Shoe smelling stories

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Share Share with:. Link: Copy link. Switch to Print View - posts 2 of The only time I've ever gotten to smell a girl's shoes is when we went on the 8th grade DC history trip. I'm in 9th grade now so it was like half a year ago.

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Anyway, there's this really pretty girl who was in my 8th grade class. I'll call her G. Well G loves to take off her shoes whenever she can, in class, on the bus, and pretty much everywhere. She likes to where flats, I've noticed, but I've never gotten to smell them. Anyway, back to the story. She was sitting on the bus in the seat in front of me.

She took off her sneakers and sat there on her phone. I though moe's my chance! So I used my feet to slide her shoes back down on the ground in front of me. Now I had to be careful since there was a chaperone right next to me. So I dropped a pencil purposely and reached down to get it. I acted like I was reaching forward to get it while at the same time I Shoe smelling stories in the wonderful scent of a 14 year old girl' smelly sneakers. I wanted to taste them and cum in them but I had to stop since she was reaching for her shoes.

This experience really amplified my foot fetish. Now I have a bad crush on G because she's both really pretty, and her feet smell amazing. I hope to share some more stories as well as fantasies soon. I was meeting a buddy of mine at his house and he called me to let me know he was running a little late and to go on into the house it was and wait for him.

As soon as the phone hung up my mind began to race. His wife is a manager at a bank and wears nice outfits and heels all day. I've been over there many a times where she has come home and kicks her heels off in front of me, believe me with three Shoe smelling stories and a dog there wasn't an opportunity to do what you were all thinking.

As soon as I entered there house I went straight to the bedroom closet and was looking over her shoes. So many to choose from but I chose a pair of navy heels with white insoles that were no longer white except for the arch area.

WOW, you want to talk about toe imprints I was shaking with excitement as I took them downstairs a better view to see my friend pull up. I put them on their couch and buried my nose in them, words cannot describe they way they smelled. The perfect combo of leather, feet, and sweat. The visual shot of her toe imprints combined with the smell sent me over the edge, which didn't take long. I did it Shoe smelling stories within fifteen minutes. I got done with my business and yes, I left it in there with no clean up and returned them to her closet.

Within 5 minutes my buddy came home and we had a few beers and went on our way to the concert. To this day I regret not taking them because the were so worn and smelly that I imagine she threw them away shortly after that experience. I did grab a pair of hers last year when I was too drunk to drive home, not as worn but still had her toe imprints in them. I love house sitting. Back when I was I used to house sit for a lot of my friends parent's, most of the time to look after a pet. Well it didn't take long after the pet was outside I went to the closet. I looked for the most well worn shoes with toe imprints and buried my nose in them.

My friends moms had some sexy feet and the shoes to match. I can't describe the scent but the toe imprints were incredible. If I knew now what I did then it would be a whole different ballgame.

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Hello, I have a good story. Our 8th grade class was going on a field trip to Port Aransas one day. At a gift shop, the class got out of the bus. I got off too, with my buddies. There's this pretty girl in my class I'll call her B. Anyhow she took off her sneakers which she had been wearing for quite a while to put on flip flops.

I got off the bus with my buddies. I forgot my money on the bus, and ran back to get it in my bag. No one was around, for they were all in the store. I realized that B's fresh sneakers were there and that this was my chance. I saw them on the nearby chair, picked it up and sniffed it. They smelled sooo awesome, it was intoxicating. However, it was Shoe smelling stories short because I knew people would be suspicious of where I was.

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Hope y'all enjoyed it!! Hello again, this story is just a better recap of my one. I am in 8th grade. Just last week, my class went on a field trip to Port Aransas, TX. There's this girl who I'll call "Julia" for the protection of her identity. I guess we're kinda sorta dating? I like her and I think she likes me. Let me give you a short description of Julia. About 5 "3" long light brown hair, freckles, pretty brown eyes, a great personality, and the best damn looking feet I've seen. Slender toes, soft soles. We had just gotten back from our destination and were stopping at a gift shop.

While getting off, I noticed Julia had taken off her sneakers and changed into flip flops. I walked into the store with my buds.

Shoe smelling stories

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