Romantic love making stories

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Home » Couple » Romantic Love Making. I work in an MNC company at Chennai. I wanted your comments so that I can write more stories of my love making here. Send your comments to [ protected]. Here I start, this is a real incident happened in May One weekend I met my girlfriend Mona for a lunch with our friends. After lunch we both left them and moved to my home. On the way in car her driver was driving and we both at back seat she was hugging my arms and lying on my shoulders. Suddenly she lowered her right hand over my jeans and gave a press, immediately I shock went into my body.

I just looked her, she smiled naughtily and romantically. I was gone at that smile. I forgot to tell about my girl. She is fair and structured figure. Anyone can fall for her structure. She has a sexy and seducing figure of 32 28 My cock started getting high.

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She just took my hand and asked to hold her boobs and play. We were teasing each other till we reached my flat. In my flat my friends has gone out slowly I took her to my room.

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My flat is in 2nd floor so we took lift. In lift immediately after the door closed our lips locked. I just took her face in my hand and kissed her slowly and deeply. She was enjoying the kiss and responding me. She just had her hands inside my shirt caressing my bare body. Then we broke the Romantic love making stories and went inside the room. Once we entered and closed the door. I pushed her on the wall and started kissing her. While kissing she just hold my cock over my jeans and squeezed it.

I got so horny and started kissing her neck and bit her neck. She was moaning slowly. I just hold her left breast in my right hand and massaged it slowly over her T-shirt. She was biting my lips and moaning. That made me still horny. I just knelt and lifted her t-shirt and kissed her tummy and moved and removed it. She was wearing a black bra. I just smooched her neck and blew in her neck. She was so aroused she pulled my head and pushed over her breast to suck it.

I sucked it over her bra and caressed the other with my hand. After a while I removed her bra and sucked her bare nipples. They became so erect. I was nibbling one with hand and sucked other. She was moaning loud now.

Her legs were shivering. She spread her legs and pushed my head between her breasts. I sucked in between her boobs. She was so hot and suddenly she kissed my lips hard and removed my T-shirt and jockey once.

Then she bit my chest I was knelling still.

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When she bit my chest; I hold her butt so tight and pulled her towards me. Then I removed her pants. She was wearing a black panty. It was wet already. I just rubbed her slit line over her panty. I stood up and kissed her lips and neck and raised her right leg to my waist and rubbed her pussy over her panty slowly and pinched it too. She was getting wet more.

Then I went down kissing her boobs and tummy and removed her panty and sat on floor between her legs and looked her pussy from below. It was so sexy. I took her whole pussy in my mouth and sucked it. She was holding my hair and moaned so loud. Those made me bit her pussy and suck it hard. I just sucked so hard massaging her butt and at times her boobs.

She shivered like anything and cummed with a loud moan.

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I drank all her fluid. Then I kissed her and she tasted her fluid from my mouth. Then she pushed me towards wall and started kissing me wild and moved down and removed my pant. My 6 inch cock was trying to get free inside my jockey.

She caressed it over my jockey and kept her butt over it and pressed it hard and made it hard. I was feeling so high. Then she caressed in hand kissed over the jockey. Then she removed my jockey and my cock sprang before her face. She stroked it slowly and kissed the tip and slowly kissed from bottom to top and hold my balls and took my cock in her mouth. She started sucking like anything. I was in heaven watching it. I was moaning saying baby suck it. Suck it. Then when I was about to cum; I asked her to stop and carried her to table and made her sit at the edge and I sat before her in stool.

I spread her legs and her wet pussy was looking hot. I just went between her legs and started eating her pussy. She was mad and moaning so loud.

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She was moving her hip up and down. I just inserted a finger and sucked her clits.

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She was saying baby eat me eat me. I was in heaven sucking her pussy and fingering her. Then I split her pussy lips and inserted my tongue inside so deep. She moaned loud and cummed over my face. She had her orgasm with loud moan. Then I cleaned my face and carried her to bed. She started kissing me from forehead and slowly went down to my cock and took in her mouth.

I just caressed her butt and fingered her pussy. Then we both went in 69 position and I buried my face in her ass crack and licked her asshole. She jerked at once and took my cock deep in her mouth. Then I licked her pussy from bottom to top and massaged her butt too. Then we both cummed together at a same time.

Then we hugged each other and slept nude for an hour then she left with a deep kiss. I think this story would made girls pussy wet and men cock hard. So girls be free to comment in my mail [ protected] and if you wish can have oral sex or sex chat with me anytime.

Romantic love making stories your comments to [ protected] Here I start, this is a real incident happened in May What did you think of this story?? If IndianSexStories2. If you're on ISSstories.

Romantic love making stories

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