Sexy pregnancy stories

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These outrageous, embarrassing, hilarious details about sex during pregnancy were reported by none other than the experts: you. Brace yourself for some serious pregnant sex confessions. Get ready to blush—and nod and smile. Because no matter how racy, weird, or dull you think your sex life was during pregnancy, other women shared the same experiences—or topped them. From wild fantasies to OMG orgasms: We asked and you answered, divulging all of the funny, funky things that went down between the sheets when you were expecting.

Read on to learn what pregnancy sex is really like. Another woman said, "My libido went way up in the second trimester. That may be because of increased blood flow to the pelvic region, surging hormones, having more sensitive and probably bigger! Streicher, M. But 54 percent of you were mostly not in the mood at all for sex.

Streicher says.

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Moving on. We asked about the more offbeat places or times you did the deed—and of you 'fessed up. Some of you stayed sexy at home—doing it in the shower, in the car, on the porch, on the kitchen counter, or, as one woman said, "mostly in every room in the house! Many—and we mean many —of you boldly took your lovemaking public: in a park, at a movie theater, in a Target fitting room, on a hotel balcony, on a ballpark bench, on railroad tracks, at an amphitheater, and on a four-wheeler in a field.

One woman had sex in a doughnut delivery truck, between racks full of donuts. Another couple did it at their ob-gyn's office. Yet another couple pulled over for romps in their car a whopping five times in one day on a road trip from Washington State to Idaho. What a ride! For some of you, the fantasy was a different partner—your ex, your neighbor, Brad Pitt, David Beckham, even George Costanza what?! One woman imagined a doctor "getting fresh" during an exam. Many of you dreamed of getting it on with other women and having threesomes.

Some of you acted on it! Then there was role-play—naughty Santa elf at Christmas, prison guard and inmate, and a stripper who took it to the next level. Some 11 percent of you followed in the footsteps of bold celebs like Demi Moore, Heidi Klum, Britney Spears, and Christina Aguilera by posing for a portrait in the buff—just you and your baby belly.

More than 2 percent of you made a homemade sex tape our Sexy pregnancy stories Label it something like "Dad's colonoscopy"and nearly 7 percent of you both posed nude and made a hot sex vid. Way to feel great about your pregnancy body! Forty-two percent of you had sex near your due date to help kick-start labor. One woman did the deed right before delivery with triplets.

Although it's still a mystery as to what exactly triggers labor, getting busy might help. As Dr. Streicher explains, "if you're having sex close to term and he's pushing up against the cervix and prostaglandins are released, it could potentially move things along. Five percent of you craved variety. Another woman wrote, "I used to fantasize that I'd get stuck in an elevator with a handsome man and he'd be unable to resist my giant boobs!

More than 95 percent of you kept your eyes on your partner though. As one respondent wrote, "I felt such a magical connection to my partner because I was carrying his. Some of you preferred business as usual, but plenty of you wanted things rougher, harder, and in new and different positions.

And for some respondents, the back door became interesting. Forty-seven percent of you said your orgasms were "off the charts" during pregnancy. And many of you found it easier to achieve the big O. Another woman said was able to orgasm multiple times from nipple Sexy pregnancy stories alone. For another respondent, the back door did the trick: "The orgasms were amazing," she said. Yet another respondent wrote, "My orgasms were so intense that I cried and even drooled!

It was so much stimulation, happy tears just started coming out of me!

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Some 23 percent didn't want it ever. For some women, pain was a factor. It hurt. A lot," one woman wrote. Other respondents just felt too uncomfortable to get their sexy on. And then there were women who wanted to be cautious: "It was my first, so I was afraid to hurt the baby," one woman wrote.

There was a lot of spooning, a lot of woman-on-top, and a lot of doggy style sex as bellies got bigger. These alternate positions had some perks: "I fell in love with doggy style because it not only took the pressure off my growing belly," one respondent wrote, "but it left his hands free to give me some much-needed other simulation.

Movies came into play as well. Some of you watched a lot of porn! Then there were handcuffs and a swing we're not sure if those were used separately or together. One woman even suited up in lingerie with well-placed holes. For still others, there was a little extra, um, lubrication. I came so hard that I completely lost control of my body There was a huge gush and I went to the hospital because I thought my water broke.

But I honestly peed Sexy pregnancy stories and didn't know it. It was embarrassing but so funny! Some of you made small discoveries—that you liked being on top, that your partner liked being on top, that you prefer hard sex over sweet, slow sex, or even that you're a fan of the back-door option. Others had bigger revelations: "Experimenting with getting others involved Sexy pregnancy stories hot," one woman wrote.

On the sweeter side, many of you forged a more solid bond with your partner. Another summed up the potential for lovemaking during these nine months: "We both had so much fun during pregnancy—it was an amazing, intimate time and we always smile together when we talk about it! By Aviva Patz. Save Pin FB More. Young couple in bed, feet touching.

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Sexy pregnancy stories

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14 Hilariously Awkward Pregnancy Sex Stories