Sissy lingerie stories

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I LOVE hearing from my panty thief sissies. Thank you for giving sissies like me a place to expose ourselves. I have always needed a place to tell my story and to be exposed without really telling my secret to a lot of people close to me. Im bigger than her so they are always a little tight and give me the cutest, round bubble butt. My butt likes to eat those panties and I found myself picking them out of my butt all day long.

It was so embarrassing. I am the reason that her panties get stretched out. I buy her panties all the time, she thinks they are for her, Sissy lingerie stories they are really for me. I was happy when my company downsized and let a lot of us work from home because now once my wife goes to work, I rip off these clothes and slip into her panties and my bra.

I bought my own bra because my wife is D and all I can fill is a B. I take care to not let her see it. I am the only one that makes the bed and cleans the room. I think I might like doing house work too. She is a size 8 and I am a size 11 in man sizes. Be careful though, a hidden mattress bra could have some ramifications if discovered.

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Out of curiosity — what would you say? Would you come clean? Who is up next to be an exposed sissy? I am SissyToes. I am a 30 year old closet, sissy crossdresser. A good female friend of mine, whom I used to live with, introduced me to crossdressing when I was in my teens. We were bored sitting around her house one day when she looked at me, with a big, mischievous smile and asked me if I would model some of her clothes for her.

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I said yes and agreed to be her little model for a bit. I wore lots of her sexy clothes, including dresses, skirts, camisoles, nighties, leggings, swimsuits, panties and bras, and lots of feminine footwear high heels, sandals, and girly flip flops. I was more erect and turned on then I had ever been! I was leaking in her panties while I sashayed around for her, fully dressed like a girl!

Ever since then I have secretly worn girls clothes. This is me secretly crossdressing and posing in the house of that same female friend that talked me into it all those years ago — here I was, years later…in her newer house we no longer live together unfortunately. She was away from her home, so I snuck into her clothes and secretly posed in her bathroom.

I was very turned on, and felt extremely girly, and gay!! I have worn her clothes on more than one occasion, but never got caught. There is something exciting about playing with fire a bit. Sissy lingerie stories so close to being caught. Tread carefully my dear. That last one bears repeating. Mistress Lillith had me purchase a chastity device and had been making references to sexual frustration and compliance in some of her messages, which sounds both fun and a little scary.

I put on the cut-offs with my tank top and thong underwear.

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WTH, size 31 is never tooooo big for me. Okay that was a little disappointing. Oh my gosh, perfect fit. The strap tied around my ankle, locking them in place. The strap was surprisingly hard to lock and unlock! I tried standing: my butt and chest instantly pushed out in opposite directions. Whoa, weird… and interesting. I thought there might be a chance of contacting her. No luck. I purchased a tease and denial dice game video instead. Slow and fast. Alternating styles. On the last 5 of the dice rolls Mistress Lillith had me edge the of times as on the die.

Pausing the video… stroking… staring at my shoes. Edge… Breathing… Again… Fuck, my shoes. A tiny pink ribbon bow sticking out from Sissy lingerie stories offs that were now riding up my ass. I was pulsating and twitching. An extra five dice rolls were granted, more stroking but ultimately denial. I collapsed in my chair. I completely lost control.

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Lost control of myself, of my feelings, of my arousal. I hardly recognized the view of my legs… a pink ribbon… a sticky mess… my shoes. My sissy journey started at a young age, when I raided my Mums panty drawer. The obsession started and I fell in love with the feeling of soft feminine items.

I regularly go for long walks at night dressed in sexy outfits, always with tights. That is such a wonderful feeling and one I crave so much. Good morning Mistress! The real reason I work at home is so I can be who I want to be. I keep the bra hidden underneath my side of the mattress at home.

Thank you mistress — Thanks for your submission Brittanny! Seems to me like you have nearly the perfect set up. I DO wonder what you would do in the event you are gallivanting around the house and your wife surprises you by coming home for lunch. My friend loved it and laughed so hard, which made me even harder and more aroused! There are real changes happening. Prior to Sunday, I had been chaste since last Thursday.

I had a pink ribbon tied around my clit. Sunday I had some alone time for the first time since … Thursday. My shoes and cut-offs arrived on Saturday. How about the shoes? Wow that was an intense Sissy lingerie stories. Shades of my teenage self. There are real changes happening to me sexually.

I love slipping in to a nice dress and matching them with tights and sexy heels.

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We girls deserve to feel great and look amazing. I want a boyfriend one day who I can snuggle up to and suck off at will. I would love everyone to share my exposure and love have sissy chats with others. Once a Sissy, Always a Sissy.

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Sissy Training to force out the fem in you.

Sissy lingerie stories

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