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Still hard, his cock glistened shamelessly. His cum, her pussy juice. Taste our lust, our excitement! Their exhilarated gaze We met on Clubhouse and soon moved to a Zoom call. Megan was a cute twenty-something, friendly and smart. She talked personably about her husband and their beloved golden retriever. She smiled easily, relaxed and sure of herself.

I liked her right a Wriggling her buttocks, legs curled beneath, she pulled the heet over her eyes feeling its firm embrace about her head. Fingers flickering over the familiar set-up options, she quickly arrived at her avatar's appearance. She adjusted her age, not qu In my early twenties, I was involved with a woman called Janice. She was shorter than I am, Real cuckquean stories over five and a half feet tall, five years older than I at twenty-eight, with long dark hair, blue eyes, and worked as a personal trainer at a local gym.

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One of my friends called me over today. She wanted to talk to me about something that she said deeply concerned her. I knew it was serious what she was wanting to tell me. When she came over, after she and I got settled, she told me she had been out Sarah had decided to surprise Mark at work today. It had been a few weeks since he proposed, but despite their new engagement, they hadn't been able to spend much time together.

Sarah didn't blame Mark, but he was working on a huge case that had been t Sarah, comfortable in her oversized t-shirt and underwear, sits beside her live-in boyfriend Mark while he searches for something to watch on Netflix. She has her arm wrapped around his, gently stroking his arm with her fingertips. She can smell his co They walk home hand Real cuckquean stories hand after their romantic dinner, the start of their date night. They talk and laugh, cuddle and kiss.

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It's perfect. He even picks her a rose from a communal garden as they walk closer to home. When they slip down an alleyway, hi I felt incredibly horny. The first girl to us was Cry I sit on the floor with my back against the bedroom door. I moan into the panties in my mouth. My fingers deep inside my pussy, finger fucking myself hard and fast to keep up Real cuckquean stories the sound of the fucking that I can hear from the bedroom. As I breathe I drop the groceries on the mud-room floor, take off my mask, and wash my hands in the laundry basin.

I feel gross. I'm leaning over the sink lost in silent reverie when Maia says hi the first time. I'm so sorry. I love you, please don't leave me. In the low light of the master bedroom, leaning forward with eagerness and lust, Matilda watched her husband fuck the maid. The other woman prostrated herself on hands and knees, struggling for breath as she crouched on Matilda's marital bed with he The three of us went out that Saturday and bought a bed. It was her idea. I chose a wicker one. The plastic ones looked cheap and I liked its oval shape and the way the individual rattan strands intertwined so ornately - and it had a lovely soft cus for Free!

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Write Your Own Story. Filter Genres. The Cuckquean It was my idea - the thought had excited me. Would I regret it? Weekend with a New Friend Ch. Don't Be Jealous Janice has a plan to help me deal with my jealousy issues. She will fuck a stranger while I watch.

Cuckqueen Gets a Taste. My husband and the volleyball girl. Janette s Our Bubble Newlyweds invite a girlfriend to isolate with them, and the wife's fantasy is revealed. His love for meant he had to make changes to their relationship. Slowly Moving On: Chapter 10 Matt and Justine watch Amanda's hotel room voyer session turn into an unexpected cuckquean threesome. My Man and the Maid A cuckquean wife watches her husband have his way with their Mexican housemaid. People Will Talk Shopping for a new bed le to unique kind of bonding.

Real cuckquean stories

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