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By submitting the form, you acknowledged that you are or over 18 years old and you will follow local policies and laws. Posted Dec 3, by anonymous views comments. I was in the mens room at a family sports bar during a big championship game. No one was there except for two boys sharing a urinal, laughing while "sword fighting" with their piss streams. As I remember it, they were partially erect.

I was drunk and pulled out my cock, turned in such a way as they could see it. Their eyes were glued on my dick. After pissing, I started to jack off. I shot my load into the urinal just in time before the commercial break restroom rush.

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Did you ever get an opportunity to do anything like that with him again afterward? I never got the opportunity again. I saw him again a few years ago, he's like 18 now. I wonder if he looks back on that day and knows what i did. That sounds hot. The boy was 8 i think. But his little 4yo sister for some reason liked to lay in front of me with no panties on and spread her legs open in front of me and just stare at me while she did it. It was weird that she did that and her parents and my gf didn't Real life taboo stories to think it was weird and i just tried not to state as to not look like a sicko, but one night me and my gf were babysitting her and my gf was in another room and the girl laid down in front of me with no panties on and spread her legs and i stared right at her tiny little pink pussy.

I started playing with her feet doing like a bicycle motion with her legs like i was playing a game with her but really i was just spreading her legs far apart so her pussy would open up a little bit and i could see her clit. I think i even started kissing her feet a little bit too. Then i straight up fingered her clit real quick to see what she would do.

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She didn't seem alarmed or anything so i spread her pussy open with my fingers and examined her little pussy. It looked so amazing. I wanted to lick it so bad and pull my cock out and shove it down her throat and cum all over her face But my gf was in the other room. So that's a far as i got with her. I told him no.

I think mine comes in two parts. One was when I lost my virginity to the family dog when I was 9 and the other was after I gave birth to my daughter. When she was 11 she became my secret gf.

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I like to sneak into my little sisters room and cum on anything I can. She's 18 now, me being I've been doing it for a few years. Every chance I get to sneak into her room and cum on her bedsheets, pillow, blankets, stuffed animals, panties, etc.

Anything that she'll touch in that room has gotten a good dose of my cum. I steal her dirty panties whenever I can too. Jerking off while sniffing them gets me to cum harder than nothing else.

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I've cum in her food and drinks sometimes too and she still has no idea. I plan on fucking her tight wet pussy one day. My room is right next to hers and let's just say she's not very Came in my pants. He has no clue what i was doing. I fucked my friends wife. He had to go out of state for work, so I went to her house to help her set up her new TV.

She is a really good looking and very petite Japanese woman and my friend often would say how he didn't want to fuck her because she was always horny. That day she offered me a drink as I helped her with the TV, she was wearing some super tight leggings, and she noticed me looking at her crotch. She smiled and said that at least someone looks at her.

One thing led to another and I ended up fucking her that night and a few more days while my friend was out of town. She had one of the tightest pussies I've ever fucked. She was such a freak and super horny. She said my friend would rarely ever fuck her. I fuck her every which way and took her anal virginity. When her husband got back, I got invited to watch the game on the new TV and be has no idea I had stuffed his wife's pussy, ass and mouth! I set up meetings with pedos from raw confession and turned them in to both fbi and local police.

When I was a little boy, I thought it was normal for d and daughters to make out. My earliest memories are that whenever my mother was at work or away, my dad and my sister would act like girlfriend and boyfriend. They would sit together kissing properly, hands all over each other.

If my mother was out of town, which happened a few times a year, my sister would sleep in d bed. A few times i walked into that room and saw them having sex. My sister on top totally naked. As an adult it has ruined my opinion of them, but as a kid Real life taboo stories thought it was normal. All Child Raping Scumbags deserve jail then hell. Good job. I'm a guy and let our dog lick my cock till I cum. Wife is OK with it, and I'm trying to get her to let our dog lick her. How old are you now? Did you orgasm? Did you do Real life taboo stories else with him, like letting him take your virginity?

I know this lady. When I was a little boy I used to kiss my mother on her thighs and panties while telling her how much I loved her. She made me stop when I was I remember her hands on my head as my mouth kissed her on her panties. She had a great ass at the time still does just a plump bubble butt. I don't have snapchat, only or google hangouts. As a little boy I used to get my mother's panties, bras, slips and night gowns from the hamper, and sniff, an rub them on my little cock.

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I even wore them. It started around 8 yo. Jerked me off into a tissue. Same guy. When I was 6 yo. I did, she did, and we played sexually till 11 yo.

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We did everything, including swapping undies. I don't think I penetrated her coz I don't remember any blood, but I was on naked top of of her naked body many times. Same guy again. If you want to chat my is hotroddude2 gmail. Love chatting about kinky, taboo stuff. Next was an 8 yo.

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We also lived an open marriage for yrs. When I was about 13 I was with my cousin, he was a bit older than me and always getting into trouble. We were at my grans house, and in one of the bedrooms. He started talking to me about sex, something I had little knowledge of and certainly no experience, but as a teenage boy it was something that had my interest.

The conversation got around to anal sex and he asked me if I'd ever been with another boy, and I replied no. To be honest it wasn't something I'd never even thought about. He said that he wanted to try it and that I should have some experience. I resisted at first, saying that we shouldn't, but he was soon moving me around and starting to undo my jeans. He was fumbling too much and I figured that it would be easier to co-operate and may be have some fun.

I told him to stop so I could pull my jeans down, which I did. I was standing there with my cock, which was semi hard now, out for him to see. He dropped his jeans and told me to bend over the bed. I bent over the bed offering my bum hole to him. I felt him move in behind me and the tip of his cock on my hole. He moved closer and the pressure started to build on my hole. As he started to enter me the pain was too much and I pulled away but going no where apart from on o the bed.

He kept up the pressure and he finally popped in. The pain was incredible. Then he started to push again, going further into me before easing back a bit. He started slowly and over a few minutes he gradually built up his speed. He lent forward and asked me if I was enjoying it and before I could think I blurted out yes. He kept going until he did a few really deep thrusts and I felt a warmth inside me. He slowly pulled out, Real life taboo stories me feeling empty.

Ever since then we have had sex regularly. We're both married now but we still meet up for sex. His wife knows and is ok with it, mine doesn't.

Real life taboo stories

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