Post orgasm torture stories

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This was something that every guy has said to their girlfriend at least once, especially when looking to score like I was, but nonetheless, it was true. Sarah looked better than she ever did before and was more attractive to me than when I first met her five years ago. It wasn? Although our relationship has improved tremendously, there was still one little detail in our relationship that left me unsatisfied: our sex life was still non-existent. We made out very often and they were always filled with intensity. For many of them, me and Sarah seemed to move from one side of the room to the other.

Her flirting game was on point too and just a few words from her led to me frantically stripping off my clothes and scattering them on the floor in disarray. Even after all that, she was still unwilling to have sex with me due to her past experiences. I respected her decision and would only go for it when Post orgasm torture stories was ready, but even so, I felt like it had been a long timef into this relationship and most of all, despite not wanting to have sex, she was definitely not afraid to act incredibly flirtatious towards me.

She was wearing a blue strapless neck-top that exposed much of her skin with beige lace trim along with denim shorts. For a second, I was worried that she would see through my lie and find out what I was exactly worried about. Thankfully, even if she did, she said nothing of it. Instead, she wrapped her arms around my neck, allowing me to feel her warm embrace. I wrapped my arms around her waist and smiled, which caused her to blush.

She brought her hand to my lips, slowly and gently pressed it against my mouth. She then Post orgasm torture stories her mouth, and lightly licked my lips, getting it wet for the upcoming kiss. My heart started pounding and I could feel a hard-on coming. This happened almost every time we made out now. When the time was right, I opened my mouth, begging her to enter and begin ravaging me from inside.

I could taste the softness of her lips along with a slight strawberry taste. All of this sent a huge current throughout my body and my penis grew as hard as a diamond. Opening my eyes for a brief second, I could see her getting into it just as much as me.

When she pulled back, she surprised me by taking her arm away from my neck and placing her small, delicate hand onto my thigh, very close to my hard-on. Even more surprising, this turned me on way more than the kiss did, despite her barely doing anything. She looked at my junk, poking out of my jeans awkwardly, and stifled a giggle, although I could tell she found my horniness amusing. I must have wanted to have sex with her a lot more than I thought. I know what you were thinking about babe,? I said nothing as she slowly moved her hand off my leg only to start to unbutton and unzip my jeans.

I felt my face flush red as I was getting more aroused, despite trying my hardest to control myself. I was at her mercy at this point and I shivered both in fear and excitement. She then looked at my boxers and giggled at what she saw.

Normally, I would have been offended but I was still too anticipated to care. Today might actually be the day we finally have sex. Sarah gently pulled my jeans off, exposing my body one inch at a time, and tossed them on the floor before turning her attention to my boxers.

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They were doing me no favors to cover my rock hard penis but Sarah paid no attention to it. Slowly and teasingly, they received the same treatment and off they went onto the ground. Glancing at my penis and then at my face, which was glowing with excitement, for a few seconds, she caught me off guard and said,? I think today is the day,? I was so astounded at this point that I couldn?

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Even though it wasn? Moving forward, she spat on her hands, and then pumped up and down, working my shaft. She started slowly at first, prolonging the suspense, then rapidly sped it up, wanting to get me to cum. I was normally good at hiding my emotions, but I was driven wild by each separate stroke and was humping the air as she moved, hoping to cum as soon as I could.

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I wondered how many times she had done this before because she seemed to be doing this like an expert. Sarah smiled back at the compliment and continued pleasuring me. Moving to another technique. At this Post orgasm torture stories, precum started to drip out, letting her hand glide all over even more smoothly although it made my penis very sensitive to her touch. Still, it was all going well and I felt my orgasm arriving within seconds. I fell into a drowsy state, ready to embrace the next few seconds of ecstasy. Unfortunately for me that orgasm never arrived.

Halfway through, I felt her hands drift off of my dick. I hoped that she would continue and not leave me hanging like that but when I looked over at Sarah, hoping for an explanation, she said nothing and started to stand up. Now believing that it was all just a vile joke to torture me and feeling incredibly pissed off, I was ready to lash out to her, calling her a teasing slut, just like her exes did. She then repeated what she said while unbuttoning her top and it finally hit me.

