Realistic weight gain story

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Heavier than Heather chapter 1 let her eat cake. More by this author. I normally won't read one this long but the storyline is really good. Can't wait for part 2. BElover15 8 years. If you have any ideas or just want to talk about weight gain stories PM me or hit me up on yahoo messenger my name is imkeithhernandez. TheOwl 9 years.

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Great ending to part one, hope there is a part two loved this story from start to finish. PM me and let me know if you want a part 2 and any ideas you might have. This is extremely well written.

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I sure hope you're going to write more. I'd love to see Amber help Danielle get up to lbs. I also wouldn't mind seeing Amber gain a little more too! There is also another reason this story is nowhere near finished yet, Danielle is not heavier than Heather yet. Lurker 9 years. Jazzman 9 years. Surely You Jest!

This is Terrific and you obviously have realistic experiences with Weight Gain.

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Even though you haven't mentioned a for Amber I just know that you'll say something realistic like when you Do. Great Job! This is a story that could go on and on, but it's so good why not continue it, at least a little bit further, although I personally would like many more chapters. You'll need to keep going.

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I mean it could stop here-but that would be a shame-especially when you could devote a chapter or two to Amber's point of view and Amber's gain. Maybe even have Danielle feed Amber to catch up some. Amazing Writing!

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I hope you make a little more of Amber's residual gaining. I always wished to see a pact where the thinner girl had to stay within 25 or even 50 lbs of the heavier one. So if Amber is now shell have to start trying to catch up. Maybe growing fat herself and never quite making it. Just a thought. I Love this Story! Chriskin8 9 years.

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Fantastic story, I hope the rest of the possible chapters go up soon. I agree with you Cortez the Killer if this story was any shorter then I hate my Twin i'd be very sad, the author of this master piece could definitely make this into one of the most well known fantasy stories on the web if he wished it as such.

Realistic weight gain story

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