Poison ivy sex stories

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It started out as a quiet night in Gotham City, which was a relief to Barbara Gordon. Batman disappeared six weeks ago, leaving Barbara's alter-ego Batgirl to defend the city all by herself. Every night had been busy since, but tonight, felt like she was going to get a break.

Unfortunately, the lull wouldn't last long. Barbara decided to take a shower.

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Tommy was running across the rooftops, his breathing ragged and heavy. Occasionally, he'd either grapple to the top of a higher building or glide to the top of a lower building but much of it was running. He had learned how to properly traverse the rooftops of Gotham by now, knowing which set of buildings had the clearest rooftops and which were maddeningly Bruce's cock hardened more against Selina's traveling talons, the polished burgundy nails a somewhat abrasive contrast to her soft, milky white fingertips.

Her fingers toyed with his thrusting, purplish erection as the raven haired beauty chuckled deep in her throat. Selina looked over at the tormented, naked millionaire, muscled arms bound behind him, and t Jim Gordon flipped the switch. The batal suddenly shone brightly in the sky.

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He waited. Finally, he heard a familiar noise: the sound of a grappling hook whizzing through the air. Any minute now, Batman would appear seemingly out of nowhere and coolly and Hello again everyone. I'm sorry for the massive delay to this chapter. Not only had work got on top of me the last few weeks, but I've also been looking after my dad, who had a knee replacement surgery.

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For those who e-mailed me about my health, I am not only fine; I greatly appreciate the people that not only ask if I am ok, but also am eagerly anticipating This is adult erotica. Over 18's only Now, it's been a real saga getting Batgirl back from her holiday to help Catgirl face the latest threat to Gotham's peace.

Sending Robin in civvies with the 'Code Red' message had turned out to be a bad idea for While on a mission to stop Poison Ivy from dosing Gotham's water supply with a dangerous toxin, Batman and Robin have gone missing and Alfred has called in Batgirl to help find them.

Gordon, but I was unsure of where else to turn.

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Cassandra Cain dodged left as the assassin swung his sword down, cutting the air where her body was less than a second before. Right handed. Weapon hand open to attack. Right leg wobbling, possibly recovering from recent injury. Cassandra swiftly struck at the assassin's vulnerable points, knocking loose his weapon with a chop, and then sweeping the weak I do not own Batman or any other DC Comics characters. Please comment and let me know what you think of the story.

Thanks for reading! His hands were glued to her magnificently plump ass and were palming it involuntarily. He was breathing SmutMD Log in. Log in Remember Me. SmutMD up. There is a lot more to SmutMD than you think! Poison Ivy Stories 8. Sort by: Best match Most recent. On Off. Batgirl: Becoming Eden by leanne2k on Jun 15,

Poison ivy sex stories

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Poison Ivy Stories