Just like that, I went from being furious at Sarah to excited. It was finally time, after all these long years. I sighed in relief, since I thought it was going to be much worse than that. She could have even stuck multiple dildos up my ass if it finally meant sex with her.

She said,? Are you sure? My exes promised me the same thing and afterwards, they got really angry with me.? I repeated myself and assured her that I would be willing to try whatever she desired. Nothing too heavy. I just want to try tying you up and having sex that way. I was stunned not because I didn? Besides, it seemed like a great idea. Sarah might have some dirty moves I never knew about and doing this would get me more on her good side.

And most importantly, what was the worst that could happen? I said with a serious expression on my face. She looked worried and I continued,? That seems like a good idea. I would love for you to tie me up.

She laughed and let out a sigh of relief. Come to think of it, we don?

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Sarah nodded. Scarves and other shirts. Sarah just grinned and placed her head on my shoulder. Neither of us could contain our excitement anymore. We got up quickly and started to head off, me staying in the bedroom to take off my shirt and basically look great and her to gather what she needed to tie me with. Before she went off, something else occurred to me. Instead, she pushed me away gently.

I shook my head no, and she gave me a parting kiss on the cheek before heading off. I found it ironic how she was doing all the hard work in this while all I had to do was remove my shirt when normally, it was the other way around. But, thinking back to the insanity I was almost driven to just minutes ago, and the constant arousal she gave me without any release, maybe I deserved it.

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After I removed my shirt, it was not long before Sarah returned, carrying multiple scarves and shirts in her hands. They look flimsy,? I pointed out. I shrugged and got on the bed. Sarah took out the ropes first and went over to my legs. Just for the sake of it, I tried pulling on my right leg to see if I could escape, but to my surprise, I could hardly budge it.

As she went up towards my arms and grabbed one to steady it, I withdrew it reflexively. As much as I looked forward to this, it was pretty nerve-wracking to surrender complete control of yourself. Sarah wrapped her scarf around my arm and tied the same knot around it as well around the bed. I tugged on it as well and I could tell Sarah clearly knew how to tie knots, like she told me. Finally, she finished tying up my last remaining limb and I laid there completely vulnerable and feeling quite defenseless.

Sarah was now free to do whatever she wanted with me.

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She brought her hands up to her breasts and slowly rolled down her top. Amazed, I stared at her as she continued the process until her top was sitting right below her D size breasts. Finally, she removed the complimenting white bra allowing me to see them in the flesh. Well-rounded and soft, I had to control myself from getting horny already.

Noticing my blatant ogling, she kissed me thanks, taking it as a compliment. I assumed she would take off her top completely next or even go on to removing her shorts, but she climbed onto the bed and bent down. She straddled me, placing her leg against my thighs, and started to lightly kiss on my neck.

Just like her handjob, she switched from light to more intense kisses, almost giving me a hickey. Each time her moist lips made contact with my bare skin, my heart skipped a beat and I could feel my erection starting to come back just like that. To top it all off, the fact that I was restrained really made it a lot more intense than ever before.

I was still hoping for something a little more than just making out and kissing, especially since it had been the only intimate thing we had Post orgasm torture stories doing for years. I silently pleaded for her to get on with Post orgasm torture stories and to stop the foreplay when Sarah actually stopped. Once again, she spat onto her hand before grabbing my dick. Like last time, I assumed we were going to have sex, with her on top, but she seemed keen on giving me a handjob so I wasn?

Sarah used the same style as before, and mixed up the strokes, going from rapid pacing to slow and steady, keeping me in suspense. She would even keep switching from left hand to right to both. As time passed on, shivers went down my spine and made my entire body was ripe with anticipation each time she glided her hand down my cock.

Since I was so horny at this point, my cum already began a slow, steady journey towards its release only after a few minutes. I strained myself until I was red in the face, just to hold it all in. I struggled even harder and impressed at how long I was able to hold out, but it was no use. Girls always won out when it came to handjobs as they were able to make men cum eventually, no matter how hard the men resisted.

Post orgasm torture stories

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