Sissy cuckold sex stories

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Hi friends, my name is Rahul, age 34, married to a busty bong girl of the same age. I am slim, with a very small dick, and I am a sissy. I cannot last more than 2 minutes in the bed with my wife and cannot satisfy my wife. But still, my wife is loyal towards me. She is very dominating and on occasions, she has beaten me black and blue too. I am too scared of her to raise my voice. So I listen to her all the time. The following story is a fantasy story.

Please read and enjoy. We have recently moved to Kolkata as my wife was posted her for her job. We have been in the city for 1 month and my wife was busy with her work while I took care of the home by cooking, cleaning, etc. We have no sex life as of now and due to this frustration, my wife beat me regularly. Then on one Friday, she called me in the afternoon.

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Puja: Hello. Me: Yes. Puja: Come to the Malancha Cinema hall at 9. We will watch a movie tonight. Puja: Ok. Get there on time. I will reach there directly from the office. I got a big promotion today, so we are celebrating. Me: Ok. I will be there at 9. Then my wife disconnected the call. I was very happy.

I completed all the household work, took a bath and got ready for the movie. I reached the movie hall on time and saw that my wife was already there. We went in and watched the movie. It was a crime thriller and both of us enjoyed it. After the movie, we came out and went to the nearest restaurant, and took take out food. We then walked to our home together. When we were near our home, a car passed by our side which stopped a few meters ahead.

I was very scared thinking why the car stopped. Both of us started to hurry toward our home. If you agree, I would make it mine. Man, what an ass. Would fuck it for hours.

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We both looked at each other and before I could say anything, my wife turned around to confront him. I held her hand and pulled her and we walked away quickly. My wife was visibly angry at me. One guy was passing lewd comments on me and you ran away? I was ashamed of myself and lowered my head in shame. She again slapped me a few more times and kicked me too. I have noted the car. One more slap.

Tears came in my eyes. I nodded and agreed to go to the police station the next day. Next day, we went to the police station. We also provided the car. The CI told us to go home and they will do the investigation and would call us soon. We thanked him and went home. At 10 pm, the doorbell rang.

I went and opened the door. Around men pushed me aside and they entered the house. They pulled my wife from the bedroom and threw her in the drawing room. We were Sissy cuckold sex stories traumatized to say anything. Then we saw the guy from the last night enter our house. He sat on the sofa. We were on the floor scared. Probably she was scared of what the guy would do to her. I was mildly happy for my wife to be in such a situation for all the beatings she gave me. My wife nodded yes. He shook his head and said okay. Then after a long pause, he ordered me to stand up.

I am the son of the councillor here. So what you did was wrong. But there is a bit of confusion here. Both of us looked at each other puzzled. They all came toward me and tore off my clothes. And within a minute, I was standing nude with all them holding me! I chickened out and could not fight back. My wife was taken back by all this and was shocked to say anything. Nasir again ordered something to his men. He bent me over for all to see my ass. Not yours. I want his ass. Both of us were shocked. But what he did next changed my life forever. I was still bent over and suddenly, I heard the zip open.

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To my horror, I felt someone behind me. Nasir had decided what to do. I looked at my wife and she had a look of horror in her eyes. Never in her wildest dream would she have imagined her husband bent over and another man about to take his masculinity. I was never a man for her, but this was not what she or I ever thought.

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I kept still and waited for the inevitable to happen. I tried to look at my wife.

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She was still speechless on the Sissy cuckold sex stories that were happening. Now I felt a bit of pressure on my ass hole as Nasir pressed his dick into my virgin ass hole. I nodded yes and tried to relax to lessen the pain. Nasir again started his quest and soon was successful in pushing his dick head in my virgin hole. I cried out loud on which he gagged me with his mouth and exerted full pressure again.

It was paining a lot, the shame of getting fucked in front of my wife was too much. My ass was burning like hell as he continued pushing it in. It pained even more as he was not using any lubricants. My dick was small, so I was not aware of how much inside it can go in. But it looked like it kept on going in and in. This went for a while when he finally gave a loud grunt and pushed his whole dick in. I cried out loudly which was muffled by his gagging. It was long and thick which I understood. And then he slowly started fucking me and was pulling his dick out and then ramming it in back.

I was too scared to fight back and was just waiting for it to end. I tried to look at my wife and saw that she was now looking at me at disgust. I closed my eyes and left my fate with what was happening. Nasir has now increased his speed and fucking me like a bull. Slowly and slowly, I was also getting into a rhythm and was starting to like it.

I was also pushing my ass to get in rhythm with his fucking. I was now free and he removed his hand from my mouth too. I could have pushed him back but now I was enjoying the fuck and kept myself in the bent position and started moaning with his bull-like fucks. After a while, he pulled his dick out and asked me to turn around. Sissy cuckold sex stories quickly took my position. I did not know what to do, so I looked at my wife. He has already fucked you. I obeyed her and went on my knees and took his dick in my mouth.

I started sucking him as I have seen pornstars in porn films. I was struggling to suck his dick and he was getting restless. After a while, he ordered me to lie on my back on the floor.

Sissy cuckold sex stories

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