Sexy honeymoon stories

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This is My true story, which I want to Share with all of you. I am writing on a Site for the first time, I hope you will forgive my Mistakes. This is the Incident of during my Honeymoon. So, we talked for Almost 3 hours, before we slept, as we were well aware of our Collective Decision of having Sex, Only on Honeymoon, as Practically, we had not reached our first Actual Destination. Although, Both Ends of River were hardly Seperated by just 50 feet, from where Men bathing under the big Spring, could easily Enjoy the beauty of Women bathing at a short distance.

Gradually, they All had bath this way. After that, they started Cleaning their backs with the Towels, with their back to the River and face towards the Wall, on the Other Side of the River. As it was not Complete Sun-rise by then, they After drying themselves, told Others to help each other to dry their towels, So, Now.

I was Shocked Sexy honeymoon stories they Removed their towels, they were All Naked in front of Everybody, while doing this. I could view 4 Naked bodies in front of my Eyes. Than, Came More and Seeing others bathing Naked.

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Removed All their Clothes and went under the small Spring. So, now, within 15 minutes, there were some 20 Ladies, bathing All Naked under the Spring. They All were Enjoying their beauties and were trying to identify their favourites. I went down and starting having Tea, while Staring at the beautiful Naked bodies. I saw All those Local Men having Tea. She was feeling Horny, but Controlled her Emotions. I reminded her that she had Promised Me to take bath All Nude with me, while on Honeymoon, but she hesitated. So, we went on Opposite Sides.

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Suddenly, I saw on Other Side, Jyoti was still standing all dressed up with clothes in her hands,trying to gain some Courage, I alled Sexy honeymoon stories her in a way that Nobody, Else Noticing me doing it. She must have Enjoyed the first Sight of my Penis, as I had enjoyed of her boobs. Now, she decided to Sat on the Stairs beneath the Spring, to take bath, but the water flow was such, that it was making her float on the stairs and she was finding difficult to manage the flowing off Saree, because a huge Gush of water was flowing under buttocks and thus, Unsetteling her from her Place.

Her waist was like the Neck of a Beautiful Flower Vase. I maintained a Distance from them to keep them Clueless about Our Relationship. I Observed that, some of them, had moved themselves 03 feet deep into waters of the River and were Masturbating themselves while Looking at her. It took me minutes to jerk Off in the River, I shed the Sperm into the Water and came back to have a final bath under the Spring.

While at the back, the Backside of the Panty had got Submerged inside the Ass Cheeks, as was almost Nowhere to be seen. She was feeling horny, while Rubbing her Pussy inside her Panty. After, some time, she Realized, that, Most of Other Ladies had already Left after wearing their Clothes and there were Only Left, who were taking bath, with some or the Other Cloth wrapped around them. So, Now, Bathing under that Spring, while being Almost Naked, she was feeling Shy, she saw towards the Tea Vendor Side of River, where there were around Men gathered, who were having Tea and Enjoying her beauty from a distance, She Looked towards Our Side, there were still Men who were taking bath, while Enjoying her beauty.

As she was an innocent Village Damsel, so, She thought that,there was No harm approaching him. She was All Wet and her Long hair were falling upto her Buttocks. The Smoke of Cigratte got trapped in his throat seeing her beauty,he was drinking her beauty with his broad eyes, while she was telling him. He regained his Senses and as a Result, the Smoke in his throat came out flowed on to her body, Sexy honeymoon stories she was standing hardly 3 feet from him, she must have Enjoyed the Warmth of the Smoke.

She was feeling shy to See that.

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She asked him that Can I Go. He decided to Prolong the Conversation to Enjoy her beauty for a Longer time. Now, she was Totally Naked in front of a Stranger. Now, she was getting hornier listening to his filthy Comments. Now, she was not trying to hide her Boobs and Pussy from him.

It was fully on Display to him. Then, after a talk for 5 minutes,he told her to make an Entry into a Register, Seeking her Details like Name etc. Guard Saw here and there, as she was just One feet away from her, he Saw Nobody Around staring at him, as his Side of table was not Visible to Men on Other Side, Sensing the Opportunity, he took both his hands forward and suddenly Grabbed her breasts, Squeezing the Nipples, immediately.

