow, deep thrust. Jen flinched, her body unprepared for what came next. Now Khari abandoned all pretense of gentleness or slowness. His hips swept forward again and again and again as he fucked her brutally, his balls slapping against her thighs.

He loved the way she moaned and squirmed, the metal Pirate sex stories grazing her clit just so, forcing her to feel pleasure even as the swollen tissue was still too sore. The slender, pale-skinned girl with exquisitely shaped breasts could only moan more plaintively as he tugged her head back, forcing her to kiss him as he raped her hard from behind.

Between awful, passionate kissing, Jennifer answered her captor. Fuck me so hard! Fuck my sore pussy. The reference to her sore pussy would be a major turn-on for the bastard, and if that made him gush sooner up her twat and leave her alone, Pirate sex stories it was worth debasing herself.

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So she just went with it, grinding her cunt back against his stabbing manhood. Shall I repeat my question? Ah, forgive me. Uh… uh! You asked about the little blonde cunt.

Pirate sex stories

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