Pulling a train sex stories

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If you are reading my blogs, you know I love to play with others. I really love to do multiple partner sex parties.

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They are kinky and help me make new group sex stories. What better to do with group sex than an orgy with a bunch of horny men! Horny men that love to have sex with women and each other.

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I met Shaun at a cute little bar in my town. We hit it off and had fun playing pool. It was a regular occurrence for a few weeks. We made out and fooled around in our cars but never made it further than that. Then one night I walked in and he was there with a bunch of hunky guys. I walked over, and he introduced me to his friends. They were so sweet and fun! I played pool with them for a while. Then, Shaun suggested we move the party to his place. We left and headed to his house. There were 8 guys and me! I was liking the s in my favor for a great night.

We were sitting in the living room and he asked if I was up for some fun with him and his friends. I said I was always up for some freaky fun! They all chuckled. The next thing I know a couple of the guys started making out. Then Shaun and the other guys came around me and started to undress. I stood up and stripped in front of them. As they exposed their hard cocks, I took my hands and went around the circle touching, squeezing and fondling each of them. As I did that they started touching me and each other.

Shaun got behind me and bent me over.

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He got down and started eating my pussy and ass. I started doing a circle jerk blow job on the guys in front of me. We moved to the floor. It was an awesome orgy pile that would lend to the fun of my threesome sex stories for a long time to come. My holes were filled with gorgeous tongues and cocks. All the guys were free thinking and bisexual, so everyone was getting off. At one point a bunch of them lined up to get a go at my sweet pussy. By the time the train was done, my pussy was dripping from cum. Two of the guys volunteered to eat the creampie.

Oh, it felt so good, they made me cum again. This naughtiness went on for hours as we experimented and played together. I was so grateful Shaun had waited until the fuck fest to invite me over! Oh, what a night! I am a midwestern lady that loves everything kinky! I grew up in the country and landed in the city.

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Growing up in a family-play clan, I am open to so many naughty things. I am experienced and love to try all things sexual. Whether you want a loving granny or dominant mistress, together we can find our perfect adventure. Damn, I love a gang of sexy men!

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Pulling a train sex stories

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