Took her hand and Placed it on his fully Erected Tool. It was Already 10 minutes had Passed into this Act. So, she gained some Consciousness, realized this Sexy honeymoon stories and was fearfull of Me. She ed the Register and Quickly turned while ignoring him. He was moving his hands on her boobs and increased the Speed of his hands, in the Process Squeezed her Nipples many times, that.

Resulted in her Moaning Heavily. She Picked her Panty and Cleaned her body with that. Most Likely to make them Pleased. As they were bathing there, they asked me about her and I Honestly told them, that we were a Couple on Honeymoon. So, want to Enjoy it in our Own Style. They Said Namastey to her and she Also Smiled back at them. We both went under the Spring, and Got Wet. I caught her from the Waist and Pulled her to me and Placed my Lips on hers.

I felt she was feeling hornier Sexy honeymoon stories Now. I was Pleasently Surprised to See her Boldness. Maybe, she was already Aroused by the Guard and wanted to Complete the Activity with me, at the Earliest.

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So, Sexy honeymoon stories seeked my Permission to Masturbate themselves watching Our Act. So, I agreed to it. They were Jerking off their Penis themselves, just Near to Us. I looked into her Eyes, she Also Smiled back to me, as I winked at her. A Couple of Guys bring their hand forward and Started Touching her boobs. I also, allowed them to touch her boobs Gently. They made her bath in their Sperms, as she Closed her Eyes and was feeling the fragrance of so many Manly Lo on her Body. We dried each other with Towel and started Moving towards the Place, where she had Placed her Clothes.

We both were Walking hand in hand, All Nude, We were feared of anybody. While Saying this, She was rubbing her Nipples with her fingers while Other hand she was giving him View of inside of her Vagina, as she was Leaning to the Wall. Then, I intervened and told Guard, that she was Like her daughter and he shall not feel Bad about her Comments and Activities. She Wore Panty, than, Peticoat, but her boobs were still hanging Out. I told her to Put them inside and alled that Guard was Staring at them.

While walking, I felt, with this Activity of bathing under the Spring. She was talking like Experienced Whores, even though she had not even had first fuck of her Life, till Now. She Winked at me and give me a Warm hug. As it was getting Darker, we Planned to Move back to the Hotel. They Sexy honeymoon stories Good Discounts, Also. He Spoke Good English, Too. He Told us that he was a Guide Since, he was 11 years of Age.

I waited for her in the Room. I Also had Surprise for her. She was Getting Too Much aroused. She was Responding to Me in Super Excitement.

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The Straps on shoulders were Making a Cross on the back. The Dress was of Light Purple Colour. I Started Licking her Body. My hands were Caressing her Breasts Slowly. It Opened Smoothly and fell off. The Breast Clothes were hanging on waist sides, due to the help of front Zipper.

We both were getting Aggressive. We both are Top-Less, that is, were Naked on our Upper half. The Line of hips was Clearly Visible from behind. I Kissed her Legs, and Licked the Inside of her thighs. So, It was Dripping Juices from her Cunt. The fragrance of her Juices was making me Mad in My Head. I Stood Up and then, she went down to her Knees.

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Now, she was Standing All Naked in front of me, in her birth Suit. I Pulled her to me and Took her into Embrace. So, now, my Penis was Touching her Wet Pussy. She was Licking Sexy honeymoon stories Tip of Penis, with her Tongue. It was Making me Hornier.

She was Stroking hard by Moving her Head very fastly. After that, I Laid her down and we both Got into 69 Position. She screamed with Joy, as her being a Virgin, the Pussy was very Tight. I started Stroking it with Fingers very hard, My Fingers were wet with her juices. I Brought it Out and then we sat on the bed. After 10 Minutes of her Sucking of Penis, I Told her that i was about to shed the Sperms, She Told me to Shed it inside her mouth, but, I brought it out and shed it on her face, Neck and it flowed down to her breasts.

I also shed some of it on her Breasts and started Rubbing the Penis on her Tits. I fell on my back, while She Continued sucking it hard. I got up and Pulled her Up and Laid her on her back.

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She Started Telling me about the Incidence with the Guard. She was feeling Sorry to me, as She could not Control her Senses. She further Told me that she was not a Perfectly Virgin Woman. I Listened to their Whispers. The Ladies also got Alert and Ran towards them. They Also Got alert and Ran Off. While having water, I was huming some Music on my Lips.

Sexy honeymoon stories

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