Possession interactive story

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Hey guys I have created and managed some body possession interactive stories over the years on Writing.

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If you guys haven't heard of the site its basically a writing site that lets you post and display works of writing for others to see. My stories are interactive that allow anyone to post chapters to the beginning story and the story grows with different people adding chapters to the pervious one. It's all great fun and I hope you guys would love to add to my story!

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The main one I'm hoping to see growth in is called "Gaining Possession Powers" a body possession interactive about obtaining body possession powers. I'm hoping someone could add to the "hero" storyline in the interactive as I feel it has the most potential. I encourage you guys to check it out and add some chapters!

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Are looking for a new body. Found the internet! Posted by Ghostly Mod. Here's the link to the story!

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Possession interactive story

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please write some chapters for my body possession interactive story!