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Note: You can change font size, font face, and turn on dark mode by clicking the "A" icon tab in the Story Info Box. Please consider leaving feedback on issues you experience or suggest improvements. Author's note: This is a fantasy fiction story.

None of the characters in this story exist except in my mind. No cocks, pussies, assholes, tits, or other body parts were harmed in the writing of this story. All the characters in this story who engage in any type of sexual activity are consenting legal adults. We've all heard the expression: "I'm a trained professional. Don't try this at home. So far, nothing has exploded LOL. If you are reading this note, you were curious enough to open the story. Let your imagination work as you read. I hope that you enjoy it. Today, I sat in history class trying to pay attention. I was bored. My dad is something of a history buff and I had have heard the lecture over and over at home for years.

Larsen was teaching about the earliest recorded history. It was from before the apocalypse and it was hard to imagine people living that way. People of that era actually wore clothes all the time. They were modest about their bodies. The average woman would have only four sexual partners in her lifetime. Many families only had one or two kids and that was by choice! I couldn't imagine how people could have been so neglectful of their Repopulation sex story duty. It must have been some form of anarchy that drove people to act that way.

Last hour I had been in civics class. Today's class had dealt with some of the finer points of our reproductive duty. I had heard parts of this before too. All my life, whenever we attended public meetings, events or holiday celebrations there would be a speech about how it was our duty to repopulate the planet. Now, as puberty was well underway, my classmates and I were being formally educated about our duty to produce as many children as possible.

Since you don't live in my society, I will explain what every young child here knows. Many years ago, people lived much differently than we do. Then the apocalypse came, and people lived in protected underground shelters for years. Nobody is sure exactly what caused the apocalypse because the records from the before time were all lost. The only knowledge that exists of that time is from stories passed down by the generations and some of Repopulation sex story, only a fool would believe.

OF course, there is that crazy old coot who lives by himself about two days walk from here. He is the oldest person known to be alive and he claims to be 75 years old. Most people believe he is mad, so people stay away from him. Two or three times a year he comes to town and stands in the public center area. He calls it the "Town square.

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He spouts mostly nonsense about afterlife. Little kids often gather around him to hear his incredible fantasy stories. He covers his body with cloth and tells people that it is wrong to have sex in public or with family members. He even makes up stories about the time long before the apocalypse saying that people used to have laboratories where they refined plant extracts into something he calls pills. Pills were used to prevent women from becoming pregnant. Nobody except little kids believes any such nonsense.

We all know that our duty is to create as many children as possible so that the world can be healed and so that humans won't disappear from existence. Nobody in their right mind would ever try to prevent a pregnancy. This crazy old man also talks about a creature he calls "God. Repopulation sex story to this madman, God is an all-powerful being that nobody can see and who makes all the rules. Supposedly, he is vengeful and punishes those who break his rules by banishing them to a place of eternal pain and suffering.

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Nobody believes that except him. Still he entertains little kids with his incredible stories.

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The little ones sometimes repeat the stories to each other in an attempt to frighten their friends at night. It's all good fun for them. It was about 50 years ago that people came out of their shelters and into the sunlight. The world from before had been destroyed. Children, old people and sick people hadn't survived. Many young healthy people didn't have shelters, so they perished and there were only a small of people left. There was some fighting among the survivors and some of them died as a result.

Eventually, a council was convened among those who were left. The council meeting lasted for many days as they talked out a new society, new laws and a plan for going forward without any more killings. The Repopulation sex story is the society we have today. Those ancient people who attended the council are all dead now, but the society they helped to create marches on.

The council outlined the rights and responsibilities of everyone. These were written down in a document called "The Charge" and our new society was born. The first task of school children is to memorize and recite The Charge. It is always quoted at the beginning of any public gathering. The key elements and concepts of The Charge are:.

To provide for the safety, sustenance and sustainability of the population by whatever means deemed necessary by the elders. To explore the outer areas, find other human survivors of the apocalypse and integrate them into the new society. That every person has a responsibility and a sacred duty to support the goals and Repopulation sex story the rules made by the elders. It took a few years for the elders to fashion a set of rules that worked well, and it took the people some time to get used to the rules.

First, the elders organized the work structure of society to provide for the basic needs. This included food, water and shelter. Clothing wasn't included as cloth was rare and valuable. The climate is warm here in what the ancients called Michigan.

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The temperature rarely falls below sixty degrees and is usually closer to seventy or more. As clothing wasn't needed for warmth, only women who were having their period were allowed to wear cloth on their bodies. During their period, women would wear cloth around their pussies Repopulation sex story catch the blood so that it wouldn't run down their legs and make a big mess everywhere they went.

The earliest survivors are said to have had quite a problem with the decision to eliminate clothing, but eventually they complied because there just wasn't enough cloth and what there was, was needed for more important things.

Today, it is only on holidays that people cover their bodies with cloth. I hate wearing cloth even just for a few hours on a holiday. It is itchy, and it binds restricting one's movement. Personally, I am happy for the holiday to progress past the ritual display of cloth. Then we get to my favorite part of the holidays. I'll tell you about that in a few minutes. Repopulating the earth also caused problems for the earliest survivors. It is hard to imagine that they had difficulty with such a common thing as fucking in public. Some of the elders even say that the early survivors didn't want to fuck their family members.

Women don't get pregnant easily. Some never do, which is much to their shame even if it is beyond their control. Legend has it that before the apocalypse, some women could get pregnant as easily as from just a single fucking.

You can't believe everything you hear just because it is called "legend. It is a woman's sacred duty to become pregnant as often as possible and it is a man's sacred duty to impregnate as many women as possible. This is clearly stated in The Charge. The few scientists that survived trained their children to be scientists also and we now know that some women and men are infertile due to the effects of the apocalypse. Nobody can determine who these men and women are though. It is a man's sacred duty to cum in as many women's pussies as possible and as often as possible.

I Repopulation sex story imagine not fucking my mother and I especially can't imagine not letting my friends watch. If I didn't fuck my mother at least once a week, people would accuse me and especially her of not tending to our civic duty.

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When a boy turns 18, it is his mother's duty to train him in his sexual responsibilities until he has finished school and graduated. Likewise, it is a father's duty to train his daughters when they reach age. During Repopulation sex story time the son or daughter is recognized as an adult, but in a probationary status.

Probationary adult status can only be granted by the Elder council after a petition is made. Once this status is granted, the probationary adult attends formal schooling on a variety of subjects including sex. This marks the beginning of the passage into full adulthood. Outside of school, the probationary adult may only have sexual instruction from the parent and only in the family home. Graduation officially marks a person's passage into full adulthood. School lasts three moon cycles. Pregnant women are treated special. Once it is confirmed that a woman is pregnant, she moves into a special house where only the best food is served.

Her work is changed to a non-physical type and she is expected to bathe three times a week. Pregnant women get new fresh water for each washing. No recycled water is used for them like it is for everyone else. It is important to do all we can to achieve the birth of a healthy. If a woman gives birth to twins or triplets, which is rare, she becomes a specially honored member of our community.

Repopulation sex story

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