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Wednesday morning. Katrina woke up at 7 am. She looked over at the male next to her. Cam had spent Sex story post author night with her. Cam left after Katrina, his father thinking he was spending the night at a friends house. She then moved her hand to Kats clitoris rubbing it leaning in kissing her belly button. Cams cock started to soften. He stood fondling Kats breasts. Her amazing bosom in his hands again. Kat kissed his lips then knelt down his body kissing down his teenage chest to his cock. Viv smiled at Kat as they both shared his penis, shared kissing, licking, sucking … Continue reading Cam gets mummy.

Kat rang Brian to say she would see him at work in the morning. Vivian showered putting on a lacy high waisted g string and a plunging white lace … Continue reading Katrina and Vivian. What treasures do you think we will find. Viv reached in pulling out the magazine on top.

She opened it and looked at the naked females inside. Wednesday She walked back home, she again was greeted by Mr Muggles. Wednesday 7. She woke to Brian putting on his watch. She turned onto her back. Katrina finished dinner. She looked up at Brian.

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She knew tonight would be a night to remember. Tuesday 8.

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Katrina parked in her car-park. She sat for a few seconds looking out the windscreen at the concrete block wall.

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A big painted D23 on it, she opened her handbag and looked at her carpark pass D23 on the tag. She placed it on her front console for security doing there … Continue reading Katrina Her Sanity. 1 … 39 Next .

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