Sissy kiss story time

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Labels: abadult babyadultbabycrossdressingdiaper loverdiapereddiapersdldressdressesfeminizeinfantilismnappysissiessissy kisssissykissstoriestgtransformationtransgender. His Step Aunt Belicia just so happened to have a cottage-like beach house right next to where she's staying. He could stay there for the summer to get to see his girlfriend.

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Belicia has a very feminine style throughout the house and had Sissy kiss story time lot of guests over who were mostly girls around his age. He wondered if he would have to stay in one of her very girly guest rooms and he gulped, but it is worth it if he got to see Kylie.

He packed his bags and was on the way. Once he arrived Belicia gave him a hug "Oh! Lets get you all set in your room. Then she showed him his room. It was decorated with pink deed walls with a frilly canopy bed, with teddy bears and dolls scattered everywhere. If I see one thing gone, you Sissy kiss story time be put in panties for the rest of the summer, and you'll be put in more girly things with the more things I see missing. Cid said "Hi Bitsy, Belicia has got you trapped here too huh? Oh no, let go Bitsy! Bad doggie! Bitsy finally let go and Cid landed on his tush.

Before Cid could get up Bitsy happily pranced over to the drawers full of panties and ran around the room with panties in his mouth. If Belicia finds one of those missing it's panties for me! Belicia came in and gasped. You naughty boy! Did you hide them? Belicia went in there to find them.

It looks like you left the most frilly panties in here too. You must love them huh sissy boy? You look adorable with them on! I don't want to see you without them or you will be wearing more girls clothing! You can go do what you want now, just be back before 10pm. He felt very eager to see her though and rushed off thinking she wouldn't notice anyway.

As he walked to her beach house he saw her on her patio with her friend Maddy. They ran to hug each other, "I'm so glad to see you honey! I can explain. They pulled him inside. When they sat him down on a bed next to their vanity and makeup table Cid said, "Wait, wait, the only reason I'm wearing these is because Bitsy the puppy stole panties in the room I'm staying in and Belicia thinks it was me so she made me wear these as a punishment.

Cid was now completely in a daze and said "Kay. How's that? Now pucker up honey! This is totally your lipstick shade! They showed him to the mirror and was amazed at how much of a cute girl he looked like. He was stunned, and suddenly he got very hard in his pants.

It looks like my sissy is going home with her new makeover. He couldn't believe what was happening. He is walking home looking almost as cute as Kylie he thought, with nail polish, makeup a wig and with frilly panties on, and on his way to see Belicia who would love to see him like this. As he approached the beach house he had an idea. He sneaked Belicia's bathroom through the window and grabbed her makeup remover.

Then he washed it off in the sea. He came back all wet. Belicia helped him get out of the wet clothes and gave him a new dry pair of panties to wear. Belicia turned out the lights and nursery music came on.

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Kisses and night nighty sweetie. A couple hours later while everyone was asleep, Bitsy quietly snuck in Sissy kiss story time room and opened up as many drawers as he could taking out all sorts of clothes, and even many teddies and dollies. In the morning Cid felt he had a wonderful feeling. It was almost like the music was making him think differently but he couldn't put his finger on it.

He saw the frilly satin bed and remembered he had on panties, a feeling of intense passion and arousal came over him that he never felt before. As he sat very confused by these feelings Belicia came in and opened the window shutter to help him get up. It is like you want me to make you wear nothing but girls clothing from now on. Tsk tsk tsk, you need a spanking and for me to put in a pretty outfit like a sissy. Cid rubbed his bottom afterwards, and Belicia made him a pink perfumed bubble bath. Once he dipped into the bath he was surrounded in beautiful aroumas that made him feel more wonderful then he has ever felt before.

After he finished washing he noticed he was now hairless from neck down. His whole body is now smooth. Belicia then had a tight satin floral dress with frilly trimming to wear that was very short and also showed Cid's new satin panties.

She also gave him cute strappy high heels to wear. Then it was time for make up and fitting a wig with long red hair with shiny long red curls. Cid looked in the mirror and saw what a gorgeous girl Belicia made him. He thought if he saw a girl like that he would definitely date her. Then he felt shocked and very turned on the he looked this hot. I can't be thinking these thoughts! I'm a guy! I wish I could dress you up in adorable outfits like this everyday, like my own little dolly! What a naughty sissy, should I spank our Miss Pouty Panties?

Maybe I should put you in didees, and treat you like a baby dolly instead hehe" said Kylie. Now go clean yourself up and put on some new panties. There is over 50 in his favorites list and in the middle of our relationship I found out I'm actually a lesbian, and I didn't know how to tell him.

I love the idea of having my own sissy baby girlfriend. When I found out you make guys into sissy babies it was just perfect. I've had a sissy baby nursery for years, and you are welcome to bring her over for babysitting when the summer is over, Sissy kiss story time are lots of other baby girl friends I'm sure she would love to meet. Now, how about we help Sissy Cid find a totally cute outfit to wear? Feel free to share this with anyone as much as you like! You can even Sissy kiss story time this into a cute wallpaper! Posted by Christie Luv at PM 2 comments:. Its Lovely Cupid!

There were Sissy Babies even in Ancient Roman times or at least many people have wonderful fantasies of lovely Sissy Babies with wings our Valentines Day today! Cupid is a pretty boy in diapers who likes to spread love to everyone. My most favorite holiday of all! Do you have you a naughty hubby who needs a spankie but the spankies haven't worked or have you caught him in dresses or diapers? Than this is perfect for you! Which of your buttons did this piccy press?

Hi sweeties! Maybe many sissy babies did it to Ken if we got the chance to. I know I did. Happy Valentines Day baby darlings! Valentines Day is my most favorite holiday! Remember people can give Valentines to their friends too, it doesn't have to be all just for romantic couples. Have a lovely time! One day a guy named Kevin heard music coming from outside his house. When he looked outside the window he saw the house across the street that has been for sale for months had new people living there. Suddenly he thought he saw the cutest gal he had ever seen before.

She had long flowy light burnette hair, pretty blue eyes and was wearing short shorts. Kevin thought "I need to be more neighborly. From their music he thought they must have been having some sort of welcoming party. He gasped when he saw the same girl answered the door. In the mean time a dug up flower patch was apparent in front of his house. I'm Jennifer.

Why don't you come on in? Kevin was falling in love with her, but he thought it was strange when she said "Excuse me just a sec. Kevin could still see her from a mirrors reflection and he could have sworn he saw her snap her fingers and then a completely different outfit appeared on her out of mid air.

She came back with an adorable and frilly party dress on. He thought it was also strange when he joked "Since we are neighbors can I borrow your sugar? Jennifer acted surprised and took it away, then she came back with some non-glowing sugar. The time came for them to part ways. Jennifer said she had the most wonderful time and gave Kevin a kiss. Kevin went home in total bliss. The next morning, Kevin was checking out the newspaper when he realized "Oh my gosh! Its Valentines Day! I have to get something for Jennifer! He looked around confused and said "Umm thank you God? That made him very excited and sat it down on a table.

Sissy kiss story time

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