Resident evil sex stories

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Update. Resident Evil 2 - Secure Place.

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Disclaimer: I do not own Resident Evil, nor any of the characters from it. I do not make any money from the writing of this story. She had been running from zombies and killer dogs for days, ever since Chief Irons had been slain protecting her. Cast out of the safety of the police station, it seemed only a matter of time before she too would the soulless masses. Now more than ever, it appeared her brief flight was near an end. A group of canines let off futile barks at being denied their prey, which only served to attract more former humans to her position.

Caught in a maze of winding passages, Sherry sped up and down the back streets, dodging any that echoed with the tell-tale shuffling of the undead.

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In a panic, she suddenly realized that an imposing barbed-wire fence was blocking the path forward, and another moaning humanoid had just cut off any means of escape. Elated, she raised her arms so he could pull her through an open window, the angry shouts of thwarted zombies fading away distantly as gunfire erupted from her savior's pistol.

The hushed excitement in his voice made Sherry feel a little uneasy, but the handsome Resident evil sex stories who had swiped her from harm's way suddenly broke in. Why don't you go downstairs and freshen up? There's still running water in this part of town, and it'll be your last chance for awhile It appeared to be an abandoned athletic facility, doors and windows boarded up securely so the policemen could not be snuck up on from behind by the zombies. Rounding a corner and finding gleaming tiles ing ing back at her, the little girl was suddenly ck wck with how long it had been since she'd been able to enjoy such luxuries.

Without stopping to check if any of the men upstairs had followed her down, she pulled off her shirt and let her skirt and panties drop down to the ground.

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After laying her golden pendant reverently on the pile, she strode into the showers as nude as the day she was born. The first blasts of warm liquid were like a heavenly blanket, immediately rinsing off the grime accumulated from many nights of sleeping outdoors. For awhile, Sherry simply stood in the gentle waterfall, relishing the feeling of being allowed to be so defenseless once again.

The petite female didn't know how long she'd been standing there, or even when the falling water had lulled her into closing her eyes, but the distinct sound of wet footsteps brought her attention back in an instant. She was not at all used to people using such dirty words in front of her, and even less accustomed to them referring to her own exposed genitalia. More out of sheer intimidation than anything else, the pint-sized preteen reluctantly acquiesced, letting her hands fall away. Her entire body was once again on display, and she could feel thee sets of lewd eyes absorbing every minute detail of her flesh, almost as if they were emitting a physical manifestation that was eagerly probing her naughty bits.

The dirty man eventually returned to his own bathing, and this time it was Sherry who couldn't keep her eyes from roaming. Upon first exiting the police station after days of isolation from the main city Resident evil sex stories the adults, she was shocked to find the most debaucherous scene of her life waiting outside.

His pants were around his ankles, and the shocked kid had a good guess as to what he was doing with her. Sherry let her mouth fall open in a gasp as she watched the misshapen shaft that once belonged to Brad Vickers pierce the woman's vagina with ease. She was mesmerized by the scene in front of her, especially the large breasts that would soon spring from her own Resident evil sex stories.

The astonished scientist's daughter was also amazed by how much she could make out of the ravaged, but hitherto well-maintained slit, which was still framed by more hair than she had at all below her head. At last, Claire seemed to realize the futility in resisting, and simply lay on the cold steps, letting Brad take her by force.

Sherry continued watching, unable to pull away from the erotic scene. In only a few minutes, the dishonored Redfield sister let out a moan of revulsion, wincing as the undead phallus twitched inside her passage. The nosy blonde watching on saw Brad pull out with a grunt, leaving behind a gooey white mess in his poor victim. Seeing him turn to her with the same voracious leer was all the incentive needed, and in a flash, Sherry Birkin was running as far away as her spindly legs could carry her. If she had been running back home instead of further into the chaos, she would have noticed her panties were mysteriously damp.

Unfortunately, the evidence dried before she could ever find out, and her first proof of sexual arousal went completely unnoticed. After that, there was no end to the opportunity for the young girl to spy on more perverted acts of procreation. Although she was able to make good progress in escaping the doomed metropolis during the daytime when the predators were lackluster and sluggish, at night it seemed only building rooftops were safe enough to hide. The downside, though, was that e vae vantage points made it impossible to ignore the violation of Raccoon City's females.

She tried to drive the horrible sounds away, but they even began to pervade her dreams, especially the worst ones. Quite a few times, Sherry had seen youngsters who could not have been older than herself have to endure the horizontal dance much earlier than expected. Now that most of their parents had sacrificed themselves to the horde so their fragile offspring could escape, the entire area seemed to be populated by scampering children.

The panther-like licking monsters seemed to have an affinity for juvenile redhe, pinning their tiny bodies atop car hoods, store fronts, or even the hard concrete before ravaging their tiny cunnies with vicious thrusts. Dogs went after Resident evil sex stories brunettes and dark-haired kids mostly, often gang-banging traumatized preteens two or three at a time before leaving them to become zombies as well.

Malformed humans, of course, took to pillaging the vestal chambers of blonde minors, much to Sherry's horror. She almost couldn't believe they would stoop to such levels of depravity, but the countless screams of her peers losing their cherries to the monsters was plainly apparent. It was much more pleasant to look at than the deformed snakes protruding from a zombie's trousers, even if its owner had made her feel a bit uncomfortable.

Sherry almost felt a tinge of excitement upon looking further down the line to her left, seeing two more penises bobbing happily. The man who'd pulled her to safety and his redheaded confederate looked immensely pleased at being able to showoff their manhood to such an immature audience now that law and order had pretty much evaporated. Now, do you want us to help you wash? I'm sure we can all get it done quicker together The fat one came off as foul and immoral when he talked, but the other suitor made her feel warm and fluttery inside.

As the heavyset male and his younger partner stole looks at the show, Sherry handed over the soap and allowed herself to be lathered up, trying to conceal an horny smile. She'd gotten awfully worked up thinking about what had happened to all those poor girls in Raccoon City. She lifted her arms without question, shivering when the strong fingers teased her underarms, moving down towards her butt. If she didn't consent to at least this, he knew there would be nothing stopping his two associates from taking her hidden treasure by force. Both of them were watching the scene with lustful stares, anxiously awaiting her answer.

Were she to agree, the little girl might be able to at least get off before they had their way with her. Without wasting any Resident evil sex stories, her elated partner made his hands slick with soap, then shoved one into the vee of her girlhood. It was quite pleasant, far better than anything she'd ever experienced using her own clumsy digits. Within seconds, her loins felt as if enkindled by a blazing fire, and the naked child could barely contain her joy in mere guttural sounds.

The titillating sensations were so intense that Sherry could barely stand to watch her hairless flower fluttering wildly, and let her head rest on the cool tile. From this angle, she could see both the young boy and his perverted companion had moved close to her, abandoning all pretenses of showering now. The rubbing continued for several minutes, and by then, Sherry was so far into the new and wonderful feelings, she didn't offer a word of resistance when the heavyset man knelt down as well, spreading suds over her nonexistent mounds.

Soon, the young boy had gotten involved as well, caressing her extended legs with the look of a rabid dog who has at last been given a scrap to eat. Her mind muddled with a flood of eroticism, the preteen female did not even see the runaway train that was her very first climax coming.

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Sherry's speech had degraded into disted fragments by now, spotted with groans that were far beyond the pleasure such a young body was meant to encounter. I think OH Totally lost with sexual abandon, the blonde girl leaned forward, grabbing the hunk in front of her without thinking.

Resident evil sex stories

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